Welcome to my glorious mess.

Analogue Atlanta #19 coming Sunday night (technically Monday a.m.)

Posted in Uncategorized by Dom Brady on April 3, 2009

Analogue Atlanta #19 will feature:  Atlanta writer Andisheh Nouraee, Atlanta MC Stanza, Atlanta Rock Fusion group The Goldest.  I’ll also post Extra Analogue #4 featuring The Yes Yes Y’alls & Extra Analogue #5 featuring Death & Taxes Magazine, FreshSelects.Net and Classic Drug References.

Alot coming up, y’all.  Alot going on right now.  I’m multitasking like crazy editing audio, video, a paper for peer review and job hunting.  Hopefully tomorrow I get this gig which will limit my time further but give me funds so I can get the Flickr Pro account back up and enlarge this Podomatic account which is already at 80% capacity.

Thanks to those that sent cash to the pay pal on the podcast site.  That paid for film and to replace USB cables that were needed badly.  You can probably tell by the sound quality difference in recent interviews.  Then again, you don’t know which interviews I did recently and which ones I did last year.  lol.  *shrugs*  Only the artists themselves know.


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