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Staying motivated through setbacks…

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I’ve had a nice share of setbacks the past month.   I’ve used these setbacks to make excuses on why I should feel sorry for myself and slow down this work grind of mine.   Momentum is a powerful thing and it swings both ways.   Excuses like:

  1. My gear is dusty
  2. I need upgrades
  3. I’m broke
  4. Nobody appreciates this work

…excuses like that can sap energy.   I’ve allowed it to.   That’s fine.  It ends here.   Yeah, I’m broke.  I don’t get paid for the various press outlets I work for anymore.   That’s cool, too.   I didn’t take on those “jobs” for the money.  At the time I had a steady gig and these were outlets for expression, for amplifying Atlanta’s talent.  It would be weird for me to now expect for these things to pay the bills.   They probably will never pay the bills.  

And that’s the crux of it, isn’t it?  To be in a creative space, part of this new American creative economy with a ripe sense of American exceptionalism, entitlement.    Nobody owes me anything.  

The work should speak for itself.   I’ve been standing in the way of it, not allowing it to in many ways.   

This is a note, an apology, a dear diary letter to myself, my listeners and those I’ve interviewed.

It is what it is, it is what it will no longer be.




Ha! Fixed it!

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It’s on  again!  I didn’t tell my wife that the dog broke the recorder.  She’d have probably skinned that dog.  That’s the culprit off the the left, our dog, Mia.  She knocked the audio recorder off of my desk during the Mr. Lucky interview about a month or two ago and since then I’ve had trouble retrieving files.   I went ahead and bit the bullet and opened ‘er up. The recorder, not the dog, silly.   And I found a loose capacitor in there.  Tiny thing.   I then had to figure out how to bridge the break in the lead.   There happened to be a old exacto knife lying on the desk so I heated up the ol’ soldering iron and stole some solder from a clock radio past it’s prime.  I’m broke, folks.   Can’t even BUY solder. lol.  The tip of the exacto knife was perfect for applying the still molten solder to the lead.  PRESTO!  so far I haven’t seen any arcs so it looks like this might have done the trick.  I’ve gotten all my interviews off the device and now I’m ready to go.  Before this I had to take each interview off the device in real time by playing back through the 1/8 headphone jack.  Needless to say that was WORK.   Work I was angry at having to do. 

Oh, Mia.

I’ll be honest with you, my audience.

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I might as well be, right? lol. It’s been really tough going working on projects with no $ whatsoever. No jobs here in Atlanta for media folk doing what I do. I’m not the type to beg or to bother people about work, so I don’t.

But I have to say that doing the video and the audio I do costs money. The equipment cost money, the upkeep costs money. My audio recorder is falling apart- it fell when my dog knocked it off my work desk and loses memory.

My computer is struggling. It dies everytime I sit down to mix a podcast in the middle of my work. These are excuses, yes. I’m making excuses. But if you’re wondering why I haven’t made a new episode or posted the EPKs I’ve recorded, that’s why. I’m looking to move out of Atlanta to find work, if I can. Right now I’m doing what I can to help local groups working on social media and that’s been my focus. It’s just really, really hard for my family and I right now as I imagine it is for many people across the country. Working one day a week just doesn’t get the bills paid.

If you are interested in donating even .25 cents to the pay paypal link at Analogue Atlanta

anything will help. I need money to get around and record the audio I use. Or if you know of a program that could donate a MARTA card for Train access, that would be great as well.

We just took our car off of insurance, etc because it’s having troubles and we can’t afford to fix it or even pay insurance right now.

That’s honesty, that’s my situation. People who haven helped by giving me free access to events and concerts like Fadia Kader, Strong Arm Entertainment, Mike Zarin, Author Mark Anthony Thomas, The Georgia State University College of Art, D from Grindtime Entertainment, Skape from Battery 5, Spree Wilson and countless others have made the past few months POSSIBLE. I thank them for their help and hope to work more with them in the future. What I DO NOT want is for my work to become a default commercial for anybody, though and it’s hard to get the breadth and scope of my work in focus with limited access that being broke provides. I guess that’s the game.

Thanks for supporting the work I’ve been doing up until this point. I’ll still be working to produce the rest of this season, but this is where I’m at right now.


Upcoming guests…

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Been busy working writing a paper for the Youth Media Reporter organization as a member of Wonder Root. It’s a great opportunity to work with other progressive/forward thinking groups in Atlanta working with Youth Journalism such as Atlanta Youth Radio, The Wren’s Nest, People TV and Turner Studios. It’s a serious paper up for peer and academic review so wish me luck. Getting my research in.

On the side I’ve been working on the documentary and knocking out interview after interview for Analogue Atlanta. The tape is stacking up, folks. I haven’t had a chance to edit any of my work from the past two weeks. Life gets in the way. Soon come, though.

Here are some pictures I took of a few upcoming interviewees that just happened to be at a show I covered for VIMBY.com last night: Proton, Yelawolf, Pill & Senor Kaos. Again, thanks for being so patient. I know there are SEVERAL artists waiting for their interviews to be published. They’ll come in due time. I’m doing way too much but then again, I don’t feel comfortable doing less.

Been pretty busy collecting interviews and reviewing tape.

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What I haven’t been doing is actually mixing episodes. I was supposed to Tuesday, but I’ll be honest, I just haven’t done it. I’ve sat down to try to mix but something doesn’t feel right. I’m not certain what it is yet.

In any case, I’ve got some interesting interviews lined up for the near future and some more video coming your way by March, hopefully. I know y’all can’t wait until March for new episodes. Should have one up by tonight, God willing.

Analogue Atlanta #19 will feature College Park MC Stanza

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I know y’all are having a hard time waiting for that.  He’ll be joined in that episode with Atlanta bands The Goldest and Mr. Lucky.   It’s also got to be painful to  wait on episode #18 of Analogue Atlanta  for that matter.   Soon come, people.   I’m not going to promise a publish date but I’d be shocked if it wasn’t up by Tuesday.   This might hold you over, though.  Enjoy this single or download the Lyrical Lovers EP from Stanza.

Stanza–  Lady People 

Mike Zarin interview is in the can…

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Interview with DJ Mike Zarin & Steve of Beatlab went over well today. That means that Part II of “Our House” on Analogue Atlanta is nearly complete. I’ll just have to add some elements and edit the tape. Tonight, God willing, I’ll air episode #18 of Analogue Atlanta. It looks like this will feature Mudfish, Andisheh Nouraee and Shannon McCollum. Should be a great episode. I have a gig tonight so it could be tight, but we’ll see. If anything it’ll be up by Monday evening. I’m taking a nap, folks. Long, long day ahead of me and after a night of moving furniture until around 3am and waking at 8 to drive my wife to work, I’m tired. I’ll catch y’all soon. Hope fully I’ll have a new episode of Analogue Atlanta ready then.

Until next time enjoy this mix from Mike Zarin:

Boogie Mart

Meeting with the Atlanta Citizen Journalism project today…

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We’re going to discuss solutions for getting their web presence up and running.  Been a busy, busy week.  My wife is also sick so I’ve been tending to her as much as she’ll let me.   She’s a feisty woman, my wife.   We did, however, manage to make it out to the Poor People’s day march and protest at the capitol in Downtown Atlanta.   Great energy.   Great, great energy.  I had fun, Sam looked like she was going to die.   So we only stayed long enough to capture an interview with Fredo of Project South and take a few flicks. Fredo has ideas to partner with Artists organizations like WonderRoot, Campus Artists and Musicians around the City of Atlanta (Emory, CAU, Morehouse, Ga Tech, SCAD, Creative Circus, Portfolio Center, Spelman, Agnes Scott, Mercer, Georgia Perimeter College, Oglethorpe, Atlanta Metro, etc…)as well to partner for social change.  We’ll get into that more next season on Analogue Atlanta.   Tonight I meet with Jeanette Foreman (formerly of People TV) and some tech people to see if we can’t help bring Atlanta Progressive agendas into the 21st century in a big way. 


Early on Friday I interview with Mike Zarin of Connect ATL for part II of “Our House”, my mini-series on Analogue Atlanta about Atlanta’s house music scene.  He’s going to try to keep us up to date with what’s RIGHT NOW in Atlanta’s House scene which has seen a bit of a resurgence since Part I.   With any luck I’ll get a podcast uploaded before I go to a gig Friday night.  Busy, busy, busy.

DOWNLOAD Part I of “Our House”

STREAM Part I of “Our House”

Coming soon…

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Breaking into the biz:  a conversation  with emerging comic/comedy writer Brandon McCorwin about breaking into comedy as a young writer.

We’ll talk about his influences, obstacles and experiences in the Atlanta comedy scene including learning about the various outlets for comedy of which there are many in the city of Atlanta including the Relapse, Horizon theatre and so much more.

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King Sh!t

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  Had a great talk with Shannon McCollum

Tuesday night about his work, his craft and his involvement in the Atlanta Hip Hop scene.   We talked about his being from the West End of Atlanta, the SWATs, his early work with Organized Noise: Outkast, Rico Wade, Sleepy Brown, GooDie MoB…

We also delved into his relationship with Lil Jon and about being a first hand witness to the resurgence of Hip Hop in Atlanta.  

I’ve reshuffled the Podcast lineup.  I think this needs to go with Andisheh’s spot.  I’ll put Random Rabbit in a later interview.  I’ll be heading out to Athens tonight to catch them live and I think some live audio is needed for that piece.  It’s really hard to explain what they do without it. 

Still have the Clutch Magazine interview, The Goldest, Mr. Lucky,  Stanza, Fewture and Part Two of “Our House” this time with Mike Zarin , Dj Variable and DJ Tabone.   I’ve been busy, folks.   Busy on twitter, yes but also busy working on editing video and out in the streets doing interviews.   I need a team.  lol.  This is a great deal of work.  But I love it.   Until next time,  peace…


Today I head out to East Point to interview Shannon Mccollum

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In the center, Brian Knott of A3C, Atlanta

Had a few setbacks with prior interviews. Finally catch up with him today. Tommorow? Random Rabbit in Athens to catch their show and some audio for their piece on Analogue Atlanta. I also have to catch up to talk about the Youth Media project/ Citizen Journalism piece with project south coordinator Fredo. Hopefully I catch up with Brian Knott about A3C developments for 2009 as well. Busy day tomorrow.

I’ve gotten a few questions about my work flow…

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There isn’t a rhyme or reason to it. In a few instances there are pieces that are comprised of interviews nearly a year old combined with other interviews only a few days old. What I look for is an opportunity to mix demographic groupings. I want Atlanta Visual artist fans to know about the Atlanta music scene. I want Hip Hop enthusiasts to be familiar with rock, funk, literary and jazz scenes. It’s a mix. That’s the best way to describe it.

She’s beautiful, she’s talented and now she’s working with…

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Check out my interview with her on Episode #009 of Analogue Atlanta: Powerful Impact.  She’s beautiful, talented and now she’s working with another beautiful and talented young lady.  She is Brittany Bosco.   Her sound ranges from operatic to neo-funk and experimental soul.  Spectrum, her aptly titled EP, is available for free on her myspace page.  Just talked a bit with Fadia Kader and she let me know that she’ll be working with Bosco helping her in the way she’s been helping Atlanta group  Proton over the past year and a half or so (I’m not certain of the timeline).   We’ll catch up with Proton in season 2 of Analogue Atlanta which kicks off in March.   Bosco has some wonderful songs on her free EP.   She also has a talented team around her with the likes of Atlanta-Based, formerly of South Carolina MC Danny!  Alex Goose  and many more.  With Fadia now behind her, the machine is going to really get rolling for Brittany.  I’m excited to see what 2009 brings for this new pairing.

As for me?  I’m bone tired.  I’m still working on Episode #018 of Analogue Atlanta.  There is so much audio to sift through on the Random Rabbit interview.  I’m still listening to tape trying to find an angle to take.   I should be ready to post it soon, though.  Until then?  Enjoy the sounds of Ms. Bosco live…

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Extra Analogue #3

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In Extra Analogue #3 I talk with Stone’s Throw recording artist Mayer Hawthorne .  I also added my interview with Crush + Lovely Creative Director Nathan Heleine. Crush + Lovely along with Deltree have brought an interesting project to the internet and the world: Fifty people one question. We’ll talk about what sparked the project and about his craft and other projects his boutique is involved in.      This go around has great sound from Nathan.  Why?  I decided not to run a stereo line from my macbook in through the mixer and then mixing live on the PC.   The reason why I chose that approach with the last on-line interview is that it gave me flexibility to do a great many things on the fly if I had any computer issues.    At the end of the day the sound just wasn’t as good I would need to attach my extra external sound card to improve it but that thought hadn’t occured to me.     So I tried a new method.  This time we were using SKYPE instead of Gmail chat as I did in the interview with Donnie.  I went ahead and installed Skype on my tempermental PC ( I hate that machine).   We did the interview, it worked well and then BAM.  The PC crashed.   I hate that machine.   On Friday Nathan graciously gave me a second interview and the intial reasons for me not wanting to use the PC rose it’s ugly head again…  Feedback.  I can speak off mic while still being picked up in the mic field and still monitor the recording program.   Without that flexibility, I’m not sure he could hear me well during the entire interview.  The sweet spot on the SM57 is much smaller than with a condenser mic but without feedback cancelling monitor system it would be impossible to use one of my condenser mics.    

I’m still learning.   I’m sure there is a website somewhere covering how to approach all of this but I’m having a great time learning on the fly.  I think it makes the lessons more concrete to learn this way.

I’m sure you’ll agree it sounds better.  My mic is a little lower than I’d like, but next interview I’m sure it’ll be perfect.   Didn’t have the channel swapping issue like I did with Donnie, digital read outs still didn’t do the disparity between the interviewee and myself QUITE as clear as it would be in the final mix.

An interesting aside…I had NO idea who Mayer Hawthorne was when we did this interview.  This was done during CMJ 2008 which, of course, was last October.  He was a new artist and now that some tracks of his have begun to surface, I have to say that I’m in love with his sound.   

New stuff…

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Analogue Atlanta ran into some snags this week mostly centered around my personal commitment over-extension and running out of server space on Podomatic. If you follow my twitter, you know I’ve been ODing on coffee staying up looking for affordable solutions, editing, compressing, etc. I haven’t had the energy to complete one episode let alone two. Saturday will be dedicated to uploading Analogue Atlanta #18 featuring Atlanta-Based Journalist/Author Andisheh Nouraee, Producer Mudfish and Electronic music ensemble Random Rabbit. With any luck, I’ll be able to post #19 as well which includes my interview with an Eastside denizen who happens to be Clutch Magazine’s Owner/Editor, Atlanta-Based MC Senor Kaos and Atlanta Funk band Mr. Lucky tomorrow as well. I’m not going to promise anything except give-aways for those able to answer questions I’ll embed in the meta data.

Extra Analogue #3 will be up tonight, God willing. I’ll finally post the interview with Stone’s Throw recording artist Mayer Hawthorne & my interview with Crush + Lovely Creative Director Nathan Heleine. Crush + Lovely along with Deltree have brought an interesting project to the internet and the world: Fifty people one question. We’ll talk about what sparked the project and about his craft and other projects his boutique is involved in.

Update on a past show. Remember the Highschool B-Ball coach?

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In Analogue Atlanta  Episode No. 3  I talked to  Atlanta Hip Hop Artist Voo Da Teach.   If you live in Atlanta, you’ve never heard of him and that’s by his design.  Why? He’s the Head Coach at a National powerhouse Men’s Basketball program and because of this he’s been hesitant about performing in Atlanta.    During the episode he  stated that he was going to begin performing in Atlanta in the near future.  Well, that hasn’t happened yet but good news about his team: they’re 20-1 this season.  Not too shabby of a record, huh?   When you take into account that his squad has played both State and Nationally ranked teams this year his team’s record is even more impressive.   Still hiding in the shadows, Voo Da Teach plans to perform out of state again this year with his crew Scribe Tribe Syndicate.   His conservative community might not be ready for a Hip Hop basketball coach quite yet.  He’ll be scheduling Findlay Prep of  the Extra Analogue Story about  Photographer and Documentary Film Creator Donnie Seals ( Episode #2) next year. 



I’m in my studio editing video for my documentary and THINKING about  which Analogue Atlanta pieces to put together for #18, which I promised would be up like 4 days ago.  OOPS!  I don’t know why I put that pressure on myself.  It will be ready when it’s ready. 

I’m not getting paid, y’all!

Looks like an Analogue Atlanta Alumnus needs our help…

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Spree Wilson is one of the first guests on Analogue Atlanta. His interview is featured on Episode no. 2 “Almost Famous”.



Spree Wilson is featured in a video with Novel, Talib Kweli for “I Am”, a song by Novel with piano work by Ben Folds, and is up for rotation over at BET’s 106th & Park. No, I don’t watch BET. Maybe it’s wrong that I’ve voted when I don’t watch BET. Maybe it’s not. This is good music, friends. Support the video.


Analogue Atlanta #17: Breaking Ground

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I talk with Atlanta Creatives Project  Founder and curator Neda Abghari  about what moved her to start the organization and we also delve into the state of the Atlanta arts community as well.   I caught up with B-boy  Quic, of the Funklordz , Zapper  (HBO crew) and  Alpha Trion to find out about Atlanta Breakdancing History from the early ’80s to the present  day. It’s an interesting look at how Breakdancing was born, nearly died and came back to life in an unusual way here in the city of Atlanta.    The B-boy piece is part of a larger Documentary celebrating 30 years of Atlanta Hip Hop from ’79-’09 we’re tentatively  calling Telling it like it T-I-is: Atlanta Hip Hop from ’79-til, which is a collaboration between myself here at Abenghorn Media Productions (A.M.P) and my good friend Kamal Secret at Black Static Films.  Look for trailers and video tidbits from us in the near future on the project. 

For more on Atlanta Breakdancing culture check:

Finally, I talk with Atlanta soul singer PJ Morton  .   We have a conversation about being an underground solo artist while writing for and performing with artists signed to major labels.  We also get into his new major label deal, his influences and his upcoming projects working with Music Soulchild, A.R. Rahman and more.

Music Featured in this podcast from Atlanta Artists in order of appearance:

…more later

The Plan is to upload two new episodes tonight.

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Atlanta Original B-Boy "Zapper" of H.B.O crew

Until then, here’s a track from one of Atlanta’s first Hip Hop records ever released:

Danny Renee & The Charisma Crew- Space Rap (1980)

I’m writing the first of the podcasts right now. It’s a bit of a monster with 5 interviews included and a great story line I’m trying to weave about Atlanta Breakdancing going back to 1983. I’ve been listening to tape all day and frankly I’m worn out. Time for a nap. When I wake up, I’ll voice the script write into the transcript I’ve already transposed and then get to mixing. The second episode I’m airing tonight, God willing, has a great deal of audio editing/sweetening that needs to be done but other than that it’s pretty cut and dry.

I’ll see y’all later tonight. Then it’s on to the Free-For-All party at Lenny’s ’round the witching hour.  I’ll have some treats embedded into Episode 17 and we’ll be giving away CD’s as well as VIMBY gear in Episode 18.