Welcome to my glorious mess.

About Dominick

I’m a man with a great deal on my mind.   Here, in this space, I endeavor to cover things I find fun, exciting and interesting as well as to provide room for dialogue about Atlanta Arts. I’m married, a pet owner,  originally from  East Flatbush, Brooklyn, raised Seventh-Day Adventist, muslim convert with 100% Jamaican blood and I spent part of my youth in the Atlanta suburb of Roswell, GA. All of those things give you a glimpse into who I am but they don’t in anyway define me. 

 It’s simple:  I’m posting about what I find curious and in THIS space it will revolve around the city of Atlanta.   Add me to your blog-roll, leave a comment or drop me an email  here:  abenghorn[at]gmail.com.


Q:  Why Abenghorn ?  It’s so hard to spell. You couldn’t think of a catchy name?

A:  You might have noticed that I use Abenghorn as the name for my domain and other assorted things.  The Abeng horn was a tool used by Maroons in Jamaica for communication.  I feel that communication is my calling and endeavor to find my way in this New Media landscape. I hope that I can weild this chosen craft as well as my Jamaican ancestors did.

Q: Why are you called FireBrand?

A: I’ve been called many things in my life time.  Most of the things I’ve been called can’t be repeated here.  This is a family channel.  DNYC (pronounced D-nick), FireBrand, Irie, D-man, Big man…the list goes on.  I think FireBrand suits me well.  In the tradition of Jamaican Iconolasts, I have a loud and boisterous mouth.   What better to be heard with?

Q:  Why radio?  Didn’t you get the message that radio is dead, dying?

A:  Yeah. I got that message.  I’m trying to learn more about video (no more school, though.  It doesn’t agree with me),  and I’m working on my writing skills but radio is what I love.  I’ve been doing it for years and I want to find a model that works in the 21st century- a Terkel/Schwartz/Smiley for my generation.

Q:  Why now? 

A:  I aint getting any younger.


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