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Okay, this is weird.

Posted in A3c, Collective Efforts, L.O.A by Dom Brady on February 24, 2008

Live on arrival or L.O.A as the band was known to ATL hip hop fans for the better part of a decade extending from the mid-90’s into 2004 has created a Myspace page. Looking at that picture, they didn’t do it for fashion’s sake. Yikes! I think we’d all like to forget our sense of style in that era. Is the Legendary A-town Hip Hop jam band looking to make a comeback? Ben Hameen and Dj Creashun are two of the group’s former members and now are part of one of ATL’s mostlong-lived Indie Hip Hop crews Collective Efforts or CE. CE recently signed a recording and touring contract with another Atlanta-area (Gwinnett) Jam Band’s Label by the name of 1320 records which is owned and operated by Sound Tribe Sector 9 or STS9. STS9’s label is a great fit for Collective Efforts who has incorporated elements of Velveteen Pink to create a stronger live show- a live show reminicant of L.O.A…interesting, no? Could L.O.A be looking for that underground support to make them attractive for a deal from 1320 records as well? Speaking of Collective efforts, their now defunct former label ATF is still making noise in the scene with the A3C music festival. I’ve enjoyed watching this festival grow, and it is certain to be exiting with the Red Bull Music academy visiting this year, and all the other events scheduled to take place. What certainly doesn’t help is the line up of aritsts. So far 22 of the 33 that will be performing between March 20-22nd have been announced. How many can you recognize in these press photos? I really hope y’all got ’em all because the names are right there in the photos. It should be a blast. I treated last year’s festival like my birthday, and I’m going to have to do the same again this year. It should be fun covering it. Is this the Country’s best Independent Hip Hop festival? It just might be. Again, if you missed last year’s activities you can get caught up by watching video, downloading mp3s and reading interviews on the A3C 2007 page on Mp3.com. Again, the world is going to fix it’s eyes on the ATL hip hop scene. The Rock scene got it’s due in 2007, 2008 will be Hip Hop and our Electronic/Lo-fi scenes got next after that.


Some shots I took at the Yelawolf show last night…

Posted in Fuggin Awesome, Yelawolf mixtape, Young Dro I am Legend by Dom Brady on February 22, 2008

Even with technical difficulties rearing their ugly head, it was a decent show. Gotta give alot of credit for that to the host Dres da Beatnik who knows how to handle a crowd. It could have been an incredible show, actually, after all the dust settled, but I wouldn’t know. I had to leave during Southern Folk’s set and miss Yelawolf’s performance. ‘Tis life. Getting up early this morning was more important and as 1:15 am passed, I realized it was going to be a longer night than I anticipated. However, all was not lost; I discovered two acts I wasn’t previously aware of. I met Zero of Chapter 13 over at Amdex’s (of Clan Destined) crib one Saturday evening. Didn’t know he was an MC, but Chapter 13 was very dope. Another group I wasn’t previously aware of was The Wheeler Boys. When the music went out on them the first time, they handled it very well with an accapella spitfire session. I found myself wishing they continued their set like that. Their beats were dynamic, yes but their performance was even moreso without the music. Southern Folk made an appearance, Prof and Rahzwell were slated to perform, but I missed them as well. Mr. S.O.S of the Cunninglyguist (I know I didn’t spell that right) extended family also did a few songs.

Folk were out in their Friday’s best last night. It was dope seeing all the fly ladies there. I had a nice talk with Amdex who was DJing for Chapter 13. He’s got some exciting stuff in the works, then I stepped outside and talked politics with a man giving away flowers to the pretty young ladies. Good times. Shout out to SkapeZilla of Battery 5 and BP of the Beat Chefs, btw. If you missed the performance last night, don’t fret. Don’t I always come through for y’all? Check out this new Yelawolf mixtape. It’s supposed to be the next logical step in his evolution. Battery 5 puts it down yet again. Since y’all have been such loyal readers I think another gift might be in order. Check out this “I am Legend” Young Dro mixtape from ATL’s own DJ Scream and MLK. If those names sound familiar, they should. They’ve been doing it on the street side of the Atlanta Underground hip hop scene for a good minute. Tonight? Heading over to Sabor to take in the sound selections of Dj Dirty Digits and Dj Slim Chance. I mean, it’s free right? Can’t beat free!

A few things: Free William Eggleston Documentary

Posted in Knives Out, Novel, The Contemporary, William Eggleston by Dom Brady on February 21, 2008

The Contemporary is holding a free screening of Michael Almereyda’s inquisitive documentary, “William Eggleston in the Real World”. The film is an enlightening look at the enigmatic photographer, known to many as the father of modern color photography. The screening will be followed by a discussion led by Atlanta Celebrates Photography’s Amy Miller and Michael David Murphy. The Key words here are FREE, and WILLIAM EGGLESTON. I honestly can’t wait. Something else I can’t wait for is the new Album from Novel “The Audiobiography”. It’s sure to be a banger if it’s anything like his Green Lantern Mixtape featuring Raphael Saddiq, Joss Stone, Joel Ortiz, Sy Scott, Spree Wilson and others. Speaking of Novel and Spree Wilson (shouts out to Shoden 1, btw) I am also antsy about the ATL group’s upcoming Knives Out project. The tracks I’ve heard have been fantastic.

Don’t believe me? Fly Away. Or just check this lil vid clip from Novel introducing his new website.

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New mix

Posted in Grits 'n Gravy mix by Dom Brady on February 16, 2008

FireBrand’s Grits ‘n Gravy Vol. 13

Y’all know the deal. A little mix of some songs I’ve been feeling over the past week or so. We keep this mix limited to “urban” music per request. Songs are truncated and mixed together to protect the artists as much as possible. I AM NOT A DJ! lol.


Ludacris ft Rick Ross- Down in Da Durty
Missy Elliot- Ching a ling
Rhymefest ft Wale- Get up
B.o.B- All I know
Heralds of Change ft OlivierDaySoul- Bopgunn
J*Davey- Fancy Auto
Pigeon JOhn- Orange County
Cunninglynguist ft Witchdoctor & Phonte- Yellow LInes
Killer Mike- Gonna Go to Ghana
Mojoe- 3rd Coast Anthem
Ghislain Poirier ft Zulu- No more blood
GripPlyaz ft Uffie- Project Ho
Janelle Monae- Violet Stars Happy Hunting
Felli Fel ft Neyo & Kanye West- The Finer Things
Lupe Fiasco ft Nikki Jean- Hip Hop saved my life
Sia- Where I Belong

ATL’s A3C Indy Hip Hop Fest announces…

Posted in Atlanta Independent hip hop festival A3C by Dom Brady on February 9, 2008

ATL’s A3C Indy Hip Hop Fest 2008 announces it’s first 11 acts!

I think these are the first night’s acts. The second and third eleven to be announced soon.

For last year’s A3C coverage check mp3.com for in depth interviews, video and mp3’s with Black Milk, 9th wonder, Kaze, Cool Calm Pete, Collective Efforts, and more…

Del The Funky Homosapien
The Cool Kids
Guilty Simpson
Blu and Ta’raac are C.R.A.C
Tanya Morgan
Hangar 18
John Robinson aka Lil Sci
Binkis Recs
Nobody Famous
Dj Lord of Public Enemy

Well, the new mix is finally here.

Posted in Grits 'n Gravy mix by Dom Brady on February 6, 2008

Alot happened this week. I got caught up in some business, but in any case, here it is, finally. Sorry to leave y’all waiting. You know the deal with Grits ‘n Gravy. This is a mix featuring Southern and ATL artists with a sprinkling of whatever it is I’m feeling at the time in “urban” music. Almost threw some Balkan Beat box and other stuff in there, but I’ve been pretty consistent with this mix and didn’t want to throw any of you for a loop. Same deal as always- songs are truncated and mixed into one track to protect the artists as much as possible. Use it as a preview to find that new-new.


Grits ‘n Gravy Vol. 12

Jay-z ft Fela Kuti Roc Boys (Mike Love Nigerian Gangster Remix)
N.E.R.D- Everybody Nose
Killer Mike ft Big Boi- My Chrome
Bone Crusher- Let it in
Raheem Devaughn- Friday (shut the club down)
Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings0 Something’s Changed
Nina Simone ft Suzi Analogue- Be my husband/BeMyPlan (Aeon Prod.)
Jay Electronica- Trolley Stop
Jay Dilla- Ice
Joni Rewind ft Estelle- Uptown Top Rankin’
Dahlak- Move
edIT ft Chris Rock- Screening Guns
Proton- Jheri Khurl
Flying Lotus- tea leaf dancers
Emilio Rojas ft Dminor- Things Change
Little Brother ft Darien Brockington- Two Step Blues
Xantone Blacq- Makes me Wanna