Welcome to my glorious mess.

I’ll be honest with you, my audience.

Posted in Uncategorized by Dom Brady on February 23, 2009

I might as well be, right? lol. It’s been really tough going working on projects with no $ whatsoever. No jobs here in Atlanta for media folk doing what I do. I’m not the type to beg or to bother people about work, so I don’t.

But I have to say that doing the video and the audio I do costs money. The equipment cost money, the upkeep costs money. My audio recorder is falling apart- it fell when my dog knocked it off my work desk and loses memory.

My computer is struggling. It dies everytime I sit down to mix a podcast in the middle of my work. These are excuses, yes. I’m making excuses. But if you’re wondering why I haven’t made a new episode or posted the EPKs I’ve recorded, that’s why. I’m looking to move out of Atlanta to find work, if I can. Right now I’m doing what I can to help local groups working on social media and that’s been my focus. It’s just really, really hard for my family and I right now as I imagine it is for many people across the country. Working one day a week just doesn’t get the bills paid.

If you are interested in donating even .25 cents to the pay paypal link at Analogue Atlanta

anything will help. I need money to get around and record the audio I use. Or if you know of a program that could donate a MARTA card for Train access, that would be great as well.

We just took our car off of insurance, etc because it’s having troubles and we can’t afford to fix it or even pay insurance right now.

That’s honesty, that’s my situation. People who haven helped by giving me free access to events and concerts like Fadia Kader, Strong Arm Entertainment, Mike Zarin, Author Mark Anthony Thomas, The Georgia State University College of Art, D from Grindtime Entertainment, Skape from Battery 5, Spree Wilson and countless others have made the past few months POSSIBLE. I thank them for their help and hope to work more with them in the future. What I DO NOT want is for my work to become a default commercial for anybody, though and it’s hard to get the breadth and scope of my work in focus with limited access that being broke provides. I guess that’s the game.

Thanks for supporting the work I’ve been doing up until this point. I’ll still be working to produce the rest of this season, but this is where I’m at right now.



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