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Two new episodes!!!!

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Marq Spekt

Marq Spekt

Analogue Atlanta #23:  Respekt 





  Marq Spekt stops by the studio to talk about the Atlanta Hip Hop scene, it’s History and about his work as well as his group Broady Champs’ work. Music featured in this pod from Atlanta Artists:

  •  Broady Champs
  •  Marq Spekt
  • Parental Advisory
  • Ya’ll So Stupid
  • Qualm Scott


  …And in Extra Analogue we’ll talk with Andrew Noz.  A contributor at NPR , Scratch Magazine & The Fader about his blog  Cbrap.com ,about his approach to blogging, his work, and his inclusive approach to Hip Hop history.  We talk about how Hip Hop developed Nationally during the 80’s and 90’s and compare it to the growth of Hip Hop’s sound in the Northeastern United States.

Extra Analogue #5   RE: Definition




Analogue Atlanta #19: Growth

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I talk with Atlanta author and humorist Andisheh Nouraee about his Creative Loafing “Don’t Panic” columns, his upcoming book(s) and his path to writing. I also catch up with Atlanta Native Fewture about his position in limbo as an Atlanta MC with a broad-based approach to his sound. Finally, I speak with Atlanta Band The Goldest about their self-titled EP at their studio during a practice session.

Music heard in this podcast from Atlanta acts:
– Manchester Orchestra
– Fewture
– The Goldest

The first person to email me (info@abenghorn.net) with the Answers to these questions will get a free copy of The Goldest’s self titled EP
Question #1: What is the topic of either of Andisheh Nouraee’s two new books ideas/projects?
Question #2: Name one school The Fewture attended
Question #3: Name one of the members of The Goldest.

If you can answer 2 out of 3, you get the goods. Email me with the subject line: AA#19 answers.

Good luck!

Analogue Atlanta #19 will feature College Park MC Stanza

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I know y’all are having a hard time waiting for that.  He’ll be joined in that episode with Atlanta bands The Goldest and Mr. Lucky.   It’s also got to be painful to  wait on episode #18 of Analogue Atlanta  for that matter.   Soon come, people.   I’m not going to promise a publish date but I’d be shocked if it wasn’t up by Tuesday.   This might hold you over, though.  Enjoy this single or download the Lyrical Lovers EP from Stanza.

Stanza–  Lady People 

She’s beautiful, she’s talented and now she’s working with…

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Check out my interview with her on Episode #009 of Analogue Atlanta: Powerful Impact.  She’s beautiful, talented and now she’s working with another beautiful and talented young lady.  She is Brittany Bosco.   Her sound ranges from operatic to neo-funk and experimental soul.  Spectrum, her aptly titled EP, is available for free on her myspace page.  Just talked a bit with Fadia Kader and she let me know that she’ll be working with Bosco helping her in the way she’s been helping Atlanta group  Proton over the past year and a half or so (I’m not certain of the timeline).   We’ll catch up with Proton in season 2 of Analogue Atlanta which kicks off in March.   Bosco has some wonderful songs on her free EP.   She also has a talented team around her with the likes of Atlanta-Based, formerly of South Carolina MC Danny!  Alex Goose  and many more.  With Fadia now behind her, the machine is going to really get rolling for Brittany.  I’m excited to see what 2009 brings for this new pairing.

As for me?  I’m bone tired.  I’m still working on Episode #018 of Analogue Atlanta.  There is so much audio to sift through on the Random Rabbit interview.  I’m still listening to tape trying to find an angle to take.   I should be ready to post it soon, though.  Until then?  Enjoy the sounds of Ms. Bosco live…

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Next month…

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Nest (sic) month on Analogue Atlanta I talk with Atlanta BGOV/Shady/Interscope recording artist Bobby Creekwater and find out what he’s been working on.  His people just sent me a new song called “She’s Dead” about his love affair with Hip Hop.  We’ll talk with him about why he thinks she’s dead and if  it’s too late to bring her back.


I catch up with Atlanta electronic act Random Rabbit to talk about the electronic music scene here in Atlanta and what it’s like to be an act in a genre  outside of the pop radar.  The electronic music scene in Atlanta, according to rumors, is shrinking?  Why?  What happened?  Did anything really happen?  Is it really shrinking or is this just hearsay?  We’ll find out next month.

I also chat with Fusion/Funk band Mr. Lucky about their latest album  “Try it out before you Thank me”. We’ll talk about how the band was able to blend their varied experiences into the Funk/Jazzy/Fusion sound we hear today.   How does a band stay alive in this music climate?  Is the Indie route a blessing or a curse?

Finally, we’ll sit down with Atlanta writer  Andisheh Nouraee  about his new book and about his writing style. 

  We’ll flesh all those questions out next month.   Should be a great deal of fun.

Back by popular demand: No Doze/ New Music

This week is pretty much all fusion-based acts. I don’t really know why that is. It just turned out that way for some reason. I think we’ll begin with ‘newly’ signed Star Trak artists Chester French. I’m not sure if Pharrell’s cosign means much in terms of financial success in the music industry (see: Kenna) but it might mean that your music is dope (see: Kenna). I stumbled across the name of this band a few times in the past year or so and paid them no mind until very recently. As chance would have it, I was friended by someone who had this band in their top 8. This time curiosity got the better of me and I decided to finally check them out. I was shocked by what I heard. It was retro, yes, but not in the Mark Ronson/Dap King/Amy Winehouse/Sharon Jones kind of way that we all know and love. This wasn’t Brit lo fi. This was…I’ll let you decide for yourself:

Chester FrenchShe Loves Everybody
There is a great deal of dance music floating around nowadays. Pitchfork, URB and other online and print publications like to take turns supporting who they think will be the next big act, the most cutting edge. It’s actually become funny to watch them bicker back and forth about who has the most clout in this regard. Somewhere in the middle of this fracas I came across a link for The Black Ghosts. I go through these phases where I’m into up-tempo music for about two or three months before I retreat into an audio enema of sorts with First wave Jamaican Ska, Rock steady and Reggae. I’m in one of those up-tempo moods now. I’m avoiding telling you much about the Black Ghosts because there isn’t much to say that an mp3 can’t explain. It’s good electronic music. Very dancebale. It’s not house-like or trance-like. It’s more in a techno vein. Yes. I am a black man and I listen to techno, on occasion. And what of it? Have a listen and decide for yourself:
The Black GhostsAny way you choose to give it

I was watching an XLR8R TV podcast interview when the name White Williams came up. Sandwiched between acts like The Velvet Underground (I won’t lie to you, I don’t know much about them. Shame on me) and former Velvet Underground member John Cale, I had to wonder who could be held in such high esteem. I decided to do some research, otherwise known as Google, to find out about this White Williams. It’s good stuff. I could get really fancy here and wow you with whimsical writing skills using words like texture and phrases such as post-_______ but I won’t. Why do all that when I have an mp3 handy? He covered I want candy. HEY! That rhymed!
White WilliamsI want Candy

And now we are back on familiar territory,friends. We are back in the A-town. I learned about Random Rabbit after I lost an e-argument on a message board I frequent. These hooligans were trying to tell me that there isn’t any Electronic music scene in Atlanta. Angered, I began to reel off all 2 of the acts I knew. I was embarrassed, of course. Here I am trying to rep for my city and I don’t even know any of the acts. Here’s what I do know: I know the Electronic scene, the Rock, Hip Hop, Jazz, House, Soul and Drum & Bass scenes are, in fact, strong. I just don’t know the names of many of these acts. :o( So I again turned to my always eager research partner Google to look around for local performers when “BAM” © Emeril, I found Random Rabbit. Since then I’ve been listening to their myspace page at least once a day. I know they have a new release out but most of the music I’ve heard from them is from 2006.

Random RabbitGasping for air

Sean Falyon. He’s been making a name for himself since arriving in ATL from Philly. I can’t go anywhere without seeing the brother so I have no idea how he’s able to do all that he does. The man makes music, has a clothing line is touring with Bone Crusher… I’m exhausted just telling y’all what he’s been up to. He’s also dropped what I hear is a very dope album. I’ve only heard a few cuts, but from what I’ve heard it’s worth talking about. Let Bonecrusher tell it since Sean is part of that VainGlorious camp:

Last, but not least, is Judi Chicago. For years I’ve heard this name around Atlanta and had no idea who this woman was. Turns out Judi Chicago is not a woman. Yeah. Who knew, right? Judi Chicago is band that has shows that are…lol. How can I put this? This is a family program, right? They are eccentric. The music is just as colorful as their performances and it’s a gumbo of electonicfuckadelicdiscotomfoolery. I can’t explain it. Why are you forcing me to? Tell me what you think:

Judi ChicagoMad Ape

Friday’s = No Doze/ New Music

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Okay…we’re going to kick this off with Computer Jay this cat lays his head in L.A. and isn’t brand new per se. Wait. Did I just rhyme that? Anyway…he’s been around the block as a keyboardist for the Pharcyde. Y’all have heard of the Pharcyde, right? Well, this aint no Pharcyde sounding shit. It’s…computerish. Is that a word? Electronically based music that sounds damn near ambient. I’ll let y’all decide on what you think of it.

Computer Jay – “Maintainn
Mackintosh Braun. Interesting name. Interesting music. Hailing out of Portland, Oregon they remind me alot of The Postal Service. In fact (as indicated by my last.fm page) after giving their tracks a few more listens I was drawn to give The Postal Service a few more spins for a on the fly comparison. The heavier vocal presence distinguishes them, but the feel of the music is somewhat similar. In either case, I love it.

Mackintosh Braun- “The Sound

How I came about this last non-local artist is weird. I was going to talk about Animal Collective, but then I remembered I talked about them last month and it also occured to me that they aren’t that new at all. So here we have Blackbird. I actually ran across his page on myspace totally by chance. It was the 3 degrees of myspace separation thing. Weird. Then I played the music on his player. Weird. You’ll just have to make your own mind up about Blackbird because I still haven’t. This beat is banging, tho.

Blackbird- “Coke and Alcohol
It’s alot of interesting music going on in Atlanta right now. Blame Game is part of that. They’ve been doing their thing for a minute , but I imagine for alot of y’all who aren’t from Atlanta that you’ve never heard of them- unless you live in Brooklyn, NYC where the group has relocated to for recording. They do an intersting fusion of Rock. It’s hard to explain, so I won’t try.

Blame Game – “Slidin Highway

It’s sumin about Gorilla Zoe. It’s certainly not the lyrics. Must be the beats then, right? Well it’s PARTLY about the beats. When you talk about party music, you talk about a feel. I’m not going to pretend like Gorilla Zoe is a world beater lyrically. He certainly doesn’t come across as one on the tracks I’ve heard him on. Does he have his moments? Yes, but they are few and far between. What I DO like about this brother is his voice, style, and mic presence. That’s something you can’t teach. There are some lyrical MC’s out there that are boring. You won’t find that with Zoe. This is quality party music. Party music. You won’t find backpackers bumping this in their headphones. But I promise you that hood clubs and hipsters alike will be/are dropping it like it’s hot to his first single. Tell me I’m lying…

Gorilla Zoe- “Hood Niggaz
I know, I know. Isn’t this neo soul thing dead? Well, thankfully it isn’t, yet. Rising out of a tradition of India.Arie, Donnie, Alegebra, and many others Rahbi is here to stay. And it’s a good thing because I love some soul. Rahbi is a cat that I noticed last year. Couldn’t help it, really. For some reason fliers announcing his EP were all over the Mass Media Arts building and Library at Clark Atlanta University. Everywhere I went I ran into one. At that time I was up to my ears in soul and didn’t really pay him any mind. The man has some good music, family. Vocally he reminds me of Rashaan Patterson except he doesn’t go big like Rashaan Does. He’s making moves, tho. Pay attention to this brother. ATL’s soul scene never has been a joke. But don’t let me convince you. Judge for yourself…

Rahbi- ““Sistas and Brothers

Friday’s = No Doze/ New Music.

If you haven’t picked up the Lovework album by Gabriel Teodros, you’re missing out. It’s just good quality hip hop. This cat is out of Seattle Washington, and I don’t remember exactly how I got put onto him. I was looking for a mix on a random blog one day (as perusing blogs has become a favorite hobby of mine) and I saw an article on him. Ah yes, I remember now. I was looking for a mixtape of some old Felt (Murs & Slug), you know. I had to replace a jawn I was given at a party and never once listened to after I recently heard rave reviews of the mixtape. BAM. There was the Lovework album article with a few snippets. It’s not avant garde. It’s not MINDBLOWING lyricism. What Lovework is, however is just plain ole good music. BUY it.

Gabriel Teodros- “Beautiful”

I think we’ll stay on the Left Coast and talk about Blu. You know who Blu is, or at least you should. The very first entry on this blog was about Blu’s project Johnson & Johsnon replete with a video performance. If you haven’t picked up the Lifted EP, then chance are that you have no idea who this man is. He’s dope is all you need to know. Soulful hip at it’s finest but with a west coast flare.
You know what? I’m not going to try to convince you. Listen for yourself to this cut off the Lifted EP. Go cop that Below the Heavens album! Support quality Hip Hop!

Blu- “Soul Amazing”

I’ma be real typical here and talk about The Cool Kids. For real. I know what you are thinking. You’re thinking I’m riding the buzz. I am. And what of it? I like to party. These guys make party music and whats more is that they are funny as shit. “A little Bit Cooler” makes me laugh. On the real, alot of that hipster bass driven stuff is annoying to me. If I hear too much Uffie or Bennie Sings I am liable to tear my eyes out. It’s just not me. This shit got a swagger to it, tho. Plus they rock their fitted brims ATL style. Check out this video and see if I’m lying…And btw, they’ll be performing Live at MJQ for the Sloppy Seconds birthday bash July 3rd. Be there or be lame as shit.

Listen. Seems like Alot of y’all that come here for No Doze aren’t from Atlanta. Fine. I love it. That means I can put y’all onto some ATL music. Rising Sons is one of those groups I’d like to introduce you to. Day to Day, the 2006 album from Rising Sons could have been a classic. It would have been a classic had anybody heard it. When you hear the tracks off this album it doesn’t sound like some underground bullshit. It sounds polished, well thought out. The skits are hilarious, the intro is on some Big Rube shit with Sphinxx representing on the Spoken word tip. Here’s my ultimate compass with the shit. My wife literally stole the album from me and took it to work so she could enjoy it on her lunch breaks. It’s that good. Listen to this jawn they did with Da Backwudz

Rising Sons-“In and Out”

For the life of me I can’t understand why more people don’t know who Social Espionage is. EVERY time I’ve seen them take the stage they’ve blown people away. The first time I saw them was at the 2006 A3C. It was the end of the night.
Everyone was ready to head for the doors. Unannounced, it seemed, comes this ill Daft Punk sample and a lil blonde headed kid starts belting out staccato braggadocio into the microphone. It caught all of us off gaurd. I turned around and looked at my friends and we all shared a collective WTF moment. The music was dope, the prescence was there. You could hear the murmur of people asking “Who is this band?” I had to buy the album right there and then. I was compelled to book them for NorthernArc’s Darien Brockington/Nicolay/Tanya Morgan show as well. I HAD to. I didn’t have a choice. My spirit would not let me leave without speaking with them. Well, it’s been a year since then and they had the same effect on the audience at the Darien Brockington show as well as anywhere else I see them perform. They simply KEEP TAKING FOLKS BY SUPRISE. Fuck that. I’ma spread the Gospel. This group is hot. They got a nice band, they do their think really crisp at shows, and they are just overall good dudes. They never get mad at me for missing their shows because I work nights. I think what gets more more than anything is their range. They do alot of different kinds of music. They can go from some Linkin Park shit to some Collective Efforts shit seamlessly.

Meet the new kid on the block. Spree Wilson is one of the most talented cats I have the pleasure of knowing. What instrument Doesn’t he play? What style is he not familar with, what genre? The dude is under the radar still, but that is by design. He has a new mixtape and album soon coming working with heavy hitters such as former Rawkus artist and current D.A.R.P producer Novel, and frequent collaborator with Chicago Rapper Common, No I.D. Do I need to tell you how serious this cat is? There aren’t many that can take you from a Beatles sound to Stax Records, and THEN to the Native Toungues. There just aren’t that many artists left out there are are true artists. You aint up on him?
Okay, let me help you with that.

Spree Wilson- “It was all a Dream”

Friday’s= No Doze/New Music.

Clutchy? I think his myspace url states the question on my mind right sucintly…Who is clutchy Hopkins?
I got no clue. None. I’ve scoured the internet and the only thing I found is that noone knows who he is. There are rumors. There are tales, there is fiction. There are no cold hard indisputable facts about Clutchy other than he is Dope.
Right here is usually where I share one mp3 with y’all, but seeing as I did that yesterday with his take on UGK’s “International Players Anthem”, I aint fittna do that again. Buy the album.

I already know what you are going to say. Don’t say it. Don’t even think it. I’ma speak on what I like, dammit and this new T-pain album, I like.
Why? Call me crazy, but I’ma southern boy. This album reminds me of some of the Bass’n B music made so popular by the So So Def All Star albums of the early ’90’s. My wife and I were exiting Qtime over on Ralph David Abernathy before it turns into Cascade road and curiousity got the better of me. I haven’t been into Big Oomp records for a long time, and I decided to check up on what my homeboi from College The Black Bill Gates might have out right now. When we walk in, the DJ plays T-pain’s “Bartender”and it was on. I mean, my girl got that sway in her hips going, I started to two step right there and I had to ask who/what they were playing. Y’all know I don’t listen to the radio so I came off looking like a lame not knowing that was Tpain’s new shit. I listened to the album today as my Last.fm page will tell y’all…Dawg. I like it alot. Big up to mister Tigallo Pain (c) Phonte from Little Brother (who by the way will be in town on Saturday and again on Wednesday for the Scion Jawn). Lol. I really do like this record and it took a random occurance like this for me to give it a chance.

Try as I might, I’m no music critic. Actually, I’m not going to front. I don’t try to be a music critic. Looking for flaws in music is not fun, not my forte. Recognizing this, I’m not certain what to call this music. It’s just good. Kathy Diamond is just another UK import I’ve fallen in love with musically and like the Lo Fi, Grime, and Quantic-esque music before her I’m simply blown away with the beauty of it. The soul of it. I think the best way to describe this music to you is for you to hear it yourself…Kathy Diamond- “Between The Lines”

I like new shit. I like to be suprised. When I came across this Stockholm Jazz Beat Project album I didn’t expect much. I never really heard of them. Then I pressed play and the CD hasn’t stopped spinning. I’ve been playing this in the car more than anything else. It’s one of those albums you want to ride to. It’s good Jazz, it’s good fusion. It’s Divine. Stockholm Jazz Beat Project- “Divine”. By the way, don’t get caught up in this track thinking it’s indicative of the album. It’s not. It’s more soulful than jazzy, but it’s still one of my favorite tracks.

And now for ATLANTA. I guess T-pain being from Tallahasee doesn’t allow him to count as an ATL artist even though he spends alot of time here and is on a label based here in Atlanta, Akon’s Konvict Music. Well dammit this is MY blog and I do as I damned well please so I’ma break my OWN rules and count him as an ATL artist anyway. I’m tired, dammit. I want to go snuggle up next to wifey. Have you heard of Anthony David? Sure you have. Well it just so happens that this next artist wrote “Georgia Peach”. That’s one of my favorite songs from Mr. David. This Artist has also written for Sleepy Brown. In fact, I’ll stop with the trivia. Ed Garnesdid a nice write up on Coup De Ville Theory. I’ve been in love with this man’s limited myspace offerings for about a year. Coup De Ville Theory- “’82 Malibu”This is some sit on the front porch with a sweet tea and a soft breeze shit.

You haven’t heard of Eugene IV (Eugene the fourth)? Maybe you have and you just haven’t realized it. I mean the man has performed with the likes of Shawn J. Period, worked with ATL House/Soul/Bossa band Jiva, and just a few weeks ago I saw him at a show at Apache Cafe (Again, shout out to J Sevens and what those folks are doing over there) playing with Aloe Blacc, Buff1 and ATL’s own Dillon Maurer. What a show. What. A. Show. Unfortunatley I don’t have any tracks from Eugene. I didn’t buy the album as of yet. What you should know is that he has positive lyrics, and although he does mention God alot, I don’t think he’s overbearing with it. As a Muslim I know I wasn’t offended. Great, great music. The man plays sax live at his shows too. A live band and the whole 9 yards. If you get a chance to see him perform, make sure you do that.

And with that, I bid you adieu. Bedtime for the FireBrand. I got Jummah in a few hours. I need it. I’ma bad, bad man. But y’all already knew that.

Friday’s = No Doze/New Music

Wow. I got some dope shit for y’all this Friday, yo. It’s EARLY here. I just got back from the Collective Efforts/Floyd Da Locsmif/Supatition/Kaze/Audubon Society show over at the Earl earlier this morning…I missed the show :0(.

What can I say? Working nights sucks, man. Especially for weekday shows, but I love what I do, and I love the time shift I do it in so, fuck it.

I did have a chance to run into H20 (Of Mass influence, and Y’all so stupid…never heard of them? Get up on your ATL Hip hop history. Cats like these folks and Parental Advisory, Kilo, etc? They made it all possible).

I also met J Dilla’s Uncle. How cool is THAT!?! I hear he’s working with Dillon and H20 on some stuff. Well be still my fucking heart. I can’t wait to see what they got in store for us.

OKAY. Enough about my night. Let’s talk about that new-new. This week we gonna talk about Nerdkween who isn’t really a new artist, but dammit I’m pretty sure she’s new to you…We got Dillon, Neslee, and more…

I thik we’ll start off like we did last week- with the sole out-of-towner: The Smile Rays. Hailing out of North Florida, The Smile Rays are comprised of Bat Sauce on the beats, Therapy of the AB’s (formerly known as Asamov), and singer Daisey. Quite frankly this shit is ill. There is just no other way around it. As usual I’m not going to TELL you how to feel about the music. Judge for yourself. Big up to their being signed to Rawkus 50, btw. Do the damned thing.


Now that we got the formalities out of the way, let’s talk about ATLANTA. Tori Alamaze (pronounced Al-lah-mah-zay) is flames, family.

You’ve heard from this Radiculture signed artist- or at least her hit song “Don’t Cha” before. The only problem is that you heard the Pussy Cat Dolls singing it. Cee-lo sold the rights to the song to the long legged vixens but Tori made the song sing, shawty.

In case you haven’t heard, Cee-lo has a new label called Radiculture based here out of Atlanta, and she is just one of Radiculture’s new artists that we will be profiling in the coming weeks. She’s fine, she’s talented…she’s originally from Detroit, but we’ll forgive her for carpetbagging. Oh yeah, and she’s into…

Freaky Boys

Next up? This cat…Lmao. This cat is RAW. Neslee is just raw. I could go on and on, and speak on the brother but why? I’ll let him speak for him self since he does it so-so well.


Back to Soul music, tho. I’m sure you’ve heard of Keri Hilson or maybe you haven’t.

This Atlanta based singer is doing some really big things. I mean, she was on Diddy’s Press Play album. She was featured on Timbaland’s Shock Value (which might be a good or bad thing depending on which way the wind is blowing) morever, she’s just damn fine. This is becoming a recurring theme with ATL’s sultry sirens, they gorgeous. I mean what do you want me to do? LIE? Ignore it? This is a BLOG, son. I’m fittna be real as shit. She is damn beautiful. I honestly don’t know what kind of radio spins she is getting beacuse I don’t listen to the radio (I’ll give you my WCLK rant later) But in any case check her music. This song is featuring Snoop Dog…

Happy Juice

DILLON. (DY-LAWN) lol. Wow. This cat is good peoples. I mean, his energy is just like pure artistry. You have GOT to love Dillon.

Dillon is one half of the critically acclaimed Intellekt & Dirty Digits. These Florida Transplants were doing their thing last year getting artist of the week nods at SPIN MAGAZINE, and even finding love on Okayplayer.com getting 4 afros (which is a feat itself). Well, the group has dissolved and we are left with just good ole Dillon.

He’s blessed ATL already with a mixtape called Un-Cut. You can pick this up at his shows which are frequent or on his myspace. In fact, the next show is THIS UPCOMING SATURDAY over At Apache Cafe He’ll be playing with Euguene IV, Buff1 and Aloe Blacc What has to be appreciated about this mixtape is that Dillon did MOST of the production, scratching and nearly all of the MCing himself. It’s a great peice of work that includes earlier works with Therapy of Asamov/The Smilerays and The Audubon Society as well as Collective Efforts, etc….

It’s just a great flavor of music, check this choice cut-

Me, You, and a Bottle of Merlot

Man, Nerdkween aint really new, yo. This sista has been doing her thing in the A for a minute.

But aside from my Low-fi and Electronica heads, she’s new to nearly everyone I talk to so I decided to include her here. This jawn is a live recording. It speaks for itself.


Lastly, I’ma speak on Supreeme. Remember I mentioned them Last Friday as part of that art scene movement? Well, these cats have a more street sound than many of the artists in that scene. Shit is aiight, tho.

Check this jawn they got off last year’s album…

Supply and Demand

In point of fact, you can download their entire last album on their Website HERE.How kind of them!
And with that? I’ma holla at ya’ll later this evening, God willing. I got the weekend off this week so I can catch the Buff1, Aloe Blacc, Eugene IV, Dillon show.
I hope to see y’all there this upcoming saturday. Later today we gotta talk about how John Blaze this Pharoah Monch is, and talk about some more ATL music. I also want to delve into some stuff I seen in the news that is on my mind…