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Blu & Exile on Red Bull Music Academy

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Sound In Color, Los Angeles, USA

Blu and Exile is a tag team made in heaven, as their album Below The Heavens ably demonstrates. There’s not many duos making hip hop music in the spirit of the golden age, yet astonishingly fresh. Blu talks to his audience instead of at them, concerned more about the message in the music than breaking even. Bringing West Coast sunshine and honest introspective lyrics, he is the perfect foil to Exile’s fierce MPC adventures, crafting gritty soul in the tradition of greats like Primo, Dilla, and Pete Rock. For further listening, please refer to full-lengths by Emanon, Kardinal Offishall, Mobb Deep, and Jurassic 5, as well as Exile’s own LP Dirty Science on Sound In Colour, while Blu keeps on broadening his portfolio by knocking out collabo after collabo with the likes of Ta’raach (as C.R.A.C. Knuckles) and Mainframe (as Johnson & Jonson).


Janelle Monae’s First Official Video…

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Atlanta-Based Recording artist Janelle Monae is doing some really interesting work. This video is in that vein. I cheer for her. I want her to succeed. You should too.

Atlanta’s Art Beats & Lyrics exhibit still on tour…(Video)

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ABL JACKSON, MS from Fray Wall on Vimeo.

This makes me so proud. Just look at Dj Rasta Root, Dubleyoo’s work and 89.3’s own JayForce doing their thing. Isn’t your chest swelling with pride?

Also check out my boy Alien1 showing off like only he can…

ALIEN/Dj RASTA ROOT “You Don’t Know” from Fray Wall on Vimeo.

Analogue Atlanta: New Beginnings

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Photo credit: thekaoseffect.com

Jasz & Talib Shabazz of Ear Wax records in Atlanta explain how the store became the soul of Atlanta’s urban music scene fostering and augmenting talents for artists such as DJ Klever, DJ Toomp, Dallas Austin, Jermaine Dupri, Organized Noise Productions and much, much more. The two reflect on the community created around the space and their thoughts on its impact on what has become one of the World’s strongest music scenes.

Rene interview

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Thanks for the memories, Mr. Munson

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My favorite call from him:

“They’re going to kickoff to us and some stupid miracle could happen.”

“Ten seconds – we are on their six. Tennessee playing what amounts to a four-four. And there’s… TOUCHDOWN! Oh my God, a touchdown. We threw it to Haynes. We just stuffed them with five seconds left! My God almighty, did you see what he did? David Greene just straightened up and we snuck the fullback over and Haynes is keeping the ball. Haynes has come running all the way across to the bench. We just dumped it over. It’s 26-24! We just stepped on their face with a hobnailed boot and broke their nose. We just crushed their face!”

What I’m listening to

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If you were to stop by my crib the first thing you’d notice aside from my over-grown yard is that I’m playing way too much House and Broken Beat kind of music of late. Why? I don’t know. I don’t know why I’m burning sandlewood incense and listening to The Politik and The Rurals so much. I can say that I’m enjoying it, though. Just in one of those moods, I guess.

Inna Lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajioon Imam Warith Deen Muhammed

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Just got the news from my Brother Yusef. Imam Warith Deen Muhammad has been an positive influence for muslims and the ecumenical community at large. I’m not a good muslim, I’m not even fasting (for various reasons), but this hit home. I attended the Atlanta Masjid of Al-Islam for a few years and I know the brothers and sisters over there are going through a great deal of loss.

Warith’s father, Elijah Muhammad, was the leader of the Nation of Islam from 1934 to 1975, an organization that preaches a form of Black nationalism. Elijah Muhammad died on February 26, 1975

After his father’s death, Warith Deen Muhammad was accepted by followers of the Nation of Islam as their leader. He brought about many reforms, which brought the followers of the Nation of Islam closer to traditional Islam. He renamed his organization a number of times. He is now the leader of a new project called The Mosque Cares, and most of his followers make up a portion of the worldwide Muslim community and have accepted traditional Islam. He also changed the spelling of his last name from the Nation of Islam’s preferred “Muhammad” to the more accepted “Mohammed.”

He rejected the literal meaning of his father’s theology and Black-separatist views. For example, the Nation of Islam taught that Black people were God’s original people. With his new understanding, based on his life long study of the Qu’ran and the life of Muhammad, he accepted whites as fellow worshippers and attempted to forge closer ties with mainstream Muslim communities, including Latino Muslims.

A number of dissident groups resisted the changes in the Nation of Islam. Among these was to first in 1977 to re-establish the Lost-Found Nation of Islam Inc, were Savior Silis Muhammad and a coupled of months later Louis Farrakhan broke ranks with Wallace and announced a revival of the Nation of Islam name for his group in 1981.

W.D. Mohammed gave the first invocation in the U.S. Senate ever by a Muslim. In 1993, he gave an Islamic prayer during the first Inaugural Interfaith Prayer Service of President Bill Clinton, and again in 1997 at the second Interfaith Prayer Service.

Marking 70 years since the Nation of Islam was founded, in 2000 Imam Warith Deen Mohammed and Minister Louis Farrakhan publicly embraced and declared unity and reconciliation at the annual Savior’s Day convention.

Imam Mohammed passed away on the 9th of September, 2008 also the 9th day of Ramadan.

Osunlade & Nadirah Shakoor’s set @ Cenci in Atlanta

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Osunlade & Nadirah Shakoor’s set @ Cenci in Atlanta
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You can’t really go wrong with Osunlade. ATL’s House music royalty were on hand to take in the sounds of Osunlade & Nadirah Shakoor. The energy hung in the air, draping the downstairs denizens of Cenci in East Atlanta with the thumping thud of riddim and sweet bliss of sensual soul.

It was a great time. Couldn’t beat it for $10 on a Monday night, nope.

Now playing at the Midtown Art Cinemas "Trouble the Water"

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See it here INtown at the Midtown Art Cinemas.

This movie was fantastic, more later…

R.I.P Don LaFontaine.

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“Fire your boss. Be your own Boss.” (c) Killer Mike

Analogue Atlanta #005: Apparatus ATL

In June of 2008 Analogue Atlanta sat down with Atlanta visual artists Dosa Kim, Epidemik Coalition & Fresh I Am. The meeting between these creatives was the first in what eventually became the Apparatus ATL project. The endeavor’s purpose is to help further progressive Arts in Atlanta.