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Flicks from the Black Spade/ Black Milk show

Posted in Analogue Atlanta:, Atlanta by Dom Brady on September 23, 2009
Black Milk live @ Lennys

Black Milk live @ Lenny's, ATL

I had a ball last night and I secured some interviews for this next season of Analogue Atlanta.  I can’t wait to share  it with you, but finances are tight so it’ll be a moment before I can get my hosting situation where it needs to be so I can put out more material.  With nearly 10,000 subscribers now I can’t  leave the feed I’ve been using so I guess I’m forced to re-up.    We’ll see where this takes us.  Until then check out my flickr and tumblr pages.  They’ll have new material constantly.  For last night’s pics?  Here are a few.  I’ll put up more when I re-up on my flickr membership.

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