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Season 2 is here! Analogue Atlanta #18: Homegrown

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I speak to Atlanta Photographer Shannon McCollum about his working with Atlanta artists such as Outkast, Rico Wade, GooDie Mob & Lil Jon. I catch up with Atlanta Fusion band Mr. Lucky comprised of members who have played with Atlanta Acts SEEK, PHBalance & My Cousin Troy and finally I talk with Grind Time/ Medicine Music recording artist Pill about his mixtape and a facet Atlanta’s little known underground Hip Hop culture.


Stay tuned for give-aways of Mr. Lucky’s new album!!!


Soon and very soon….

Posted in Analogue Atlanta:, ATL, Atlanta, Atlanta Music, Podcast by Dom Brady on January 30, 2009

I won’t jinx it with a date, but I’ll post my interviews with writer Andisheh Nouree, Random Rabbit, Mr. Lucky, ATL Band The Goldest Atlanta-based promoter Dres Tha BEATnik and more are right around the corner. I’ll also have a trailer up from my Documentary project “Telling it like it T-I-is: Atlanta Hip Hop from ’79-’til”.

The Goldest were kind enough to give me some CD’s to give away so there will be some Atlanta Trivia in their episode. Stay Tuned!

Going to talk to some interesting people next week.

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You might not have been aware, but lifestyle magazine Clutch is based right here out of the Atlanta Metro area.  I’ll talk with Clutch Magazine’s owner and founder this week about the trials, tribulations and rewards of being an on-line editor-in-chief.  

I just got off the GMAIL chat with Documentary Film maker and Photographer Donnie Seals Jr.  His story is an amazing example of where media is headed and gives us all greater perspective on the state of media today in the United States.    His story and MORE on the next Extra Analogue, my series on arts and media outside of Atlanta.  If this story doesn’t move you, that heart of yours must be made of granite.


Atlanta Fusion-Jazz band Mr. Lucky is allowing me to sit in on one of their practice sessions this week. That should be a lot of fun.  We will chat about the Jazz scene in Atlanta, their new Album and more. 

I also talk with Senor Kaos this week about his work as a marketer and Hip Hop artist.

A conversation with Mudfish…

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Atlanta DJ/Producer/Musician Mudfish

Looks like ATL Producer/Musician/DJ Mudfish is in the studio working with The Rising Son’s Trip. Last I talked to Trip he said, “Forget making music…I’d rather listen to Green Day”. Since then he’s been in Law school over at Emory, but the music hasn’t stopped. As you might be aware, Mudfish has worked with ATL groups: Minamina Goodsong, Collective Efforts & Binkis Recs. I had a conversation with him over at his East Atlanta studio which premiers next week on Analogue Atlanta.

Mudfish has wrapped up work on an album with Jazz Group Mr. Lucky. Haven’t heard of them (Chris Reeves, Kevin Vines, Johnny Davidson) ? You will. Their current claim to fame is that their bass player is the cat giving Andre 3000 guitar lessons…more on them later, God willing.

Mudfish blessed me with a few tracks to share. Below I’ve got some music off of Trip’s new record as well as a track from the Mr. Lucky Jazz-Fusion project “Try it out before you Thank me”. Remember you heard it here first. Check out next week’s Analogue Atlanta to hear about Mudfish’s work.

TripLight that Sh!t

Mr. LuckyPronunciations

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