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Analogue Atlanta #016: Soul Speak

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This episode was interesting in that it almost didn’t happen.  I’m sick as a dog. I’ve been ill since just before the Random Rabbit interview I conducted on Thursday. It’s been a long week. Melody Moezzi and her book War on Error: Real Stories of American Muslims was brought to my attention via NPR not even a year ago, I think. After hearing her on air and meaning to buy the book, I did what i always do: I quickly forgot about her and the book. Fast forward to the Creative Loafing Short fiction contest not long ago, and I see the book alongside Persepolis 2. I hadn’t known there was a sequel to Persepolis and as I was making my way over to the table to take a closer look at it: BAM! There was Melody’s book. It’s weird how things work out sometimes because after realizing that Melody actually lived here in Atlanta, I gave her a call the next day.

In this interview we talk about her inspiration, her artistic process and health issues that have presented Melody with a unique circumstance.

The Soulphonics & Ruby Velle is a weird story. As you may know, I’ve been friends with DJ Variable of the Audubon society for over a decade. His Audubon Society partner Mr. Mind is also a friend of mine, and through him I met Ruby Velle and learned about her music. If you think her voice is something, you should try out her chocolate chip cookies. It’s the stuff of magic.

After a few weeks of email tag, I finally was able to nail down an interview with the Soul Septet and I’ve got to tell you that it’s always a great time seeing them play live. Every time I’ve seen them play I’ve regretted not having my wife present because they make music that moves you to dance.

We chat about running a large band in Atlanta’s indie music scene and about their sound.


Atlanta music featured in this pod:

  • Mass Influence
  • Obviouslob
  • The Soulphonics

Ignored: early Atlanta Hip Hop

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The youtube Record below is called “Jump, Stomp & Twist”. This is just one of the gems we’ve unearthed during research and interviews for a Documentary Film I’m working on in conjunction with Black Static Films called Telling it like it T- I- is: Atlanta Hip Hop from ’79-’til. We interview Hip Hop Artists, Journalists and

Photographers who have been in and around the underground Atlanta Hip Hop scene from the very begining. I’ll have clips up on Youtube and Vimeo in the up coming months after this Season of Analogue Atlanta, my audio series on Atlanta Arts, comes to an end in February. The information thus far has been amazing. Finding artists like Mo-jo and Dj Mann, Dj Lynn, Mike Fresh, Danny Renee? Nearly impossible.  There aren’t archives of V103’s Fresh Party- an early 80’s Hip Hop show hosted by Wanda Ramos. We have, however, tracked down Mc Shy D and others that were making records in the ’80s and early ’90s. What we want to do, God willing, is find some of the artists we know existed during the Late 70’s and early ’80s.  If you’re interested in the origins of Southern Hip Hop, which does begin in the ’70s, contrary to popular belief, check out former Creative Loafing Atlanta writer Roni Sarig’s book Third Coast: OutKast, Timbaland, and How Hip-Hop Became a Southern Thing  for starters.  It’s a page turner.

When you think about the legacy of musicians that made the crossover from Soul to Hip Hop like Funk man and later Hip Hop producer Wendell Parker who produced Danny Renee’s Space Rap pictured on the right in ’80, or even a STAXX Records musician like Rufus who made his own Hip Hop 7inch also produced by Parker as early as ’84 it’s easy to see how fertile the local Hip Hop scene became in Atlanta.   According to MC Shy D himself in an interview I MIGHT (can’t promise anything) post before we’re done wrapping, these records just didn’t make it out of the region due to poor distribution.  Fine.   That doesn’t mean that they didn’t exist and don’t deserve their proper place in history.  We aim to remedy that, where possible.  Journalists like Brian Lassiter, Roni Sarig and Shannon McCollum as well as scholars like Matt Miller have already done the hard part.  What we’re trying to do is use their work  along with some elbow grease of our own to bring these artists, this period in Atlanta music history to light.

Analogue Atlanta #015: Bringing It.

From the Fahamu Pecou "Neo-pop" series

Atlanta DJ Duo The Audubon Society

I talk with Atlanta visual artist Fahamu Pecou, Atlanta DJ Duo The Audubon Society, and Atlanta Interscope Recording Artist Prema Lanay.  

Fahamu Pecou’s Neo-pop series has landed him on the map as a painter to watch.  Where does his inspiration come from?  What moves him to create?  We find out in “Bringing It”.    I caught up with The Audubon Society at their secret lair in Edgewood.  After a few laughs and some trees, we got into what their process is in creating that Audubon sound.    Finally, Prema Lanay lays out her road as an artist signed to a major label.  She describes being “discovered”, her creative energy and the industry.

 Next week?  Not certain yet.  There are several interviews in the can already and several more interesting ones upcoming.  I’ll let you know as the time draws near. 


Music featured in this pod from Atlanta Artists:



New Episode Sunday 1/10/09. After that?

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Joe Scudda

Joe Scudda. Photo by Dominick R. Brady


Guess who’s back?  Yes, him, a member of Hip Hop crew “The Justus League” , Joe Scudda, has relocated to Georgia.  We catch up with  MC Joe Scudda to talk about his new projects, what brought him back to Atlanta and what he thinks about Atlanta’s burgening Indie scene. 


I’m really looking forward to my chat with  Atlanta-based freelance-writer and Author of “War on Error: Real Stories of American Muslims” Melody Moezzi, Atlanta Hip Hop Photographer and Historian Shannon McCollum  and College Park-Born & Bred MC Fewture.  I’ve already chatted with another College Park wordsmith Stanza .   His interview along with  Atlanta-based Comedy writer Brandon McCorwin and award winning Atlanta  Film Maker Matt Wolfe are coming up in the Next few weeks of Analogue Atlanta. Can’t wait to share those stories with you.

I’ll be interviewing Donnie Seals  Saturday about his upcoming documentary for Extra Analogue , my series on indie arts outside of Atlanta, and will be posting the audio of my Mayer Hawthorne tape from CMJ ’08 as well. Lots more coming. I’m also working on a continuation of my Runnin’ From Daylight series on the speculative fiction site 50yfn (50 years from now).

I’m making lemons out of lemonade, people. I, too, am a layoff victim.  HIRE ME!  If not, I’ll be doing these interviews until I’m UNDER the poor house.   I see you.  Don’t worry. I can write in AP style, I promise.  My handbook is in my back pocket.   By the by, my print interviews with D.R.E.S tha BEATnik, Alice Russell and Chester French will debut in Art Nouveau Magazine later this month…I’m hearing they go live on the 12th of January.

Analogue Atlanta #14: Behind the Veil

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Atlanta-Based Recording Artists Dukes of Da'Ville

This latest episode of Analogue Atlanta was a chore, folks. Just posted it after fighting with it for two days. My PC crashed twice- forcing me to start over 3 times. I can’t tell you how frustrating that is. In the madness I missed a few edits and didn’t have time to sweeten Gudrun Stone’s interview. The sound at Club Cenci was booming that night, which is weird because there were like 4 people in there at the early hour we decided to chat. I apologize for the gaff of stating Ms. Stone’s name as Gudrun “Scott” please forgive me. Watching Rob Roy and Braveheart whilst editing can have that effect. Check out Gudrun’s work here on her flickr page

I stopped by Dukes of DaVille’s place to talk to them about their upcoming projects and to find out more about their approach to music. 



Next week?  Atlanta Party/Mixtape DJ’s The Audubon Society,  Prema Lenay and either film maker Matt Wolfe or  visual artist/painter Fehamu Pecou.  I haven’t decided yet.   The beauty about working for free is the freedom!  *shrugs*

Analogue Atlanta #13: Poetic License

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Atlanta Author Mark Anthony Thomas

Mark Anthony Thomas at Cafe Circa in Edgwood

Atlanta Drummer Alien aka Animal aka Ali @ A-town day.

ALIen chatting with Era of the Stereograph Lead Singer "Blue"

I met with Atlanta Author Mark Anthony Thomas in Edgewood and caught up with Atlanta Drummer ALIEN at Apache Cafe in Midtown.




Analogue Atlanta #12: Story Tellers

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Echo Project, Atlanta: Lila King & Karyn Lu


The city of Atlanta is not without her share of stories, in this episode of Analogue Atlanta I speak with Echo Atlanta, a project bringing Atlanta’s location specific stories to the masses…I also sat down with Cathy Byrd of the Ernest G. Welch School of Art & Design at Georgia State University about her ambitious project and book Re:constructing Atlanta … and Finally, up and coming Film Director Cystle Clear Roberson… Music featured in this pod from Atlanta Artists: Wale Oyejide, Collective Efforts, Atlas Sound, Dj Variable,GooDie moB, Kilo Ali and Real Editors.


Analogue Atlanta #11: Unsung

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Colin Munroe live @ Cenci, Atlanta, GA.

I talked with up and coming Atlanta-Based artist Colin Munroe, Atlanta Voice Editor-in-Chief Yaminah Ahmad and Atlanta Photographer Zach Wolfe.


Analogue Atlanta # 010: Move the Crowd (Youth Politics)

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March on Columbus, GA.


With the Presidential election behind us as a Nation and run-offs on-going throughout the country, what did this past election season mean for the Hip Hop generation? We talked with former National Hip Hop Political Convention Atlanta Chair Steven Waddy about the mechanics of change.


Analogue Atlanta #009: Powerful Impact

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Kids @ WonderRoot

New influences enter the Atlanta arts scene constantly. I sat down with up and coming Atlanta-based soul Singer Brittany Bosco and Community Arts Center WonderRoot.


Analogue Atlanta#008: Mc Shy D, Clan Destined, Marcel Daniels

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Clan Destined @ Lenny's Bar, Atlanta, GA.

Marcel Daniels @ A3C, Atlanta, GA.


I sat down with Atlanta Transplants MC Shy D, Clan Destined and Marcel Daniels to get a sense of their journey in Atlanta’s music scene. Excerpts of MC Shy D’s interview are part of an upcoming Documentary on Atlanta’s Hip Hop Heritage- a collaboration between Black Static Films & Abenghorn Media Productions…Stay tuned for more info.

Analogue Atlanta: New Beginnings

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Photo credit: thekaoseffect.com

Jasz & Talib Shabazz of Ear Wax records in Atlanta explain how the store became the soul of Atlanta’s urban music scene fostering and augmenting talents for artists such as DJ Klever, DJ Toomp, Dallas Austin, Jermaine Dupri, Organized Noise Productions and much, much more. The two reflect on the community created around the space and their thoughts on its impact on what has become one of the World’s strongest music scenes.