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Why hasn’t Malachi blown up?

Posted in Uncategorized by Dom Brady on May 29, 2007

I see fliers all over the place downtown. If you’ve ever been to ATL open mics, or Underground events, you’ve seen dude. I mean I’ve seen him at Morehouse poetry spots like Jazzman’s, I’ve seen him at Apache Cafe. Malachi is nearly as ubiquitous as Dres Tha Beatnik in the Underground Atlanta music scene- especially if incense is anywhere near or in the jawn.

And EVERYONE knows “Hustlin Boy” (my bad on the wrong link earlier)by heart. If you don’t, I seriously doubt you are from Atlanta.

It might not be the most dynamic song on it’s own, but if you’ve seen him perform it live? Forget about it. The ENERGY.

Anyway, I’ve been a fan. Copped the album what seems like more than a year ago. Apparently The Dungeon Family member is up to some new shit.

But someone answer me why he don’t get more love, PLEASE.

Anyway, here is his Myspace. Hit him up. Or just sit back and listen to him “Save hip hop


Fridays = No Doze/ Don’t sleep.

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Okay, now for some local music.

Posted in Uncategorized by Dom Brady on May 24, 2007

One of these days I’m actually going to get into talking about politics, sports, etc. But so far I’ven’t really had the yearning. I guess I’m just so jaded.

…What keeps me going is music. With gas prices where they are, I aint going out much. Can’t even afford to roll down to Broad street to visit Rosa’s and cop a slice.

But this new Real Editors keeps me company. Who are the Real Editors?

I’m sure you’ve seen Mudfish around. Cool cat. He does his DJ thing around town. You might have seen him at Halo, or Slice on Peters street in Castleberry hill. You might have caught him at the Loft playing sets or even at the Eastside Lounge…He’s a part of the Rare Form Dj Crew.
Y’all remember phBalance? Yeah. That’s him.

The other half of the duo is a cat that’s been around Atlanta Dub producer’s and musician circles. I keep getting him confused with Tha Goodson for some reason, tho. I honestly don’t know much about Whisperlink other than he is part of the Suntouchers crew– forward thinking cats that fuck with an electic sound ranging from D&B, Dub,and Electronica like Battery 5 and others. We’ll get into them later this week…

Together they make some really nice instrumentals. The kind I’vent heard much of here in Atlanta. Reminds me of some Flying Lotus type shit.

Flying Lotus-“Nidocin”.

It’s dope as hell. Appearantly the album is on hold because they are waiting on Artwork? Weird. Someone PLEASE help these cats out with their album art so I can hear the full album, PLEASE?
Real Editors- “Running Man”