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Season 2 is here! Analogue Atlanta #18: Homegrown

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I speak to Atlanta Photographer Shannon McCollum about his working with Atlanta artists such as Outkast, Rico Wade, GooDie Mob & Lil Jon. I catch up with Atlanta Fusion band Mr. Lucky comprised of members who have played with Atlanta Acts SEEK, PHBalance & My Cousin Troy and finally I talk with Grind Time/ Medicine Music recording artist Pill about his mixtape and a facet Atlanta’s little known underground Hip Hop culture.


Stay tuned for give-aways of Mr. Lucky’s new album!!!


Episode #16 coming Monday 1/19/09…

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Ruby Velle of The Soulphonics & Ruby Velle


I talk with Retro-Soul Septet The Soulphonics & Ruby Velle and have an in-depth conversation with writer Melody Moezzi about her passions, inspiration and struggles as an artist. Finally, I talk with Indie Film-Maker Matt Wolfe.

Next Week? ATL MC Stanza, Hip Hop Documentarian/Photographer Shannon McCollum and Producer Mudfish.

I’ve got some great interviews with  Activist and MC Tim’m West   (who no longer lives in Atlanta- the interview was done in July) Random Rabbit,  Soupy Jones and  many more ATL  artists coming up in the next few weeks as well as Part II of “Our House“, a look into Atlanta’s House  music scene.    Thought I forgot about that?  No way!  It’s been the most popular episode!  I plan for it to be Episode #20, which will be the final episode of this season.   Part III will kick off next season.

Analogue Atlanta #14: Behind the Veil

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Atlanta-Based Recording Artists Dukes of Da'Ville

This latest episode of Analogue Atlanta was a chore, folks. Just posted it after fighting with it for two days. My PC crashed twice- forcing me to start over 3 times. I can’t tell you how frustrating that is. In the madness I missed a few edits and didn’t have time to sweeten Gudrun Stone’s interview. The sound at Club Cenci was booming that night, which is weird because there were like 4 people in there at the early hour we decided to chat. I apologize for the gaff of stating Ms. Stone’s name as Gudrun “Scott” please forgive me. Watching Rob Roy and Braveheart whilst editing can have that effect. Check out Gudrun’s work here on her flickr page

I stopped by Dukes of DaVille’s place to talk to them about their upcoming projects and to find out more about their approach to music. 



Next week?  Atlanta Party/Mixtape DJ’s The Audubon Society,  Prema Lenay and either film maker Matt Wolfe or  visual artist/painter Fehamu Pecou.  I haven’t decided yet.   The beauty about working for free is the freedom!  *shrugs*

Shannon McCollum & Dr. Joyce Wilson on Southern Hip Hop

Posted in Shannon McCollum Dr. Joyce Wilson on Southern Hip Hop by Dom Brady on December 31, 2008

Dr. Joyce and Shannon McCollum are both from Atlanta and have been a part of the scene’s infrastructure for years. In this video they talk with UGA students about Hip Hop culture in general and Southern Hip Hop. Analogue Atlanta will be catching up with Shannon later this month.  Stay tuned.

Analogue Atlanta #13: Poetic License

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Atlanta Author Mark Anthony Thomas

Mark Anthony Thomas at Cafe Circa in Edgwood

Atlanta Drummer Alien aka Animal aka Ali @ A-town day.

ALIen chatting with Era of the Stereograph Lead Singer "Blue"

I met with Atlanta Author Mark Anthony Thomas in Edgewood and caught up with Atlanta Drummer ALIEN at Apache Cafe in Midtown.




Analogue Atlanta #11: Unsung

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Colin Munroe live @ Cenci, Atlanta, GA.

I talked with up and coming Atlanta-Based artist Colin Munroe, Atlanta Voice Editor-in-Chief Yaminah Ahmad and Atlanta Photographer Zach Wolfe.