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Class? Say hello to Mr. Voo…

Posted in Analogue Atlanta: by Dom Brady on July 31, 2008

Analogue Atlanta #003: Stakes is High-school Basketball. A conversation with Atlanta Hip Hop Artist Voo Da Teach.

Y’all get the FIRST official episode of Analogue Atlanta before the rest of the world! Yay! It’ll be up on VIMBY.com 8/1/08 aka tommorow.

Until then, enjoy.


I love little side projects like this.

Posted in Zo and Tigallo do the 80's by Dom Brady on July 23, 2008

Zo! & Tigallo do the 80’s is the name of the CD. Zo! is a well known producer and Tigallo is another alter-ego for North Carolina’s very own Phonte of Little Brother. I’ve been waiting for this album, Killer Mike and Aloe Blacc for what seems like weeks. Why did I wait so long to grab the Aloe Blacc record? Well, I downloaded it a few years ago- in 2006. I really loved that album but did not have the money at the time to get it. I decided to get it on wax. I can’t wait to throw that album on. I have re-done my studio and it’s still a mess, though. Tonight when I get in from work I will pop hook up my turntables and give it a go, I think.

Zo! and Tigallo-Something About You

Spree Wilson- Where do we go from here?

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ATL MC/Poet/Rocker Spree Wilson
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New song from Spree Wilson – Where do we go from here

Catch Spree playing live at Broke & Boujee @ the 5spot in East Atlanta. 99 cents before 11pm, $4.99 After. DJ Rasta Roots on the 1’s & 2’s, Hannibal Matthews behind the camera and Proton will be performing new songs as well. Can’t miss it!

World In Motion- Examining truth in Life @ Uspace Gallery

Posted in U space Gallery by Dom Brady on July 21, 2008

I was hanging out with some old friends at a cookout this weekend and the subject of gender roles came up. We talked for hours about why the black family has broken down and what could help rebuild it- along with concepts of alternative family structures.

Interesting that we talked about that as recently as Saturday and I find this in my inbox Monday morning. Providence.

SAYS WHO? Concepts of Gender Roles In Today’s Society
Wednesday, July 23, 2008, 7:30 PM

Children of the Sun: Radiant Kid’s Music Matter Workshop @ WonderRoot

Posted in Uncategorized by Dom Brady on July 19, 2008

Children of the Sun: Radiant Kid’s Music Matter Workshop @ WonderRoot
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I talk to youth around the Westside of Atlanta (Historic Westside) often about opportunities, goals and aspirations. While there isn’t much opportunity and these children haven’t had a chance to understand the benefit and the process of setting goals, they still dream. These kids aspire to be Rappers, Doctors, Firemen, Singers, Teachers like any other 11, 12 or 16 year old. How will we help them get there? What happens to their dream deferred? We’re seeing the after effects of deferred dreams explode onto our Westside neighborhoods. Drive down Simpson Road. Matter of fact, I dare you to walk down it- in broad daylight, even. Check out Bankhead. Ride over to the less traversed side of Washington Park. There is a rhythm to this side of town: Church, Liquor Store, Funeral Home. That triplet returns to coda over, and over- measure after measure of heart breaks. On Friday the Radiant Kids Artists Collective, a group of musicians, writers and graphic artists took our first step in our walk with these Youth to write our own melody.

The arts in this city are criminally slept on.

Posted in Menefee Winer Design in Atlanta by Dom Brady on July 18, 2008

Lets talk about archietechture alone. My wife and I often just drive around and look at cool buildings. Atlanta has much more to offer than what meets the eye. We ran into Menefee+Winer office on one of our weekly drive-abouts. We were both taken back at the design of the structure. They had preferred parking for green vehicles, and lovely grasses as well. We decided to ask about the office and what they do there. Turns out they are a design firm and they designed their building and workspace. When walking around the city and speaking to people in the design world, you can find out the most intriguing things- things i just assumed weren’t here or didn’t really take a moment to actually think about. We got caught up in this hustle and bustle, but if you have a moment. Just enjoy this city. There are so many interesting stories. We’ll chronicle much of that in our Analogue Atlanta podcast which premiers on VIMBY.com July 31st. It could take years just to talk about the Westsdide: Historic Westside/Howell Mill/Washington Park. Let alone the West End, Downtown, Old Fourth Ward, Cabbage town, etc…

Here is some info about the firm and their Brady avenue project:

Menefee + Winer Architects served as architect, contractor and owner for this project. Located at 1075 Brady Avenue near the Georgia Tech campus, the building is a culmination of 15 years of commitment to thoughtful, detail-oriented, and sustainable design and development. The 4,100 square foot building is an adaptive reuse of a muffler shop. It is accessible to two MARTA bus lines, and within walking distance to several neighborhood restaurants and services. The building is certified LEED® Silver and is the first LEED-NC architect’s office in the state of Georgia.

Have you heard this Jackson Conti record?

Posted in Jackson Conti by Dom Brady on July 13, 2008

Madlib put his foot off in this one. I’ve never been a huge fan of Madlib on the mic, but production-wise, he’s sick. He’s helped rejuvenate Talib Kweli according to some, and he’s carrying Stonesthrow Records. His Prince-like ability to produce so much music so quickly at such a high quality is staggering. If your not familiar with the concept of Jackson Conti, it’s really simple. It’s a collaboration between Madlib and drummer Ivan “Mamão” Conti of Azymuth. If you listen to their myspace page, you’ll see this is worth grabbing. I haven’t stopped playing it for weeks. Good look to Eyez for putting me on.

Distant Things.

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Using the Schwartz

Posted in Remembering Tony Schwartz by Dom Brady on July 3, 2008

On the Media aired a past interview last week with the man many feel along with Bernays crafted the science of modern media and media awareness. For electronic media professionals such as myself, there is no greater influence than Tony Schwartz.

From On the Media:

TONY SCHWARTZ: I met a woman who was a cashier at Macy’s, and her name was Louise Bennett. And she knew all the Jamaican folklore. And I played those songs to Harry Belafonte.


I got from a nightclub in Africa songs like Wimoweh. Remember that?


And Everybody Loves Saturday Night. Wimoweh I gave to the Weavers. And Everybody Loves Saturday Night I gave to – what’s his name? He owns a casino in Atlantic City. He used to be a singer. He also – I watch Jeopardy on television. You ever watch that? And who is the guy that is the funder of it? Merv Griffin. I gave him Everybody Loves Saturday Night.





Good morning. Today I’d like to play two beautiful songs, sung by Paul Robeson.

TONY SCHWARTZ: I think he was one of the great singers of our time. And in the McCarthy era, Robeson couldn’t travel because they called him a Communist, which is ridiculous. He wasn’t a Communist. He just believed in [LAUGHS] internationalism.

He wanted to send tapes to various places around the world. One I did to send to England for a speech for him.


It was about peace so I had his song behind it. Then I had his narration over that.

PAUL ROBESON: Peace and friendship with our great wartime ally and enduring peace growing out of united United Nations out of friendship with the Soviet people and the governing democracies –


TONY SCHWARTZ: I did it for many people who couldn’t travel. For W.E.B. DuBois I would record speeches that he wanted to give in South Africa.

Tony Schwartz….A giant in the field of communcations.

August 19, 1923 – June 15, 2008

More leaks from the Adamsville Monster?

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Killer Mike – I’m The Shit
Killer Mike – God In In The Building

Not sure. One of these songs I’ve heard before. The other I’ve heard Killer Mike sample himself saying “God in the Building” for before. These might not be new, but if you haven’t heard them, they’re new to you!

Role Players: Meet L.A. trio Pacific Division.

Posted in Pacific Division Art Nouveau Magazine by Dom Brady on July 1, 2008

Pac Div’s buzz has been undeniable. That’s why they’ve been signed to a major label deal. Details on that will come when Universal makes an official announcement. Until then, they are preparing their newest project: Role Players. Learn more about them or meet them again for the first time, perhaps with an interview I did for the July/August issue of Art Nouveau Magazine