Welcome to my glorious mess.

In case you’re wondering…

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I got the gig. Which has severely limited my free time. Haven’t had a moment to create the podcasts. Soon come, though. I actually continue the process about another possible venture later this week that would enable me to free up more time by taking a great deal off of my plate. Haven’t had an opportunity to blog for VIMBY, or finish working on outside projects as well as the podcasts because of my limited time. The YMR document, however, is done and will be published April 15th. I’ll link you all to my article…can’t post the entire publication as it’s well over 200 pages.

I hope I can make this new venture opportunity work out. I know I’m Jamaican, but 5 jobs are too much. Then again, in this economy, any job is a blessing.


Extra Analogue Alumnus Dam Funk getting down live…

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Extra Analogue Alumnus Dam Funk performing live with No Doze alumnus Computer Jay. Here is Dam Funk’s interview with me on Extra Analogue :


No Doze was a new music segment I used to do before I started the Grits ‘n Gravy mixes which evolved into Analogue Atlanta. It’s been an evolution of finding cool artists that rarely get press here in Atlanta or on the web and posting their info to creating mixes with their music to interviewing them either online or in person. I respect artists and don’t want to give away their music for free so I feel that Analogue Atlanta and Extra Analogue is the best way to give you, my audience, a glimpse into who they are and what they do. As I’m starting to build relationships with more and more artists I might resurrect No Doze and GnG with cleared matieral

peace to Kenny for the link to the vid.

Analogue Atlanta #19 coming Sunday night (technically Monday a.m.)

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Analogue Atlanta #19 will feature:  Atlanta writer Andisheh Nouraee, Atlanta MC Stanza, Atlanta Rock Fusion group The Goldest.  I’ll also post Extra Analogue #4 featuring The Yes Yes Y’alls & Extra Analogue #5 featuring Death & Taxes Magazine, FreshSelects.Net and Classic Drug References.

Alot coming up, y’all.  Alot going on right now.  I’m multitasking like crazy editing audio, video, a paper for peer review and job hunting.  Hopefully tomorrow I get this gig which will limit my time further but give me funds so I can get the Flickr Pro account back up and enlarge this Podomatic account which is already at 80% capacity.

Thanks to those that sent cash to the pay pal on the podcast site.  That paid for film and to replace USB cables that were needed badly.  You can probably tell by the sound quality difference in recent interviews.  Then again, you don’t know which interviews I did recently and which ones I did last year.  lol.  *shrugs*  Only the artists themselves know.

The Season Episode #2

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Link to video

Extra Analogue Alum Donnie Seals presents Episode #2 of The Season. The Season is a documentary about highschool basketball powerhouse Findlay Prep.

Check out my interview with him here:


Analogue Atlanta #018.5: 1-on-1 with Senor Kaos

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Senor Kaos has been behind the scenes in Atlanta Music marketing, promotion and as an MC. The Brooklyn native is one of the pillars of the segmented Atlanta Underground Hip Hop scene. One of the few in Atlanta that can move between the different flavors of Hip Hop in Atlanta with respect freely, he’s beginning to revive a once promising career by returning to the mic.

Young Chris, Bun B, Wale & Senor Kaos- Searching for an Outlet

Senor Kaos- Swagger Is Nothing Mixtape


Analogue Atlanta #018.21234: Beating the Odds

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With record stores closing all over the United States what would cause a reasonable person to open a record store today? In a climate of world-wide recession, mp3’s and music industry uncertainty a group of Atlanta music lovers dive head first into a tide of entrepreneurs escaping the business. See how Beatlab has integrated the internet and new media into their approach.


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Season 2 is here! Analogue Atlanta #18: Homegrown

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I speak to Atlanta Photographer Shannon McCollum about his working with Atlanta artists such as Outkast, Rico Wade, GooDie Mob & Lil Jon. I catch up with Atlanta Fusion band Mr. Lucky comprised of members who have played with Atlanta Acts SEEK, PHBalance & My Cousin Troy and finally I talk with Grind Time/ Medicine Music recording artist Pill about his mixtape and a facet Atlanta’s little known underground Hip Hop culture.


Stay tuned for give-aways of Mr. Lucky’s new album!!!

B.o.B Teams up with ALIen

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To hear ALIen’s interview on Analogue Atlanta click here.

New Season starts MONDAY!!! WEDNESDAY!!! I have a lovely new co-host that will be joining me in the 2nd half of the season. I’ve been working on tweaking the show including more photography to embed in the podcast meta data, etc. Of course the photography won’t apply to older interviews but starting with the 2nd half of Season II we should have some great material for y’all. I can’t wait to share it!!!!

I’m bored, honestly.

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Analogue Atlanta is boring me right now. I need to find a new format for it. The interviews are insightful more often than not, the guests are great. But it needs something. The last 3 episodes are still going down, though. I’ve had a few technical and emotional setbacks. Hey, I’m human.  During the off season, I think, I’ll figure out some new concepts.  We’ll see.  It’s been fun up until this point where I’ve become less enamored with the work itself. 

I am, however,  really excited about my on going Video Documentary project “Telling it like it T-I- is: Atlanta Hip Hop Culture from ’79 ’til”. The information we’ve come across about Atlanta MC, DJ, Graf and B-Boy history is fantastic. I’m blown away.

Even more exciting for me are “My year on MARTA” and “Ride & Whistle, Atlanta”. Those are combo Photo/Radio docs I’m starting this summer that I’ll get into more as the project(s) develop. My Canon AE-1 and extras should be here Friday, God willing. I’ve also set up an analog recording station in my office for a warmer sound I think these two projects will need a analog vibe to them. Building out my darkroom as I blog. Best, Dom

Staying motivated through setbacks…

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I’ve had a nice share of setbacks the past month.   I’ve used these setbacks to make excuses on why I should feel sorry for myself and slow down this work grind of mine.   Momentum is a powerful thing and it swings both ways.   Excuses like:

  1. My gear is dusty
  2. I need upgrades
  3. I’m broke
  4. Nobody appreciates this work

…excuses like that can sap energy.   I’ve allowed it to.   That’s fine.  It ends here.   Yeah, I’m broke.  I don’t get paid for the various press outlets I work for anymore.   That’s cool, too.   I didn’t take on those “jobs” for the money.  At the time I had a steady gig and these were outlets for expression, for amplifying Atlanta’s talent.  It would be weird for me to now expect for these things to pay the bills.   They probably will never pay the bills.  

And that’s the crux of it, isn’t it?  To be in a creative space, part of this new American creative economy with a ripe sense of American exceptionalism, entitlement.    Nobody owes me anything.  

The work should speak for itself.   I’ve been standing in the way of it, not allowing it to in many ways.   

This is a note, an apology, a dear diary letter to myself, my listeners and those I’ve interviewed.

It is what it is, it is what it will no longer be.



Ha! Fixed it!

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It’s on  again!  I didn’t tell my wife that the dog broke the recorder.  She’d have probably skinned that dog.  That’s the culprit off the the left, our dog, Mia.  She knocked the audio recorder off of my desk during the Mr. Lucky interview about a month or two ago and since then I’ve had trouble retrieving files.   I went ahead and bit the bullet and opened ‘er up. The recorder, not the dog, silly.   And I found a loose capacitor in there.  Tiny thing.   I then had to figure out how to bridge the break in the lead.   There happened to be a old exacto knife lying on the desk so I heated up the ol’ soldering iron and stole some solder from a clock radio past it’s prime.  I’m broke, folks.   Can’t even BUY solder. lol.  The tip of the exacto knife was perfect for applying the still molten solder to the lead.  PRESTO!  so far I haven’t seen any arcs so it looks like this might have done the trick.  I’ve gotten all my interviews off the device and now I’m ready to go.  Before this I had to take each interview off the device in real time by playing back through the 1/8 headphone jack.  Needless to say that was WORK.   Work I was angry at having to do. 

Oh, Mia.

I’ll be honest with you, my audience.

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I might as well be, right? lol. It’s been really tough going working on projects with no $ whatsoever. No jobs here in Atlanta for media folk doing what I do. I’m not the type to beg or to bother people about work, so I don’t.

But I have to say that doing the video and the audio I do costs money. The equipment cost money, the upkeep costs money. My audio recorder is falling apart- it fell when my dog knocked it off my work desk and loses memory.

My computer is struggling. It dies everytime I sit down to mix a podcast in the middle of my work. These are excuses, yes. I’m making excuses. But if you’re wondering why I haven’t made a new episode or posted the EPKs I’ve recorded, that’s why. I’m looking to move out of Atlanta to find work, if I can. Right now I’m doing what I can to help local groups working on social media and that’s been my focus. It’s just really, really hard for my family and I right now as I imagine it is for many people across the country. Working one day a week just doesn’t get the bills paid.

If you are interested in donating even .25 cents to the pay paypal link at Analogue Atlanta

anything will help. I need money to get around and record the audio I use. Or if you know of a program that could donate a MARTA card for Train access, that would be great as well.

We just took our car off of insurance, etc because it’s having troubles and we can’t afford to fix it or even pay insurance right now.

That’s honesty, that’s my situation. People who haven helped by giving me free access to events and concerts like Fadia Kader, Strong Arm Entertainment, Mike Zarin, Author Mark Anthony Thomas, The Georgia State University College of Art, D from Grindtime Entertainment, Skape from Battery 5, Spree Wilson and countless others have made the past few months POSSIBLE. I thank them for their help and hope to work more with them in the future. What I DO NOT want is for my work to become a default commercial for anybody, though and it’s hard to get the breadth and scope of my work in focus with limited access that being broke provides. I guess that’s the game.

Thanks for supporting the work I’ve been doing up until this point. I’ll still be working to produce the rest of this season, but this is where I’m at right now.


Upcoming guests…

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Been busy working writing a paper for the Youth Media Reporter organization as a member of Wonder Root. It’s a great opportunity to work with other progressive/forward thinking groups in Atlanta working with Youth Journalism such as Atlanta Youth Radio, The Wren’s Nest, People TV and Turner Studios. It’s a serious paper up for peer and academic review so wish me luck. Getting my research in.

On the side I’ve been working on the documentary and knocking out interview after interview for Analogue Atlanta. The tape is stacking up, folks. I haven’t had a chance to edit any of my work from the past two weeks. Life gets in the way. Soon come, though.

Here are some pictures I took of a few upcoming interviewees that just happened to be at a show I covered for VIMBY.com last night: Proton, Yelawolf, Pill & Senor Kaos. Again, thanks for being so patient. I know there are SEVERAL artists waiting for their interviews to be published. They’ll come in due time. I’m doing way too much but then again, I don’t feel comfortable doing less.

Been pretty busy collecting interviews and reviewing tape.

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What I haven’t been doing is actually mixing episodes. I was supposed to Tuesday, but I’ll be honest, I just haven’t done it. I’ve sat down to try to mix but something doesn’t feel right. I’m not certain what it is yet.

In any case, I’ve got some interesting interviews lined up for the near future and some more video coming your way by March, hopefully. I know y’all can’t wait until March for new episodes. Should have one up by tonight, God willing.

Analogue Atlanta #19 will feature College Park MC Stanza

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I know y’all are having a hard time waiting for that.  He’ll be joined in that episode with Atlanta bands The Goldest and Mr. Lucky.   It’s also got to be painful to  wait on episode #18 of Analogue Atlanta  for that matter.   Soon come, people.   I’m not going to promise a publish date but I’d be shocked if it wasn’t up by Tuesday.   This might hold you over, though.  Enjoy this single or download the Lyrical Lovers EP from Stanza.

Stanza–  Lady People 

Mike Zarin interview is in the can…

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Interview with DJ Mike Zarin & Steve of Beatlab went over well today. That means that Part II of “Our House” on Analogue Atlanta is nearly complete. I’ll just have to add some elements and edit the tape. Tonight, God willing, I’ll air episode #18 of Analogue Atlanta. It looks like this will feature Mudfish, Andisheh Nouraee and Shannon McCollum. Should be a great episode. I have a gig tonight so it could be tight, but we’ll see. If anything it’ll be up by Monday evening. I’m taking a nap, folks. Long, long day ahead of me and after a night of moving furniture until around 3am and waking at 8 to drive my wife to work, I’m tired. I’ll catch y’all soon. Hope fully I’ll have a new episode of Analogue Atlanta ready then.

Until next time enjoy this mix from Mike Zarin:

Boogie Mart

Meeting with the Atlanta Citizen Journalism project today…

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We’re going to discuss solutions for getting their web presence up and running.  Been a busy, busy week.  My wife is also sick so I’ve been tending to her as much as she’ll let me.   She’s a feisty woman, my wife.   We did, however, manage to make it out to the Poor People’s day march and protest at the capitol in Downtown Atlanta.   Great energy.   Great, great energy.  I had fun, Sam looked like she was going to die.   So we only stayed long enough to capture an interview with Fredo of Project South and take a few flicks. Fredo has ideas to partner with Artists organizations like WonderRoot, Campus Artists and Musicians around the City of Atlanta (Emory, CAU, Morehouse, Ga Tech, SCAD, Creative Circus, Portfolio Center, Spelman, Agnes Scott, Mercer, Georgia Perimeter College, Oglethorpe, Atlanta Metro, etc…)as well to partner for social change.  We’ll get into that more next season on Analogue Atlanta.   Tonight I meet with Jeanette Foreman (formerly of People TV) and some tech people to see if we can’t help bring Atlanta Progressive agendas into the 21st century in a big way. 


Early on Friday I interview with Mike Zarin of Connect ATL for part II of “Our House”, my mini-series on Analogue Atlanta about Atlanta’s house music scene.  He’s going to try to keep us up to date with what’s RIGHT NOW in Atlanta’s House scene which has seen a bit of a resurgence since Part I.   With any luck I’ll get a podcast uploaded before I go to a gig Friday night.  Busy, busy, busy.

DOWNLOAD Part I of “Our House”

STREAM Part I of “Our House”

Coming soon…

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Breaking into the biz:  a conversation  with emerging comic/comedy writer Brandon McCorwin about breaking into comedy as a young writer.

We’ll talk about his influences, obstacles and experiences in the Atlanta comedy scene including learning about the various outlets for comedy of which there are many in the city of Atlanta including the Relapse, Horizon theatre and so much more.

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King Sh!t

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  Had a great talk with Shannon McCollum

Tuesday night about his work, his craft and his involvement in the Atlanta Hip Hop scene.   We talked about his being from the West End of Atlanta, the SWATs, his early work with Organized Noise: Outkast, Rico Wade, Sleepy Brown, GooDie MoB…

We also delved into his relationship with Lil Jon and about being a first hand witness to the resurgence of Hip Hop in Atlanta.  

I’ve reshuffled the Podcast lineup.  I think this needs to go with Andisheh’s spot.  I’ll put Random Rabbit in a later interview.  I’ll be heading out to Athens tonight to catch them live and I think some live audio is needed for that piece.  It’s really hard to explain what they do without it. 

Still have the Clutch Magazine interview, The Goldest, Mr. Lucky,  Stanza, Fewture and Part Two of “Our House” this time with Mike Zarin , Dj Variable and DJ Tabone.   I’ve been busy, folks.   Busy on twitter, yes but also busy working on editing video and out in the streets doing interviews.   I need a team.  lol.  This is a great deal of work.  But I love it.   Until next time,  peace…


Today I head out to East Point to interview Shannon Mccollum

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In the center, Brian Knott of A3C, Atlanta

Had a few setbacks with prior interviews. Finally catch up with him today. Tommorow? Random Rabbit in Athens to catch their show and some audio for their piece on Analogue Atlanta. I also have to catch up to talk about the Youth Media project/ Citizen Journalism piece with project south coordinator Fredo. Hopefully I catch up with Brian Knott about A3C developments for 2009 as well. Busy day tomorrow.