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Posted in Calling out DJ Unknown by Dom Brady on December 31, 2007

Congrats to my boy Dj Unknown aka JBrew for the recent huge life event, but cmon playboi. I gotta put you on blast. Y’all know what I’m referring to…his House of Brew’s mixtape. Did y’all hear the last few mixtapes this man has done? You can download the past 4 or 5 for free and hear samples of his current project at the NorthernArc myspace page.

If you remember his 2006 mix-tape entitled WATL 200.6 FM (Download of the Advance version) then you know that the man’s work in 2006 is still ahead of 70% of ATL’s Hip Hop Dj’s entering into 2008. I mean, the man had exculusives from Kid Kaos, Clan Destined, B-Boy Fidget and Black Milk. So what’s the hold up on this project? He’s not feeling the love, folks. So flood his inbox.
Make sure he knows we want to hear MORE!!! With artist exclusives like Voo, Dillon Maurer, Clan Destined, Jermicide (from the Red Giants), Small Eyez, and Anonymous on this jawn? I simply can’t wait! I know alot of folk thought that the 200.6fm mixtape was an Audubon Society project, but it wasn’t. Give Yoda his due!!!

Speaking of mixtapes, I’ma drop Grits ‘n Gravy Vol 10 on New Year’s Day.