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Some shots I took at the Yelawolf show last night…

Posted in Fuggin Awesome, Yelawolf mixtape, Young Dro I am Legend by Dom Brady on February 22, 2008

Even with technical difficulties rearing their ugly head, it was a decent show. Gotta give alot of credit for that to the host Dres da Beatnik who knows how to handle a crowd. It could have been an incredible show, actually, after all the dust settled, but I wouldn’t know. I had to leave during Southern Folk’s set and miss Yelawolf’s performance. ‘Tis life. Getting up early this morning was more important and as 1:15 am passed, I realized it was going to be a longer night than I anticipated. However, all was not lost; I discovered two acts I wasn’t previously aware of. I met Zero of Chapter 13 over at Amdex’s (of Clan Destined) crib one Saturday evening. Didn’t know he was an MC, but Chapter 13 was very dope. Another group I wasn’t previously aware of was The Wheeler Boys. When the music went out on them the first time, they handled it very well with an accapella spitfire session. I found myself wishing they continued their set like that. Their beats were dynamic, yes but their performance was even moreso without the music. Southern Folk made an appearance, Prof and Rahzwell were slated to perform, but I missed them as well. Mr. S.O.S of the Cunninglyguist (I know I didn’t spell that right) extended family also did a few songs.

Folk were out in their Friday’s best last night. It was dope seeing all the fly ladies there. I had a nice talk with Amdex who was DJing for Chapter 13. He’s got some exciting stuff in the works, then I stepped outside and talked politics with a man giving away flowers to the pretty young ladies. Good times. Shout out to SkapeZilla of Battery 5 and BP of the Beat Chefs, btw. If you missed the performance last night, don’t fret. Don’t I always come through for y’all? Check out this new Yelawolf mixtape. It’s supposed to be the next logical step in his evolution. Battery 5 puts it down yet again. Since y’all have been such loyal readers I think another gift might be in order. Check out this “I am Legend” Young Dro mixtape from ATL’s own DJ Scream and MLK. If those names sound familiar, they should. They’ve been doing it on the street side of the Atlanta Underground hip hop scene for a good minute. Tonight? Heading over to Sabor to take in the sound selections of Dj Dirty Digits and Dj Slim Chance. I mean, it’s free right? Can’t beat free!


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