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Analogue Atlanta #015: Bringing It.

From the Fahamu Pecou "Neo-pop" series

Atlanta DJ Duo The Audubon Society

I talk with Atlanta visual artist Fahamu Pecou, Atlanta DJ Duo The Audubon Society, and Atlanta Interscope Recording Artist Prema Lanay.  

Fahamu Pecou’s Neo-pop series has landed him on the map as a painter to watch.  Where does his inspiration come from?  What moves him to create?  We find out in “Bringing It”.    I caught up with The Audubon Society at their secret lair in Edgewood.  After a few laughs and some trees, we got into what their process is in creating that Audubon sound.    Finally, Prema Lanay lays out her road as an artist signed to a major label.  She describes being “discovered”, her creative energy and the industry.

 Next week?  Not certain yet.  There are several interviews in the can already and several more interesting ones upcoming.  I’ll let you know as the time draws near. 


Music featured in this pod from Atlanta Artists: