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A few things: Free William Eggleston Documentary

Posted in Knives Out, Novel, The Contemporary, William Eggleston by Dom Brady on February 21, 2008

The Contemporary is holding a free screening of Michael Almereyda’s inquisitive documentary, “William Eggleston in the Real World”. The film is an enlightening look at the enigmatic photographer, known to many as the father of modern color photography. The screening will be followed by a discussion led by Atlanta Celebrates Photography’s Amy Miller and Michael David Murphy. The Key words here are FREE, and WILLIAM EGGLESTON. I honestly can’t wait. Something else I can’t wait for is the new Album from Novel “The Audiobiography”. It’s sure to be a banger if it’s anything like his Green Lantern Mixtape featuring Raphael Saddiq, Joss Stone, Joel Ortiz, Sy Scott, Spree Wilson and others. Speaking of Novel and Spree Wilson (shouts out to Shoden 1, btw) I am also antsy about the ATL group’s upcoming Knives Out project. The tracks I’ve heard have been fantastic.

Don’t believe me? Fly Away. Or just check this lil vid clip from Novel introducing his new website.

Now playing: Battery 5 – Ready To Go (Featuring Muffy)


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