Welcome to my glorious mess.

In case you didn’t know…I’ve moved to Tumblr.

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Maybe I should have made this post a year ago.   I’m here:  tumblr.dominickbrady.com


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Hi everyone, I posted a new episode to my podcast, Analogue Atlanta.

Please click the link below to view it.

See you there!

– Dominick

I’ve been in a sort of creative flux of late.

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It’s weird being in this creative/journalistic/tech savvy space where I’m having to artistically direct, report, create, and distribute the work I’m doing. I just found a free audio slide service that I’ll be trying out for a second and will be doing touch-up or follow-up interviews with acts that I wasn’t able to publish while the VIMBY gig was still going.

Should be interesting. We’ll see what happens.

crib notes TV: Behind the Kaos

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crib notes catches up with Senor Kaos to take a look behind the scenes of his Automatic Classic Video shoot.

Go to my blip.tv page to see interview.

crib notes TV: A conversation with AmDex

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We caught up with Producer/MC AmDex of Clan Destined to find out more about his recent solo project “The 7 Scrolls”

Go to my blip.tv page to see interview.

crib notesTV: Lee Harvey Oswald

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[blip.tv ?posts_id=2328036&dest=48928]

crib notes caught up with Atlanta DJ/Beatsmith/Graffiti/MC/B-boy group Lee Harvey Oswald to get a sense of the men behind the mask. Lee Harvey Oswald opens for Edan & Noot d’ Noot August 1st at Apache Cafe

This is my video, btw.

ATL Iran Protest

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[blip.tv ?posts_id=2278606&dest=48928]

Quick 1 minute video of what I saw today, 6-20-09

Stay tuned. Looks like we might have a brand new project

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A NEW project involving some really exciting people here in Atlanta.   I’m very excited!!!  Can’t speak much on it now, but you’lll hear soon!

Creative Loafing interview with Brian Knott

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Creative Loafing contributor Dominick Brady sat down with A3C festival co-founder Brian Knott at the Earl in East Atlanta. In this interview we discussed the origins of A3C and where Knott thinks it is headed.

Go to my blip.tv page to see interview.

In case you’re wondering…

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I got the gig. Which has severely limited my free time. Haven’t had a moment to create the podcasts. Soon come, though. I actually continue the process about another possible venture later this week that would enable me to free up more time by taking a great deal off of my plate. Haven’t had an opportunity to blog for VIMBY, or finish working on outside projects as well as the podcasts because of my limited time. The YMR document, however, is done and will be published April 15th. I’ll link you all to my article…can’t post the entire publication as it’s well over 200 pages.

I hope I can make this new venture opportunity work out. I know I’m Jamaican, but 5 jobs are too much. Then again, in this economy, any job is a blessing.

Analogue Atlanta #19 coming Sunday night (technically Monday a.m.)

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Analogue Atlanta #19 will feature:  Atlanta writer Andisheh Nouraee, Atlanta MC Stanza, Atlanta Rock Fusion group The Goldest.  I’ll also post Extra Analogue #4 featuring The Yes Yes Y’alls & Extra Analogue #5 featuring Death & Taxes Magazine, FreshSelects.Net and Classic Drug References.

Alot coming up, y’all.  Alot going on right now.  I’m multitasking like crazy editing audio, video, a paper for peer review and job hunting.  Hopefully tomorrow I get this gig which will limit my time further but give me funds so I can get the Flickr Pro account back up and enlarge this Podomatic account which is already at 80% capacity.

Thanks to those that sent cash to the pay pal on the podcast site.  That paid for film and to replace USB cables that were needed badly.  You can probably tell by the sound quality difference in recent interviews.  Then again, you don’t know which interviews I did recently and which ones I did last year.  lol.  *shrugs*  Only the artists themselves know.

Staying motivated through setbacks…

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I’ve had a nice share of setbacks the past month.   I’ve used these setbacks to make excuses on why I should feel sorry for myself and slow down this work grind of mine.   Momentum is a powerful thing and it swings both ways.   Excuses like:

  1. My gear is dusty
  2. I need upgrades
  3. I’m broke
  4. Nobody appreciates this work

…excuses like that can sap energy.   I’ve allowed it to.   That’s fine.  It ends here.   Yeah, I’m broke.  I don’t get paid for the various press outlets I work for anymore.   That’s cool, too.   I didn’t take on those “jobs” for the money.  At the time I had a steady gig and these were outlets for expression, for amplifying Atlanta’s talent.  It would be weird for me to now expect for these things to pay the bills.   They probably will never pay the bills.  

And that’s the crux of it, isn’t it?  To be in a creative space, part of this new American creative economy with a ripe sense of American exceptionalism, entitlement.    Nobody owes me anything.  

The work should speak for itself.   I’ve been standing in the way of it, not allowing it to in many ways.   

This is a note, an apology, a dear diary letter to myself, my listeners and those I’ve interviewed.

It is what it is, it is what it will no longer be.



Ha! Fixed it!

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It’s on  again!  I didn’t tell my wife that the dog broke the recorder.  She’d have probably skinned that dog.  That’s the culprit off the the left, our dog, Mia.  She knocked the audio recorder off of my desk during the Mr. Lucky interview about a month or two ago and since then I’ve had trouble retrieving files.   I went ahead and bit the bullet and opened ‘er up. The recorder, not the dog, silly.   And I found a loose capacitor in there.  Tiny thing.   I then had to figure out how to bridge the break in the lead.   There happened to be a old exacto knife lying on the desk so I heated up the ol’ soldering iron and stole some solder from a clock radio past it’s prime.  I’m broke, folks.   Can’t even BUY solder. lol.  The tip of the exacto knife was perfect for applying the still molten solder to the lead.  PRESTO!  so far I haven’t seen any arcs so it looks like this might have done the trick.  I’ve gotten all my interviews off the device and now I’m ready to go.  Before this I had to take each interview off the device in real time by playing back through the 1/8 headphone jack.  Needless to say that was WORK.   Work I was angry at having to do. 

Oh, Mia.

I’ll be honest with you, my audience.

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I might as well be, right? lol. It’s been really tough going working on projects with no $ whatsoever. No jobs here in Atlanta for media folk doing what I do. I’m not the type to beg or to bother people about work, so I don’t.

But I have to say that doing the video and the audio I do costs money. The equipment cost money, the upkeep costs money. My audio recorder is falling apart- it fell when my dog knocked it off my work desk and loses memory.

My computer is struggling. It dies everytime I sit down to mix a podcast in the middle of my work. These are excuses, yes. I’m making excuses. But if you’re wondering why I haven’t made a new episode or posted the EPKs I’ve recorded, that’s why. I’m looking to move out of Atlanta to find work, if I can. Right now I’m doing what I can to help local groups working on social media and that’s been my focus. It’s just really, really hard for my family and I right now as I imagine it is for many people across the country. Working one day a week just doesn’t get the bills paid.

If you are interested in donating even .25 cents to the pay paypal link at Analogue Atlanta

anything will help. I need money to get around and record the audio I use. Or if you know of a program that could donate a MARTA card for Train access, that would be great as well.

We just took our car off of insurance, etc because it’s having troubles and we can’t afford to fix it or even pay insurance right now.

That’s honesty, that’s my situation. People who haven helped by giving me free access to events and concerts like Fadia Kader, Strong Arm Entertainment, Mike Zarin, Author Mark Anthony Thomas, The Georgia State University College of Art, D from Grindtime Entertainment, Skape from Battery 5, Spree Wilson and countless others have made the past few months POSSIBLE. I thank them for their help and hope to work more with them in the future. What I DO NOT want is for my work to become a default commercial for anybody, though and it’s hard to get the breadth and scope of my work in focus with limited access that being broke provides. I guess that’s the game.

Thanks for supporting the work I’ve been doing up until this point. I’ll still be working to produce the rest of this season, but this is where I’m at right now.


Upcoming guests…

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Been busy working writing a paper for the Youth Media Reporter organization as a member of Wonder Root. It’s a great opportunity to work with other progressive/forward thinking groups in Atlanta working with Youth Journalism such as Atlanta Youth Radio, The Wren’s Nest, People TV and Turner Studios. It’s a serious paper up for peer and academic review so wish me luck. Getting my research in.

On the side I’ve been working on the documentary and knocking out interview after interview for Analogue Atlanta. The tape is stacking up, folks. I haven’t had a chance to edit any of my work from the past two weeks. Life gets in the way. Soon come, though.

Here are some pictures I took of a few upcoming interviewees that just happened to be at a show I covered for VIMBY.com last night: Proton, Yelawolf, Pill & Senor Kaos. Again, thanks for being so patient. I know there are SEVERAL artists waiting for their interviews to be published. They’ll come in due time. I’m doing way too much but then again, I don’t feel comfortable doing less.

Been pretty busy collecting interviews and reviewing tape.

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What I haven’t been doing is actually mixing episodes. I was supposed to Tuesday, but I’ll be honest, I just haven’t done it. I’ve sat down to try to mix but something doesn’t feel right. I’m not certain what it is yet.

In any case, I’ve got some interesting interviews lined up for the near future and some more video coming your way by March, hopefully. I know y’all can’t wait until March for new episodes. Should have one up by tonight, God willing.

I’ve gotten a few questions about my work flow…

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There isn’t a rhyme or reason to it. In a few instances there are pieces that are comprised of interviews nearly a year old combined with other interviews only a few days old. What I look for is an opportunity to mix demographic groupings. I want Atlanta Visual artist fans to know about the Atlanta music scene. I want Hip Hop enthusiasts to be familiar with rock, funk, literary and jazz scenes. It’s a mix. That’s the best way to describe it.

Analogue Atlanta #17: Breaking Ground

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I talk with Atlanta Creatives Project  Founder and curator Neda Abghari  about what moved her to start the organization and we also delve into the state of the Atlanta arts community as well.   I caught up with B-boy  Quic, of the Funklordz , Zapper  (HBO crew) and  Alpha Trion to find out about Atlanta Breakdancing History from the early ’80s to the present  day. It’s an interesting look at how Breakdancing was born, nearly died and came back to life in an unusual way here in the city of Atlanta.    The B-boy piece is part of a larger Documentary celebrating 30 years of Atlanta Hip Hop from ’79-’09 we’re tentatively  calling Telling it like it T-I-is: Atlanta Hip Hop from ’79-til, which is a collaboration between myself here at Abenghorn Media Productions (A.M.P) and my good friend Kamal Secret at Black Static Films.  Look for trailers and video tidbits from us in the near future on the project. 

For more on Atlanta Breakdancing culture check:

Finally, I talk with Atlanta soul singer PJ Morton  .   We have a conversation about being an underground solo artist while writing for and performing with artists signed to major labels.  We also get into his new major label deal, his influences and his upcoming projects working with Music Soulchild, A.R. Rahman and more.

Music Featured in this podcast from Atlanta Artists in order of appearance:

…more later

Great news!

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No, not a new episode. Last night’s car failure, stranding in the cold for a few hours and near-firing at my Part-time and only gig saw to that. I was headed to Yelawolf’s free show when the car died and a speeding SUV came inches from side swiping me. Good times. But none of that could wipe the smile off my face. Why, you ask?

Hey Dominick,

How are you? My name is ******** and I work with the Third Coast Audio Festival. TCF is an umbrella-organization for audio producers and general audio lovers alike, mostly concentrating on documentary work. But we define “documentary” pretty broadly.

We’re starting a new, bi-monthly, point-of-interest on the site in which we showcase a featured link that we’ve come across in our internet searching. I stumbled upon your tumblr blog and then went over to your website a few weeks ago. I really enjoy the breadth of interview subjects and the narrative depth you go into in your conversations. Anyhow, I wanted to let you know that we’re planning on featuring your website as our first featured link. If it is cool with you, it will appear on our news page and in a Third Coast mailer e-mail next week.

Two brief questions: should we link http://www.dominickbrady.com/ as your primary site (as opposed to your tumblr or abenghorn)? Secondly, would you want to add any information you’d like us to run with the link? The blurb will be brief — about two sentences — but I figured you’d might like some input.

Hope you’re having a nice Friday,



For those of you that don’t know, The Third Coast festival in Chicago is kind of a big deal for Radio Documentary and Public Radio nerds such as myself. I still can’t afford to actually attend but the fact that they have noticed my work and had an opportunity to take a closer look at Atlanta Arts is truly a blessing.

I’m off to cover the Atlanta B-girl Fest today for VIMBY. With the car out of sorts, I’ll trek the city on MARTA. I like MARTA, though. No worries. Living in the city makes public transit a small chore. Glad I feel better!

I’ll upload episodes 17 & 18 Sunday, God willing. They might be some of the most interesting interviews thus far.
Next season I’ll be doing the bulk of my interviews from my home studio, I think. I’ll play with live performances and the like. Should be fun.



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The season Episode #1

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You might remember me interviewing photographer and film maker Donnie Seals for Episode #2 of Extra Analogue, my project about The Arts outside of Atlanta. We talked about his documentary The Season


A message from Donnie about his project:


Here is the first, and as of right now only episode of my documentary on the Findlay College Prep program. I want everyone to know that it has taken a lot of work to bring this 8 minutes of video to the web, but it’s going to take a ton more work to try to keep this story going. Showcasing this first episode is not the finish line. In fact the race has just started. Here are the next few steps I’m planning on making now that the first episode is up.


Blasting this video everywhere I can. I’m uploading to YouTube, Vimeo, Exposure Room and Facebook. If you know any other places I should link the first episode to, let me know. A lot of my views have come from message forums of Division I schools (UNLV and University of Illinois just to name a few). If you know a sports forum that talks college basketball, share the link in a post.


Finishing editing Episode Two. When I was laid off a few weeks back I was in the middle of editing, so I never got a chance to finish it. Now that I have recovered the rest of the footage from KVBC, I can work on getting some editing equipment so I can bring you the next installment.


Finding someone interested in funding this project for the 2009/10 season. The future of this project isn’t certain, and I have a lot of ideas on where I should take it, but nothing is going to happen without funding. I can only go so far with an Nevada Unemployment check. Right now, please take a moment and watch. Any questions or comments are welcome.

(You know it’s funny WordPress chose that thumbnail clip of Godwin resting on the mat during practice. That’s how I feel right about now…ha).