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Shannon McCollum & Dr. Joyce Wilson on Southern Hip Hop

Posted in Shannon McCollum Dr. Joyce Wilson on Southern Hip Hop by Dom Brady on December 31, 2008

Dr. Joyce and Shannon McCollum are both from Atlanta and have been a part of the scene’s infrastructure for years. In this video they talk with UGA students about Hip Hop culture in general and Southern Hip Hop. Analogue Atlanta will be catching up with Shannon later this month.  Stay tuned.


Next Week on Analogue Atlanta:

Posted in Prema Lanay Analogue Atlanta ATL Heat. by Dom Brady on December 30, 2008

Interscope Recording Artist Prema Lanay.

This week? I guess y’all will just have to tune in to find out. If you’ve been paying attention to the blog, you might have an idea…

Analogue Atlanta #13: Poetic License

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Atlanta Author Mark Anthony Thomas

Mark Anthony Thomas at Cafe Circa in Edgwood

Atlanta Drummer Alien aka Animal aka Ali @ A-town day.

ALIen chatting with Era of the Stereograph Lead Singer "Blue"

I met with Atlanta Author Mark Anthony Thomas in Edgewood and caught up with Atlanta Drummer ALIEN at Apache Cafe in Midtown.




Soon come.

ALIEN/WRECK – IAMAALIEN.COM from Fray Wall on Vimeo.

In this week’s Analogue Atlanta…well, I’m not sure. I know we’ll talk with ATL Drummer ALIen, I hope to sit down with DJ Black Bill Gates and it’s a toss up so far between Writer Mark Anthony Thomas and Award winning Indie Film Maker Matt Wolfe. I’m playing it by ear, folks. Why? Because I don’t get paid for this! Lol. This stuff costs! Production issues can froth problems to the surface.

The two gentlemen featured in this video by Fray of Visual Vinyl are ATL Drummer ALIen & ATL-Based Dj Wreckineyez. I interviewed DJ Wreckineyez in one of the two pilots of Analogue Atlanta.

If I have time, I’ll toss in an On-the-road piece I did with Stones Throw’s Mayer Hawthorne

Happy Holidays from Stanza

Posted in christmas list, Stanza Hush Video by Dom Brady on December 23, 2008

Stanza in the spirit of the season

The College Park Rapper decided to send y’all a stocking stuffer. I’ll talk to him on Analogue Atlanta in Mid-January. About what it means to be a native Atlantan attempting to do soul-searching Hip Hop. Give Thanks.


StanzaChristmas List

Analogue Atlanta #012.53 On the Road w/Dam Funk

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Dam Funk

photo credit: Kspace-tv

Extra Analogue:  DOWNLOAD 

I talked with Stones Throw recording artist Dam Funk (pronounced DAME PHUNK) .  We  chatted about his influences, sound and  what it’s like being on the indie label. 

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Putting up Dukes…

Posted in dukes of daville by Dom Brady on December 22, 2008

Atlanta-Based Hip Hop/Soul duo Dukes of Da’Ville have a distinct sound grounded in their Hinesville, Georgia roots. With their pop-inflected soul tracks they look to take the music Industry by storm. Placements with a Tide commercial and a major label record deal with Capitol records are just two indicators of the potential these two have. In the 14th Episode of Analogue Atlanta we sit down with the guys and Atlanta Photographer Gudrun Scott.

Analogue Atlanta #12: Story Tellers

Posted in Uncategorized by Dom Brady on December 20, 2008

Echo Project, Atlanta: Lila King & Karyn Lu


The city of Atlanta is not without her share of stories, in this episode of Analogue Atlanta I speak with Echo Atlanta, a project bringing Atlanta’s location specific stories to the masses…I also sat down with Cathy Byrd of the Ernest G. Welch School of Art & Design at Georgia State University about her ambitious project and book Re:constructing Atlanta … and Finally, up and coming Film Director Cystle Clear Roberson… Music featured in this pod from Atlanta Artists: Wale Oyejide, Collective Efforts, Atlas Sound, Dj Variable,GooDie moB, Kilo Ali and Real Editors.


Director Crystle Clear Roberson, New Media Designers Kayrn Lu & Lila King and MORE!

Atlanta Film Director Crystle Clear
Originally uploaded by Dominick Brady

Talented young Writer and Director Crystle Clear Roberson will be on the Next Analogue Atlanta along with Karyn Lu and Lila King from the Echo Atlanta Project and Curator Cathy Byrd from Georgia State University’s Welch School of Art & Design and Reconstructing Atlanta.

Next Door’s Next – Crystle “Clear” Roberson from Blackfilm.com on Vimeo

I’ve been going through the archives and by popular demand?

Posted in Grits 'n Gravy mix by Dom Brady on December 18, 2008

…It looks like people are wanting to hear more of the Grits ‘n Gravy mixes I used to make which are basically comprised of whatever I’m listening to at the time, some ATL music and new music I find interesting.

…I’ll be honest. The Documentary I’m working on with my partner Kamal, the Analogue Atlanta podcast I do for VIMBY.com covering atlanta Arts and my writing for Art Nouveau magazine take a great deal of time out of my schedule. The biggest chunk of that time is spent trying to run down artists with stories that are compelling to bring to y’all each week.

But I tell you what. I’m going to start doing Grits ‘n Gravy again. Between all of them I’ve had like 3,000 downloads which is nothing to shrug at. There’ve been 1,115 downloaded from the Divshare group alone- which is only have of all the mixes the rest of which were hosted on my site. That’s kind of exciting because:

1. I’m not a DJ.
2. I don’t play most of these tracks all the way through. (I can’t get sued, y’all. I’m broke!)

Until then, here are some of the old mixes…

Analogue Atlanta #11: Unsung

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Colin Munroe live @ Cenci, Atlanta, GA.

I talked with up and coming Atlanta-Based artist Colin Munroe, Atlanta Voice Editor-in-Chief Yaminah Ahmad and Atlanta Photographer Zach Wolfe.



Posted in Stanza Live Lenny's by Dom Brady on December 9, 2008

Live @ Lenny’s for the Unsung Hero tour with Atlanta-based singer Colin Munroe & ATL MC Duo Proton.

Great track.

Pot of Gold..

Posted in Alice Russell EPK by Dom Brady on December 9, 2008

My interview with Alice Russell will be in January’s Art Nouveau Magazine.

This weekend was jam packed.

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Spree Wilson
Originally uploaded by Dominick Brady

And I had to work. Totally missed most of it. What I hope that y’all don’t miss is ATL’s Senor Kaos opening for ICE CUBE Tuesday evening at the Loft. Should be an experience. Me? I can’t afford it. Times are hard.

I’ll be at the Margaret Mitchell House just down peachtree a bit to hear Story Corps
founder and celebrated Radio Documentarian Dave Isay. I simply can’t miss that. Starts at 6:30 and as a Freelance Radio Journalist, it’s about as huge as it gets in terms of a live event.

Tongue Tied

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Spree Wilson
Originally uploaded by Dominick Brady

For some reason I’ve not been able to stop playing this tease of a song. I can’t wait to hear the full version.
Spree Wilson ft Novel- Tongue Tied


Posted in Atlanta Media Women Project Radio, Echo by Dom Brady on December 7, 2008

Introducing the Echo team from J-Lab on Vimeo.

Read more about Echo on Media Shift

Analogue Atlanta # 010: Move the Crowd (Youth Politics)

Posted in Analogue Atlanta Steve waddy, Dres Tha Beatnik, Obama Volunteers, Podcast by Dom Brady on December 3, 2008

March on Columbus, GA.


With the Presidential election behind us as a Nation and run-offs on-going throughout the country, what did this past election season mean for the Hip Hop generation? We talked with former National Hip Hop Political Convention Atlanta Chair Steven Waddy about the mechanics of change.