Welcome to my glorious mess.

In case you didn’t know…I’ve moved to Tumblr.

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Maybe I should have made this post a year ago.   I’m here:  tumblr.dominickbrady.com


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Hi everyone, I posted a new episode to my podcast, Analogue Atlanta.

Please click the link below to view it.

See you there!

– Dominick

New Season of Analogue Atlanta, new Links.

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www.dominickbrady.com is where I will be archiving the old seasons.   It’s been  a pain moving everything off of the old podomatic server to my old Abenghorn server, but it’s happening…slowly.  For some reason the files are all uploaded but coming online at different times.    Rest assured that they will all be replaced and you can find them all either on dominickbrady.com or on iTunes.

Soon come, y’all.

This season is going to be a lot of fun.  I’ll still be blogging about my process HERE on my wordpress blog.  I’ll also be talking about it at the tumblr site I use, but this is ground zero.

http://www.dominickbrady.com is the archival site with other work I’ve done in print and video collected there.


Flicks from the Black Spade/ Black Milk show

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Black Milk live @ Lennys

Black Milk live @ Lenny's, ATL

I had a ball last night and I secured some interviews for this next season of Analogue Atlanta.  I can’t wait to share  it with you, but finances are tight so it’ll be a moment before I can get my hosting situation where it needs to be so I can put out more material.  With nearly 10,000 subscribers now I can’t  leave the feed I’ve been using so I guess I’m forced to re-up.    We’ll see where this takes us.  Until then check out my flickr and tumblr pages.  They’ll have new material constantly.  For last night’s pics?  Here are a few.  I’ll put up more when I re-up on my flickr membership.

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I’ve been in a sort of creative flux of late.

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It’s weird being in this creative/journalistic/tech savvy space where I’m having to artistically direct, report, create, and distribute the work I’m doing. I just found a free audio slide service that I’ll be trying out for a second and will be doing touch-up or follow-up interviews with acts that I wasn’t able to publish while the VIMBY gig was still going.

Should be interesting. We’ll see what happens.

Atlanta is rapidly changing

Posted in Atlanta by Dom Brady on July 28, 2009

So I decided to take pictures of some of the things I don’t think will be with us in the next 10 years. People, places and happenings Downtown, IN-town –specifically on the Westside here’s the first of a few:

crib notes TV: Behind the Kaos

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crib notes catches up with Senor Kaos to take a look behind the scenes of his Automatic Classic Video shoot.

Go to my blip.tv page to see interview.

crib notes TV: A conversation with AmDex

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We caught up with Producer/MC AmDex of Clan Destined to find out more about his recent solo project “The 7 Scrolls”

Go to my blip.tv page to see interview.

crib notesTV: Lee Harvey Oswald

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[blip.tv ?posts_id=2328036&dest=48928]

crib notes caught up with Atlanta DJ/Beatsmith/Graffiti/MC/B-boy group Lee Harvey Oswald to get a sense of the men behind the mask. Lee Harvey Oswald opens for Edan & Noot d’ Noot August 1st at Apache Cafe

This is my video, btw.

I’m changing my podcast location. I’m about to migrate to blip.

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They don’t have a limit like what podomatic has so I can continue my work there. Too expensive on podomatic for a broke Journalist. So, I’ll be taking my work to blip.tv and increasing the photo stuff to change the old/new podcast formats into slide shows. I’m going to get some of these reels of film developed next week, God willing, to facilitate this.

…In other news, I’m on the radio now. 1690 Voice of the Arts here in Atlanta. I’ll be hosting a show with fellow journalist Maurice Garland. We’ll explore all aspects of music. Right now we’re doing the pilot shows which will only be 15 minutes during airing with full interviews available in podcast form.

SMKA & Fadia Kader are our producers and DJ Mr. Mind of the Audubon Society is on the 1s &2s. Should be a very exciting project.

Kicking off a documentary video short project in the middle of next week and some documentary 35mm shooting as well for stills. Should be fun. Busy, busy, broke journalist at work.


ATL Iran Protest

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[blip.tv ?posts_id=2278606&dest=48928]

Quick 1 minute video of what I saw today, 6-20-09

Stay tuned. Looks like we might have a brand new project

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A NEW project involving some really exciting people here in Atlanta.   I’m very excited!!!  Can’t speak much on it now, but you’lll hear soon!

Creative Loafing interview with Brian Knott

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Creative Loafing contributor Dominick Brady sat down with A3C festival co-founder Brian Knott at the Earl in East Atlanta. In this interview we discussed the origins of A3C and where Knott thinks it is headed.

Go to my blip.tv page to see interview.

Interviewing Bob Koenig today. Documentary Film maker

Posted in Podcast by Dom Brady on May 13, 2009

Later today I’ll be posting a new Analogue Atlanta with Dark Wolf Records, Clutch Magazine and Mudfish, God willing.  We’ll see how today pans out.  Seems like every day is an adventure nowadays.

You might have noticed…

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I’ve deleted several past episodes. Soon all of season 1 will be deleted from the podcast page. Why? Because while the cost for upgrading the podcast account to 3 gigs to make room for both season 1 and 2 isn’t TOO expensive, it’s too expensive for what I can afford at this time.

The plan is to link all the past shows in an archive on my own server for you all to have access to. I’m not going to ask anyone to pay for archived material. It’s free. I just want to be able to monitor stats and see where, when, and how listeners find new material. Why? It might help me land funding to continue to do this kind of work or to make it less guerilla style and sound much better with more elements and better sound quality.

So, yes. I do have a server. I renewed the account months ago. The problem is that I have limited web experience and programming understanding, etc. The files are actually already uploaded to the server along with song great .mp3 and photo treats. I just can’t figure out how to link to them.

weird, huh? Yeah. When I wake up later tonight, I’ll check out Google and hopefully I’ll find some help I can actually understand. I have SO much material I’d like to share with you, but these are interviews that are NOT short and I just don’t have the space right now. If anyone knows how I can set up a page so that people can see my index of files, I’d be very appreciative.

Clutch Mag, Mudfish, Random Rabbit, Dark Wolf, etc…these are interviews I do NOT want to edit short.

So…until I figure out how to do this, I’ll be deleting older episodes and there won’t be any links available…sorry, y’all. You might not care, actually. I wouldn’t know.

I get very sparse feedback. But with 7,904 subscribers and a growing base of downloads and subscribers daily, I have a feeling y’all do care to listen. Some of you revisit old episodes and listen to the entire season 1 again like it was the first time. Not sure if that’s because you’re playing it for yourself or for someone else…I’m just happy y’all find value in it.

Again, I don’t get paid. I do this out of love for my city, my fellow artists in the scene, and because I can’t NOT do it.



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Two new episodes!!!!

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Marq Spekt

Marq Spekt

Analogue Atlanta #23:  Respekt 





  Marq Spekt stops by the studio to talk about the Atlanta Hip Hop scene, it’s History and about his work as well as his group Broady Champs’ work. Music featured in this pod from Atlanta Artists:

  •  Broady Champs
  •  Marq Spekt
  • Parental Advisory
  • Ya’ll So Stupid
  • Qualm Scott


  …And in Extra Analogue we’ll talk with Andrew Noz.  A contributor at NPR , Scratch Magazine & The Fader about his blog  Cbrap.com ,about his approach to blogging, his work, and his inclusive approach to Hip Hop history.  We talk about how Hip Hop developed Nationally during the 80’s and 90’s and compare it to the growth of Hip Hop’s sound in the Northeastern United States.

Extra Analogue #5   RE: Definition



Analogue Atlanta #21: Advent

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An MC on the rise out of College Park, Stanza, came stopped by the studio this week. We talk about coming up the hard way out of the Atlanta Underground scene. I also catch up with Atlanta fusion band Jaspects. They’re a group aiming to redefine images and concepts in music. We talk about their journey as artists and their new album “The Polkadotted Stripe”.
Finally, I chat with Atlanta Comedy troupe “The Snackpack” Music featured in this pod from Atlanta Artists: Stanza Jaspects Big Gipp.

Snackpack Debut…

Analogue Atlanta Episode #20- Our House Pt2

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DJ Kemit Live @ Cenci

DJ Kemit Live @ Cenci



LINKS TO PART ONE (In case you missed it. Posted 8/08):



Part two in our on-going series on the slow-down and re-emergence of the Atlanta House music scene. In this episode we catch up with Mike Zarin of 4 Deep & 88.5 WRAS (Georgia State University) and DJ Tabone formerly of the Digital DJs, creator of the Raw Soul Series as well as a DJ at 89.3 WRFG in Atlanta stops by the studio to add their thoughts to the series. Dj Variable of the Audubon Society chimes in as well. Part two concentrates on what was at root of the scene-slow down and begins to explore the Resurgence that will be Detailed in Part 3. Atlanta Music Heard in this pod:

Atlanta House Music Band SEEK

Atlanta House Music Band SEEK

DJ Nabani

Extra Analogue #4: For the Love

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Kenny Fresh

Kenny Fresh






I catch up with Bloggers Kenny & Andres from FreshSelects.net & Classic Drug References. The two each approach music blogging from a different perspective than most: they are fans of music. Bringing a personal touch to their blogging style, they clue blog readers into previously little-known aspects of on-the-cusp or underground artists in Urban music and are able to share TRULY exclusive tracks from your favorite artists.

Music featured in this podcast in order of appearance (these are acts you can expect to find on either of their blogs regularly):

Jazzy Jeff ft Pauly Yamz & Baby Blak
Blu & Exile
Jay Electronicaft.Guilty Simpson

Classic Drug References

Classic Drug References

Blu & Exile
Jay Electronica
Jay Electronica
Platinum Pied Pipers
Dam Funk
Black Spade
Karma Stewart
Arthur Verocai

Analogue Atlanta #19: Growth

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I talk with Atlanta author and humorist Andisheh Nouraee about his Creative Loafing “Don’t Panic” columns, his upcoming book(s) and his path to writing. I also catch up with Atlanta Native Fewture about his position in limbo as an Atlanta MC with a broad-based approach to his sound. Finally, I speak with Atlanta Band The Goldest about their self-titled EP at their studio during a practice session.

Music heard in this podcast from Atlanta acts:
– Manchester Orchestra
– Fewture
– The Goldest

The first person to email me (info@abenghorn.net) with the Answers to these questions will get a free copy of The Goldest’s self titled EP
Question #1: What is the topic of either of Andisheh Nouraee’s two new books ideas/projects?
Question #2: Name one school The Fewture attended
Question #3: Name one of the members of The Goldest.

If you can answer 2 out of 3, you get the goods. Email me with the subject line: AA#19 answers.

Good luck!