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lol. These guys…

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New Guerilla-style video from Atlanta’s Supreeme. You might remember them from the first Analogue Atlanta episode when they talked about their fortunate label situation with Warner Bros.


New feed for Analogue Atlanta podcast

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What I’m listening to

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What I’m listening to
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What I’ve been listening to lately: Mantronix “In Full Effect”, Quincy Jones “The Dude”, JayDee (J Dilla aka Dilla Dawg)- Jay Deelicious: The Delicious Vinyl Years…

For some reason I’ve been playing wax more than my ipod lately- I think it’s because my ipod isn’t working correctly. I can still get like 40 gigs of music on it, but not the full 70 that I’m used to and it drives me crazy. I only use it for podcasts now. lol. I’m WEIRD, man.

Since we were talking about Dance music…

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Why not take it back?

Our House: Atlanta’s House Music scene pt1

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The Archive: 50 million ways to show dedication to music.

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The Archive from Sean Dunne on Vimeo.

And yet somehow not lose your lover! *rimshot* (my music nerd get that joke). Well, due to health issues and a lagging record industry he’s being forced to sell his prized collection. This is sad. Vinyl is making a STRONG comeback, but it did not come back in time to save this collection. It sold for 3 million on ebay.

That’s Racist!

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I thought this vlog was great stuff. It’s what I TRY to do as much as possible in my personal dealings. Online? No. I’m an A-hole online. Sorry :o(

Check out for from Ill Doctrine at Illdoctrine.com

Supporting ATL’s Local Music: Janelle Monae

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Supporting ATL’s Local Music: Janelle Monae
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Go get this record. Support a movement. This is a laid back city but for some reason there has been a spirit of hustle burning at the brow of our local artists. This is not a good thing, it’s a GREAT thing. For too long we’ve seen our talent ignored. Janelle and Wondaland bring an opportunity for the spotlight to be shone on ATL’s ignored music scene- the cinderella sisterhood story of the have and have-nots between Top 40 and progressive musicianship. Make a statement. Make the purchase

What I’m listening to.

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I’m giving a good hard listen to two cats that have been doing it in ATL for a good long minute. I’m not going to lie to you- Ghetto Tech is not my thing but there are some strong songs on this Grip Plyaz record:

– Party Pack ft The Fewture
– Yall Already Know
– Black Matado

With the Killer Mike record, I like the entire thing. My favorite has to be Pressure, though right now. Go pick these up.

I can’t tell you how much I hate PC’s.

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I just lost all my audio files. ALL of them. I’m talking at least 10 gigs of Audio interviews. Some of my music has disappeared too- maybe 30 gigs of it. I have no idea how. All my tracked out interviews…Gone.

I lost all my articles and I’m behind Deadline. Life is so crazy sometimes. lol.

Thank Allah I kept my notes and backup audio on my Mac.

I now have to explain to my editor how and why I’m going to be unforgivably late.


House in the park. It’s FREE.

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House in the Park

Hey, it’s free. It’s in Perkeson Park in Atlanta. Can’t lose here. ATL has some great House DJ’s come on out and get your dance groove on.

Oooooh, Ladies first. Ladies first.

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Fiona Simone- Ladies Room 2.5

Fiona Simone has some certified bangers on this mixtape.