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Posted in A3c, Collective Efforts, L.O.A by Dom Brady on February 24, 2008

Live on arrival or L.O.A as the band was known to ATL hip hop fans for the better part of a decade extending from the mid-90’s into 2004 has created a Myspace page. Looking at that picture, they didn’t do it for fashion’s sake. Yikes! I think we’d all like to forget our sense of style in that era. Is the Legendary A-town Hip Hop jam band looking to make a comeback? Ben Hameen and Dj Creashun are two of the group’s former members and now are part of one of ATL’s mostlong-lived Indie Hip Hop crews Collective Efforts or CE. CE recently signed a recording and touring contract with another Atlanta-area (Gwinnett) Jam Band’s Label by the name of 1320 records which is owned and operated by Sound Tribe Sector 9 or STS9. STS9’s label is a great fit for Collective Efforts who has incorporated elements of Velveteen Pink to create a stronger live show- a live show reminicant of L.O.A…interesting, no? Could L.O.A be looking for that underground support to make them attractive for a deal from 1320 records as well? Speaking of Collective efforts, their now defunct former label ATF is still making noise in the scene with the A3C music festival. I’ve enjoyed watching this festival grow, and it is certain to be exiting with the Red Bull Music academy visiting this year, and all the other events scheduled to take place. What certainly doesn’t help is the line up of aritsts. So far 22 of the 33 that will be performing between March 20-22nd have been announced. How many can you recognize in these press photos? I really hope y’all got ’em all because the names are right there in the photos. It should be a blast. I treated last year’s festival like my birthday, and I’m going to have to do the same again this year. It should be fun covering it. Is this the Country’s best Independent Hip Hop festival? It just might be. Again, if you missed last year’s activities you can get caught up by watching video, downloading mp3s and reading interviews on the A3C 2007 page on Mp3.com. Again, the world is going to fix it’s eyes on the ATL hip hop scene. The Rock scene got it’s due in 2007, 2008 will be Hip Hop and our Electronic/Lo-fi scenes got next after that.


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  1. dieselpaw said, on April 23, 2008 at 6:56 pm


  2. dnyle said, on December 8, 2008 at 7:01 pm

    Hey there, thanks for bringing some LOA info to light. I however doubt LOA are/might get back together as Collective Efforts released some new material recently and Ben Hameen, being the man behind both groups, seems to be dedicating himself to CE as they grow. I think the myspace page is for fans who are looking for info about them and it was posted on CE’s myspace that all of the old LOA material was going to be released for purchase, which was also posted on LOA’s website before they split back in 04/05 but never happened.
    I have most of LOA’s old material from their 3 releses and all of CE’s material and agree LOA/CE/Ben Hameen and the people he surrounds himself make some of the best and underrated indie hiphop/atl vibe.
    Lets all hope they release that stuff, I agree LOA the best of all time.

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