Welcome to my glorious mess.

I’m changing my podcast location. I’m about to migrate to blip.

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They don’t have a limit like what podomatic has so I can continue my work there. Too expensive on podomatic for a broke Journalist. So, I’ll be taking my work to blip.tv and increasing the photo stuff to change the old/new podcast formats into slide shows. I’m going to get some of these reels of film developed next week, God willing, to facilitate this.

…In other news, I’m on the radio now. 1690 Voice of the Arts here in Atlanta. I’ll be hosting a show with fellow journalist Maurice Garland. We’ll explore all aspects of music. Right now we’re doing the pilot shows which will only be 15 minutes during airing with full interviews available in podcast form.

SMKA & Fadia Kader are our producers and DJ Mr. Mind of the Audubon Society is on the 1s &2s. Should be a very exciting project.

Kicking off a documentary video short project in the middle of next week and some documentary 35mm shooting as well for stills. Should be fun. Busy, busy, broke journalist at work.



ATL Iran Protest

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[blip.tv ?posts_id=2278606&dest=48928]

Quick 1 minute video of what I saw today, 6-20-09

Stay tuned. Looks like we might have a brand new project

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A NEW project involving some really exciting people here in Atlanta.   I’m very excited!!!  Can’t speak much on it now, but you’lll hear soon!

Creative Loafing interview with Brian Knott

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Creative Loafing contributor Dominick Brady sat down with A3C festival co-founder Brian Knott at the Earl in East Atlanta. In this interview we discussed the origins of A3C and where Knott thinks it is headed.

Go to my blip.tv page to see interview.