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Extra Analogue Alumnus Dam Funk getting down live…

Posted in Grits 'n Gravy mix, Podcast by Dom Brady on April 3, 2009

Extra Analogue Alumnus Dam Funk performing live with No Doze alumnus Computer Jay. Here is Dam Funk’s interview with me on Extra Analogue :


No Doze was a new music segment I used to do before I started the Grits ‘n Gravy mixes which evolved into Analogue Atlanta. It’s been an evolution of finding cool artists that rarely get press here in Atlanta or on the web and posting their info to creating mixes with their music to interviewing them either online or in person. I respect artists and don’t want to give away their music for free so I feel that Analogue Atlanta and Extra Analogue is the best way to give you, my audience, a glimpse into who they are and what they do. As I’m starting to build relationships with more and more artists I might resurrect No Doze and GnG with cleared matieral

peace to Kenny for the link to the vid.


Analogue Atlanta #012.53 On the Road w/Dam Funk

Posted in Analogue Atlanta:, Dam Funk, Uncategorized by Dom Brady on December 22, 2008
Dam Funk

photo credit: Kspace-tv

Extra Analogue:  DOWNLOAD 

I talked with Stones Throw recording artist Dam Funk (pronounced DAME PHUNK) .  We  chatted about his influences, sound and  what it’s like being on the indie label. 

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