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Surface to Air

Posted in Surface To Air by Dom Brady on March 30, 2008

Surface to air

Inspiration in a .flv…


RE: Dress codes…Don’t waste my time.

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I refuse to go to events with dress codes. It’s pretentious. Dress codes, it would seem, more often than not are some sort of faux-insurance policy. They serve as early indication that your event or organization isn’t capable of attracting the audience or creating the ambiance you require, making the imposition of an artificial atmosphere necessary. That sounds an internal problem. Don’t project those on me. Have you ever noticed how plastic these forums tend to be? The banal business card exchanges, the luke-warm handshakes, the superficial grins make my stomach turn. No, I’m not a fan of your “professional” attire, friend. What is “professional” attire? Whose standards are you attempting to force upon me? Instead of deleting future invites for events asking me to partake in their festivities qualified with their BS fashionista incentive program, I might just cuss them out. It’s ridiculous. Yes, this was a rant. In any fashion worth mentioning there are no hard and fast rules aside from the same rules that govern art and expression itself. The fact that one’s license for expression is suspended to secure your assurance of conformity is all the foreshadowing I need to know that neither your “art” or “fashion” is worth my time.

No Doze/ New Music

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This week I’m going to give y’all a truncated version of No Doze seeing how ill I remain with this flu b.s. Normally I do 3 National/International acts and 3 local acts with No Doze. This week I’m just going to do 3 ATL-based acts. I figure if I’ma come up short, I might as well short on the side of the A-town. First up is The Labratz. These guys are making alot of noise in this ATL Hip Hop renaissance. Many would argue that there is a schism in this movement- part of it being the fashion forward crowd, the street scene, the AU centuer (morehouse, spelman, clark atlanta) based acts, and the last being the suriving elements of an already splintered ATL Hip Hop past comprised of what could be considered veteran Underground groups such as Collective Effots, Killer Mike, Greasekydz, Binkis Recs, etc. I think the Labratz do a good job of bridging several of these gaps. They have a sound, a swagger, and a marketing angle that seems to be all encompassing. If you missed on of their recent blitzes of shows, you are in luck. They play Compound Thursday, April 2nd with a cadre of some of ATL’s New School Hip Hop Royalty. The name of the event is “This is the A”, which while is a bit of hyperbole, might as well be the truth when you are talking about buzz-worthy music of late in the ATL Hip Hop scene. Go cop their new album Atlantis Rising. I am enjoying it so far. More on that another time when I aint leaking seven colors of mucous. Okay, that was disgusting. Sorry.
The Labratz- Mr. MENTAL

Next up is an ATL Band I always see on fliers and never seem to catch. Gringo Star usually plays nights I work so I’ve never had the pleasure of catching their live show. With great local bands either constantly on tour or falling off by the wayside like The Futurists and Deerhunter (technically they aren’t really broken up, are they?), it’s nice to know that the ATL’s got a deep bench loaded with talent. Forgive me, I had to get some march madness innuendo in there somehow. Anywho…I can show you better than I can tell you how dynamic their energy is. Without further adieu, Gringo Star “All Ya’ll”:

Gringo Star “All Y’all” from analogmonkey.tv on Vimeo.

The “group” I think I’ll close with this week is a motley crew of producers with talents ranging from Soul, Dub, Hip Hop to Dance Music. It’s Battery 5. These guys are talented and they can make pop hits. That’s a rare combination now-a-days. They love music and it’s appearant in their compositions. They have songs that push the envelope sound-wise and others like “Cold” off their recent limited release CD The Usual Suspects that you can either bang in the whip, or hear at a club. That’s alot of range, folks. They can do it all. Right now they are doing projects for many up and coming as well as established Top 40 and Underground ATL acts. Keep an eye out for them.

Battey 5 ft P. Jae & Headroc “Cold”

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Another Band bites the dust.

Posted in Atlanta's The Futurists Break up. by Dom Brady on March 29, 2008

I can’t believe this.
I really did like The Futurists. They were on a No Doze/ New Music music as an Atlanta band making some great music last year. Well, they’d decided to part ways. First Deerhunter, now this. I’m not a happy camper at all.

The Futurists On Interminable Hiatus:

I’m sure many of you who still check up on us know that we have been very dormant this year. The begining of this year brought much change in the Futurists family and we have decided to slipt ways. All of us still plan on creating music in some form or fasion, and you will probably see some of us still collaborating outside of The Futurists. At least for now, we could just not carry on making the music we were. We all needed to break free and start new. We appreciate any and all support that people have given us in past years, and we hope that in new projects and new material that we can soon bring you newly evoled music. Please check back for we will inform you of any new music that Futurists’ members put out. As of now you can check out Matt D’s new project under http://www.myspace.com/verlaineband.

To all who helped us,
We thank you.

-The Futurists
John, Matt Matt, Debu, and Shane.

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Alton Ellis.

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Alton Ellis is a Jamaican Rock Steady and Roots-Rock Reggae artist from Kingston. Rock Steady is a genre of music that came just after First-wave ska and just before Roots-Rock Reggae which became famous with artists such as Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Burning Spear and Jimmy Cliff. If you ask around about Alton Ellis nowadays the only people who know about him are Older Jamaicans, die-hard Reggae enthusiasts and probably ex-clerks at Randy’s in Jamaica. This is a crying shame. The man was soulfully brilliant. You might recognize his sample used in Sean Paul’s hit a few years ago “I’m Still in Love”. You can hear Alton Ellis and music like his on WRFG here in Atlanta on the Rockers International show Saturdays 2pm-5pm.

Alton Ellis- “A Whiter Shade of Pale

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Ben Folds & Novel in the Studio for "I Am"

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A thousandier’s anthem, huh?

Posted in Audubon Society, Volume 4 A thousandier's Anthtem free podcast by Dom Brady on March 27, 2008

ATL DJ Duo The Audubon Society


01. Intro – Live from the Thousandaires’ Mansion
02. Jay–Z – Success 03. Larry Ellis and the Black Hammer – Funky Thing
04. Tha Dogg Pound ft. Soopafly – They Don‘t Want It
05. Snoop – Make It Clap 06. Talib Kweli ft. Kanye West – In the Mood
07. Kardinal Offishall feat. Akon – Graveyard Shift
08. Lily Allen ft. Busta Rhymes – Oh My God
09. The Cool Kids – Black Mags
10. Lil’ Wayne – Did It Before
11. Jay Electronica – Extra Extra
12. Guilty Simpson – Gettin’ Bitches
13. Nas ft. Cee–Lo – Less than an Hour
14. Federation – Scraper 2 a Benz
15. Jay Mitchell – Mustang Sally
16. Swizz Beatz – Money in the Bank
17. King Reign ft. Saukrates – Guilty
18. Pharoah Monch – Body Baby
19. Collie Budz – Wild Out
20. Fallin Off the Reel – Feelin Good
21. Stacy Epps – Floatin’
22. Black Milk ft. Bishop Lamont, Guilty Simpson – Mouth Music
23. Wu–Tang Clan – Take It Back
24. Estelle – Wait a Minute
25. Too Short ft. Will.I.Am – Keep Bouncin
26. Señor Kaos – CTC(Cut the Check) EXCLUSIVE
27. Mr. Mind ft. Ludacris – Area Codes EXCLUSIVE RMX
28. MIA – Bamboo Banger
29. Bangers & Cash – Shake That
30. I Cube and RZA – Can You Deal With That?
31. Seiji ft. Lyric L – Loose Lips
32. Bunji Garden – Blaze It Up
33. Oscar Sulley & The Uhuru Dance Band – Bukom Mashie
34. Assasin – Gun Dem A Count
35. Mr. Mind/Syd Mattters – Obstacles EXCLUSIVE RMX
36. Claude Von Stroke – Beware of the Bird
37. Mr. Mind ft. J–Mil of CE Crew – A–throwin EXCLUSIVE
38. J–Dilla – Ice
39. Outro – Live from the House of Freemavens

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Okay. let’s do it.

Posted in A3C Indie Hip Hop Fest review. by Dom Brady on March 25, 2008

I’m still sick as a dog. I have not uploaded ANY video from A3C. I suppose I might in the near future, but again…I’m sick as a dog. I don’t know what I’m going to tell my professors. Let’s talk about A3C and last weekend as a whole. I’m going to start with what probably holds the least interest for my audience only because it is a nice segue into A3C. A-town day nearly slipped my mind this year. I was initially going to go because I’m a huge B.o.B fan and I wanted to see him perform. In the craze that was A3C weekend, however, I forgot about it. Luckily for me a local drummer friend of mine Ali Warren, who just so happens to be the baddest drummer I’ve ever seen from Atlanta, reminded me. Ali was performing with two acts on A-town Day: ATL MC HEED and an East-Atlanta based “Ghetto”-Rock band called The Stereophones. Both shows were off the chain. A-town day is supposed to be about famiy and increased awareness about community issues. What it was mostly about for me on Saturday was the random scattered arse darting about Turner Field. I could lie to you and say it was about something else, but it really wasn’t. Most of music offered at the event was not the sort of music that I would want my mother, father, grandmother or children to be subjected to. I did notice a few families walk to within ear shot of the gates and turn right back around. After being there for a few hours and walking around I didn’t notice any strong message being sent either apart from the marquee above the main stage mentioning awareness. There were lots of vendor booths selling everything from fried fish sammiches to shea butter but the strongest theme I will say with any degree of certainty was “Hustle”. Lots of local artists, producers and talent scouts and their teams of scantily clad women were handing out CD’s, fliers and business cards. Hey, again, I’m married but I’m not blind. I won’t for one second complain about the scantily clad women, astagfrillah. The lack if diversity in the music presented was also disconcerting. There just wasn’t much more than crunk music most of the evening. I did enjoy a few of the artists, but this is ATLANTA. With ALL the ‘urban’ (read as Black) talent we have here, that’s all that could be mustered? Disappointing. I quickly became bored and shortly went home. What wasn’t disappointing was B.o.B’s performance. The crowd wasn’t warm to him at first, but his energy demanded respect and crowd participation. The confidence on display by himself and Playboi Tre was infectious. One couldn’t help but chant the lyrics to “Haterz” which was very different from his performance at A3C later on that night, as we’ll get into later.
A3C began on a Thursday as ussual. Traditionally, Thursdays are the weakest night at A3C. It’s not the weakest because of the artists performing. It’s normally weak because most people aren’t going to go out on a Thursday night for 4 to 5 hours and go to work the next morning. It’s normally dominated by college students and the like. That wasn’t the case this year. It was packed out. The energy this Thursday was amazing. Normally in Atlanta the club or the event doesn’t start jumping until about 11:45 pm at the earliest or 1am. Thursday’s crowd was hype at 9:30 pm. I was blown away. I’ve never seen this before. Wale’s set was amazing. The man is a bonafide star. He brought a live band and a singer as his hype man. It was tremendous. He won over a crowd that obviously was not familiar with his music. Little Brother was on point as usual. We come to expect this from Darien Brockington aka D-Brock and Little Brother every time they set foot in the A-town (Big Pooh not pictured as an inside joke to folk who know he’s always slighted). In Vinyl, Dj Rob Wonder kept the party rocking while ATL MC’s Mojo Swagger and Dillon Maurer moved the crowd. I missed Del the Fucky Homosapien because some FOOL spilled their beer all on my camera. I had to rush home to see if I could keep it from dying on me. I did, however, catch Jeru the Damaja. Wow. I have heard that his shows were horrible. Well, not Thursday it wasn’t. He was HILARIOUS. He also did all the jams I came to love over the years. Friday night was just crazy. The Breakdancing, The Fashion Show and then the acts that played? I was overwhelmed. First of all, Collective Efforts is one of my favorite bands ever. Period. They added a few background singers and made the band a permanent part of their routine. It was fire. Btw, that’s MC Jmil of Collective efforts in the pic above with Diamond D. Clan Destined rocked the Rawkus 50 showcase stage, repping the ATL beautifully. Then we have the fashion showcase. What can I say? I think I might have fallen in love with one of the models. Just don’t tell my wife that. Damn that lady was fine. It was dope, I mean, I’m not a sneaker kid like that. I do like fashion, but I’m not really into street-wear. I’m more of The Satorialist ilk.
I can’t deny the dopeness of that porion of the show, though. ATL’s Proton, B.o.B and Hollyweerd were the acts I caught on stage and they did their thing. Without a doubt you could still see that Hollyweerd has a little bit of tweaking to do with their live show, but they are still such a young group. They’ve been together for just a few months and alrady they have a potential ATL anthem in “weirdow”. They are doing it big. Proton also did their thing. They really had a good floor balance. One member on one side of the stage, the other interacting with the other side of the crowd. It was always obvious who was rapping, as well. They took command. You could see that they were vets with this thing as did B.o.B.
In my mind, the highlights of Friday night were The Juice Crew reunion and Blu’s set. Blu is my second favorite MC right now behind Jay Electronica. He simply was amazing. If you aren’t familar with his music, get familiar and do it in a hurry. This man is putting out music at the rate of Prince. In point of fact, he was SUPPOSED to perform with Ta’raach so they could do some music of their soon to be released LP under the name C.R.A.C Knuckles, which I am hearing great things about. Ta’raach didn’t make the trip. But Blu more than made up for that. Anytime a man can sell advances of his CD, give change and not miss a step lyrically while doing a live show, they gotta be dope. Back to the Juice Crew. Everyone was bummed that Big Daddy Kane fell ill and couldn’t make it. Some people were pissed that Kool G. Rap wasn’t coming or that Masta Ace missed the show, but will be in town for the EMC show at Lenny’s with ATL’s Mseize just a few weeks later in April. All that mattered to me was who DID show up. Roxanne Shante (thanks to buttafly_jones for this pic, btw) did her thizzle. I was so amped to see her, and of course Biz Markie held it down when he wasn’t forgetting lyrics. He getting old, family. Be easy. The shock of the show was not only did MC Shan kinda diss the ATL Hip Hop crowd by implying that all we listen to is crunk music when he was OBVIOUSLY at a Hip Hop show- but that Craig G brought out Killer Mike and Bonecrusher. That was crazy. Bonecrusher stole the show, of course. He literally showed his ass.

I’ll come back to talk about Saturday later. Again, I’m sick and I need to get some bed rest.

I am not going to pretend. I’m sick as a dog.

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That’s just the plain truth. I don’t know exactly what happened, but I think I should have wore a jacket on Saturday night. I didn’t want to be burning up @ A3C, though and they didn’t have a coat check room. I have been sneezing and coughing since Sunday night. That might explain why I’ve been so tired. Nevertheless, my belated A3C and A3c weekend review will be posted today. Why would I put myself through that instead of getting the bedrest I need? Because I am dedicated to YOU, my readers. *teardrop* I LUH y’all, man. I promised myself I wouldn’t cry. Must be the meds. If you are wondering what that box of Ferrol is, btw…it’s a Jamaican/West Indian and probrably also Latin American inside joke.

New Orleans…another slept on Southern city in Hip Hop History.

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The birthplace of Jazz music’s Hip Hop scene has been about more than bling-bling for the better part of nearly 30 years with groups like the Show Boys as well as singles such as Throw Down. This unheralded history includes groups with major label deals going back to 1984. With MC’s like Gregory D that have ghostwritten for Top 40 Artists we won’t embarrass by naming here, the Hip Hop game has been bleeding the artistic side of New Orleans Hip Hop while giving the nod labels like Cash Money and No Limit for decades. Without a doubt, No Limit had beast-like MC’s repping The Big Easy like Fiend, Mia-X and Mystikal; the same can be said for Cash Money with Lil Wayne, Juvenile and DJ/Producer Mannie Fresh. But is that the entire story?

Gregory D & Mannie Fresh – “Throwdown” (1987)

Well that was then, this is now. With the flood waters of Hurricane Katrina forcing local talent out of the city and into new digs across the United States, the levee has broken; word is beginning to spread about the “other” Hip Hop scene in New Orleans. Hate them or love them, The Knux are making noise with their new(ish) video “Cappuccino” and Jay Electronica has simply taken the Hip Hop world by storm as evidenced with his URB magazine coverstory. Next up? Well, I’ll let you decide that. The content is certainly not what we are used to in the mainstream from the NOLA.

Hollyweerd has a hit on their hands. Video of the wierdow dance…

Posted in Hollyweerd Wierdo dance Marietta Highschool by Dom Brady on March 24, 2008

This might be the first ATL song that inspired a dance since Lean wit it or Shoulder Lean that I mess with. I love this song. It’s an obvious hit. I hope that Hollyweerd won’t be forced to fork over payola just to get this song in rotation at ATL radio stations like V103 and Hot 107.9. It’s obvious the people want it. Isn’t Payola illegal anyway? This group has been together for like what, 4 or 5 months? Talk about an explosion onto the scene. ATL all damned day.

Oh yeah, almost forgot. Enjoy…

Hollyweerd- Weirdow(Dj Wreckineyez mix)

HEED Live @ A-town Day

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I know I promised a review of the Weekend tonight

I’m going to have to break my promise. Don’t look at me like that. I’m sorry, y’all but I am TIRED. A-town day, El Bar on Thursday, A3C & Fuggin Awesome have WORN. ME. OUT. I don’t have any energy at all. Didn’t even have time to check out Janelle Monae and Tendaberry at Smith’s Olde Bar. What I do have, however are pics. Tomorrow I’ll edit the video I have, God Willing and post that as well. I have video of Yelawolf’s performance at Fuggin Awesome, I have video from ATL day featuring East-Atlanta Rock Band The Stereophones and Atlanta Hip Hop Band HEED performing live with assistance from the Tower High School Marching Band @ A-town day as well as video from A3C from the Juice Crew’s MC Shan, Roxanne Shante and Biz Markie. Should be fun stuff. Tonight I was supposed to swing by Apache Cafe to peak my head in the door for a second to check out Van Hunt’s show as well as see Contraverse at the Relaspe Theatre, but again…I’m tired. I have projects due in the morning, and I did very little work on them this weekend. In other words I’m in big trouble. It was worth it, though And I’d do it all again.

Here is the Flickr set of pics from AC3 2008. If you want, you can peruse the pics of ATL day too listed under my account there as well.

Thanks to DJ Hotsauce of SouthernStyle Dj’s for this footage. People talk about crunk like the old heads in that scene, etc don’t respect the culture. They are fools. I watched DJ Jelly recite EVERY verse from the Juice Crew.

Peace until tomorrow, family.

I have no words, but if I did, they’d be ‘battery charger’

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The unthinkable happened. No, I’m not talking about Big Daddy Kane and Masta Ace missing the Juice Crew Reunion @ The A3C Hip Hop fest in Atlanta. I’m talking about my camera battery going dead and me not being able to find my backup battery just before MC Shan came on Friday night. Oh, the horror. The indignity! Well, I did manage to catch MC Shan, Biz Markie and Roxanne Shante on my camera phone. I know, that sucks…but I am still coming bearing gifts, y’all. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth- they bite. I have hundreds of pics from Friday night’s shenanigans. All sorts of tomfoolery went on including Killer Mike showing up, Bonecrusher showing out and rumors of Jim Jones being kicked out of A3C. I don’t believe it, though. I need to have seen that with my own eyes. I did help spread the rumor, though. Why? Because it was funny, that’s why. Sue me. Or don’t. Or do, but you won’t get anything except an evil stare from my wife and my cats. Cats understand when the bowl goes empty. Ah, well without any further delay, A3C Hip Hop Fest 2008 Pics can be seen here . Peace. I’m TIRED.

Before checking out A3C tomorrow, some Art

ATL blog Thoughmarker is great for keeping up with Art events in the city. They’ve listed 3 events tommorrow at local galleries. Don’t fret- you can see them all at least in part before heading out to take in the A3C festivities. That’s one beautiful thing about this city. There is always alot going on and the options are so vast that it’s impossible to be bored unless you are either a shut-in or just miserable. Also, don’t forget that World Famous Cuban photographer Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons will be at Spelman College tommorow as well courtesy of Atlanta Celebrates Photography’s lecture series. This kicks off at 7pm. If you are into photography you won’t want to miss this. I could mention 1001 events here, but I won’t for me these are the highlights, and I’ll keep the list short.

Atlanta celebrates Photography presents: Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons

Posted in Photographer Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons at Spelman College by Dom Brady on March 17, 2008

Atlanta Celebrates Photography or ACP is brining another great function and this time it’s to my backyard (sorta) Spelman College! I really enjoyed the last event my wife and I went to which was the William Eggleston documentary held at The Contemporary. There was a nice group gathered and the ACP was kind enough to hold a questions and answer segment at the end. I know I’ll be heading back and forth to A3C festivities all day Saturday, but I will certainly try to make it out for this event. Cuban artists are so intriguing to me right now. I hear the most wonderful things about their work and about PRICING as well. lol. It’s tough being a college student in love with the arts. The only stuff on our walls are things my wife and I have done (mainly my wife). Here is the info as they sent it in their newsletter:

ACP Lecture Series: Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons

Maria Magdalena Campos Pons @ Spelman College Museum of Art, March 20th, 7pmWe’re pleased to bring Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons to the Spelman College Museum of Art for ACP’s Lecture Series, this Thursday, March 20th, at 7 p.m. A Cuban-American who works in photography, sculpture and mixed-media, Campos-Pons’ work is currently featured in Spelman’s “Cinema Remixed and Reloaded: Black Women Artists and the Moving Image Since 1970 Part II”, which is currently on view.

One of the most significant artists from post-Revolutionary Cuba, Campos-Pons’ work explores the role of history and memory in shaping identity. Her work created since leaving Cuba for North America in 1990 includes large-format Polaroid photographs and new media installations. Campos-Pons reconstructs both representations of individual and shared memories to grasp her imagined displacement from Africa, her actual exile from Cuba, and her experience as a black Cuban woman living in North America. Her personal experiences are used to exceed biography in order to articulate about the account of culture and history at large.

Campos-Pons has been featured in numerous group and solo exhibitions in the United States, Canada, Japan, Norway, France, Italy, and Cuba. Recently, Campos-Pons exhibited a mid-career survey at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Her work has been featured at the Venice Biennale, Johannesburg Biennale, and the Museum of Modern Art, New York; Art Institute of Chicago; Whitney Museum of American Art; and Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons
ACP Lecture Series
Thursday, March 20th, 7 p.m.
Spelman College, Atlanta

Good afternoon, Atlanta.

Posted in Dj Jelly 1996 Motel 6 mix, Wale ft Bun B Back in the Go-Go Download by Dom Brady on March 13, 2008

Well, let me kick this off with a reminder that ATL’s A3C Indie Hip Hop Festival is still on my mind. It’s maybe the best Hip Hop festival in the country. No lie. I can’t think of anyone putting together THIS many hip hop acts in a 3 day span. If y’all can, please let me know so I can fly out there. Secondly, his name is Wale- “you might know him from the rap” © Wale but you might also know him for being on the A3C festival performance list this year. The man just signed a major deal with Interscope records in combination with what looks like a production deal with Mark Ronson’s label Allido Records. Congrats to the man. He’s been on his hustle HARD. Here’s a link to his new single off the latest Wale Mixtape project courtesy of Nahright

Wale ft. Bun B & Pusha T – Back in The Go-Go

I’ve got another treat for y’all. Remember those classic 808-laiden sound from ATL’s DJ Jelly and his mixtapes of R&B songs circa the mid-90’s? Family. FAMILY. I still remember that thong song remix he had over that Drama beat. Man, this fool was serious. I know y’all also remember his classic Booty-shake/Bass Music tapes from even further back from that. Well, props to DJ Jelly and the fellas over at Southern Style DJ’s for dropping this slow jam gem on us…

Dj Jelly – Motel 6 (1996)

Now playing: Jay Electronica – Departure
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Get some Soul in your two step….

Posted in Herman Hitson, Soulphonics Mr. Mind, The Earl, Thursday by Dom Brady on March 12, 2008

I not certain how many folks are aware of who Herman Hitson is and what his music has meant to so many people over the years, but he’s playing The Earl in East Atlanta Thursday night with upstart Soul Band The Soulphonics. When you think of the Soulphonics, think Dap Kings. It’s retro soul soundscape but with a dirtier feel. They have a little more blues in their disposition. Lead singer Ruby Velle is a beautiful woman with alot of spunk and DJ Mr. Mind aka Mind1 of the Audubon society will be on the 1’s and 2’s. I can’t think of a reason to miss this show. It’s affordable, it’s INtown, and it’s a little bit of soul to help you ease on into the weekend. If you’ve never heard Mr. Mind spin rare groove, then your in for a treat.

Back by popular demand: No Doze/ New Music

This week is pretty much all fusion-based acts. I don’t really know why that is. It just turned out that way for some reason. I think we’ll begin with ‘newly’ signed Star Trak artists Chester French. I’m not sure if Pharrell’s cosign means much in terms of financial success in the music industry (see: Kenna) but it might mean that your music is dope (see: Kenna). I stumbled across the name of this band a few times in the past year or so and paid them no mind until very recently. As chance would have it, I was friended by someone who had this band in their top 8. This time curiosity got the better of me and I decided to finally check them out. I was shocked by what I heard. It was retro, yes, but not in the Mark Ronson/Dap King/Amy Winehouse/Sharon Jones kind of way that we all know and love. This wasn’t Brit lo fi. This was…I’ll let you decide for yourself:

Chester FrenchShe Loves Everybody
There is a great deal of dance music floating around nowadays. Pitchfork, URB and other online and print publications like to take turns supporting who they think will be the next big act, the most cutting edge. It’s actually become funny to watch them bicker back and forth about who has the most clout in this regard. Somewhere in the middle of this fracas I came across a link for The Black Ghosts. I go through these phases where I’m into up-tempo music for about two or three months before I retreat into an audio enema of sorts with First wave Jamaican Ska, Rock steady and Reggae. I’m in one of those up-tempo moods now. I’m avoiding telling you much about the Black Ghosts because there isn’t much to say that an mp3 can’t explain. It’s good electronic music. Very dancebale. It’s not house-like or trance-like. It’s more in a techno vein. Yes. I am a black man and I listen to techno, on occasion. And what of it? Have a listen and decide for yourself:
The Black GhostsAny way you choose to give it

I was watching an XLR8R TV podcast interview when the name White Williams came up. Sandwiched between acts like The Velvet Underground (I won’t lie to you, I don’t know much about them. Shame on me) and former Velvet Underground member John Cale, I had to wonder who could be held in such high esteem. I decided to do some research, otherwise known as Google, to find out about this White Williams. It’s good stuff. I could get really fancy here and wow you with whimsical writing skills using words like texture and phrases such as post-_______ but I won’t. Why do all that when I have an mp3 handy? He covered I want candy. HEY! That rhymed!
White WilliamsI want Candy

And now we are back on familiar territory,friends. We are back in the A-town. I learned about Random Rabbit after I lost an e-argument on a message board I frequent. These hooligans were trying to tell me that there isn’t any Electronic music scene in Atlanta. Angered, I began to reel off all 2 of the acts I knew. I was embarrassed, of course. Here I am trying to rep for my city and I don’t even know any of the acts. Here’s what I do know: I know the Electronic scene, the Rock, Hip Hop, Jazz, House, Soul and Drum & Bass scenes are, in fact, strong. I just don’t know the names of many of these acts. :o( So I again turned to my always eager research partner Google to look around for local performers when “BAM” © Emeril, I found Random Rabbit. Since then I’ve been listening to their myspace page at least once a day. I know they have a new release out but most of the music I’ve heard from them is from 2006.

Random RabbitGasping for air

Sean Falyon. He’s been making a name for himself since arriving in ATL from Philly. I can’t go anywhere without seeing the brother so I have no idea how he’s able to do all that he does. The man makes music, has a clothing line is touring with Bone Crusher… I’m exhausted just telling y’all what he’s been up to. He’s also dropped what I hear is a very dope album. I’ve only heard a few cuts, but from what I’ve heard it’s worth talking about. Let Bonecrusher tell it since Sean is part of that VainGlorious camp:

Last, but not least, is Judi Chicago. For years I’ve heard this name around Atlanta and had no idea who this woman was. Turns out Judi Chicago is not a woman. Yeah. Who knew, right? Judi Chicago is band that has shows that are…lol. How can I put this? This is a family program, right? They are eccentric. The music is just as colorful as their performances and it’s a gumbo of electonicfuckadelicdiscotomfoolery. I can’t explain it. Why are you forcing me to? Tell me what you think:

Judi ChicagoMad Ape

Beauty in Blight?

Posted in Atlanta Graffitti. by Dom Brady on March 7, 2008

When walking through this city one will quickly find that blight is unavoidable. The good news is that often, save for the Fairlie- Poplar district Downtown, where there is blight there is art. The Graffiti tradition in Atlanta predates the 1986 arrival of Hip Hop to our fair city and it’s history is as rich and vibrant as the hues of blues, reds, and other colors cascading down the krog tunnel walls. This documentary trailer delves into the seen un-scene. A local blog that really gets into the ATL graf scene is the Hydrilla. Check them out.