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Soon and very soon….

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I won’t jinx it with a date, but I’ll post my interviews with writer Andisheh Nouree, Random Rabbit, Mr. Lucky, ATL Band The Goldest Atlanta-based promoter Dres Tha BEATnik and more are right around the corner. I’ll also have a trailer up from my Documentary project “Telling it like it T-I-is: Atlanta Hip Hop from ’79-’til”.

The Goldest were kind enough to give me some CD’s to give away so there will be some Atlanta Trivia in their episode. Stay Tuned!


One good thing about being sick & in bed is time to think…

Posted in Analogue Atlanta:, ATL, Atlanta, Atlanta Music, Podcast by Dom Brady on January 25, 2009

I’ve come up with some interesting ideas for the podcasts I’m working on in the near future.  Should be interesting.  Have you ever heard the old Moral Chicanery podcast I used to do with Nyerere?  Perhaps not.  Actually, it’s a good thing that you hadn’t.  While those podcasts had their moments, they just weren’t that good.  The new idea is based off of that principle but with some new bells and whistles.  It should be very funny, very fresh and I’m going to be very disappointed if I find out someone in doing what I have in mind already.    Upset wouldn’t even be a good word to describe how I’d feel, actually.  


Anyway, while I’m hear I might as well announce the last 14 or so guests of Analogue Atlanta after episode #17 is published:  Random Rabbit, Bem Joiner, Random Rabbit, No Face, Gringo Star,  Tendaberry, Melanie Stevens, PJ Morton, Yelawolf, Dj Tabone, Fewture, Fray Wall, Mr. Lucky  and Sky Hy.     Interest piqued?  I hope so.  Should be a lot of fun.   Can’t wait to share these conversations with ya’ll.  Next season should be even better.

Details soon come.

Episode #16 coming Monday 1/19/09…

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Ruby Velle of The Soulphonics & Ruby Velle


I talk with Retro-Soul Septet The Soulphonics & Ruby Velle and have an in-depth conversation with writer Melody Moezzi about her passions, inspiration and struggles as an artist. Finally, I talk with Indie Film-Maker Matt Wolfe.

Next Week? ATL MC Stanza, Hip Hop Documentarian/Photographer Shannon McCollum and Producer Mudfish.

I’ve got some great interviews with  Activist and MC Tim’m West   (who no longer lives in Atlanta- the interview was done in July) Random Rabbit,  Soupy Jones and  many more ATL  artists coming up in the next few weeks as well as Part II of “Our House“, a look into Atlanta’s House  music scene.    Thought I forgot about that?  No way!  It’s been the most popular episode!  I plan for it to be Episode #20, which will be the final episode of this season.   Part III will kick off next season.