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I’m changing my podcast location. I’m about to migrate to blip.

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They don’t have a limit like what podomatic has so I can continue my work there. Too expensive on podomatic for a broke Journalist. So, I’ll be taking my work to blip.tv and increasing the photo stuff to change the old/new podcast formats into slide shows. I’m going to get some of these reels of film developed next week, God willing, to facilitate this.

…In other news, I’m on the radio now. 1690 Voice of the Arts here in Atlanta. I’ll be hosting a show with fellow journalist Maurice Garland. We’ll explore all aspects of music. Right now we’re doing the pilot shows which will only be 15 minutes during airing with full interviews available in podcast form.

SMKA & Fadia Kader are our producers and DJ Mr. Mind of the Audubon Society is on the 1s &2s. Should be a very exciting project.

Kicking off a documentary video short project in the middle of next week and some documentary 35mm shooting as well for stills. Should be fun. Busy, busy, broke journalist at work.



Analogue Atlanta #016: Soul Speak

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This episode was interesting in that it almost didn’t happen.  I’m sick as a dog. I’ve been ill since just before the Random Rabbit interview I conducted on Thursday. It’s been a long week. Melody Moezzi and her book War on Error: Real Stories of American Muslims was brought to my attention via NPR not even a year ago, I think. After hearing her on air and meaning to buy the book, I did what i always do: I quickly forgot about her and the book. Fast forward to the Creative Loafing Short fiction contest not long ago, and I see the book alongside Persepolis 2. I hadn’t known there was a sequel to Persepolis and as I was making my way over to the table to take a closer look at it: BAM! There was Melody’s book. It’s weird how things work out sometimes because after realizing that Melody actually lived here in Atlanta, I gave her a call the next day.

In this interview we talk about her inspiration, her artistic process and health issues that have presented Melody with a unique circumstance.

The Soulphonics & Ruby Velle is a weird story. As you may know, I’ve been friends with DJ Variable of the Audubon society for over a decade. His Audubon Society partner Mr. Mind is also a friend of mine, and through him I met Ruby Velle and learned about her music. If you think her voice is something, you should try out her chocolate chip cookies. It’s the stuff of magic.

After a few weeks of email tag, I finally was able to nail down an interview with the Soul Septet and I’ve got to tell you that it’s always a great time seeing them play live. Every time I’ve seen them play I’ve regretted not having my wife present because they make music that moves you to dance.

We chat about running a large band in Atlanta’s indie music scene and about their sound.


Atlanta music featured in this pod:

  • Mass Influence
  • Obviouslob
  • The Soulphonics

Analogue Atlanta #015: Bringing It.

From the Fahamu Pecou "Neo-pop" series

Atlanta DJ Duo The Audubon Society

I talk with Atlanta visual artist Fahamu Pecou, Atlanta DJ Duo The Audubon Society, and Atlanta Interscope Recording Artist Prema Lanay.  

Fahamu Pecou’s Neo-pop series has landed him on the map as a painter to watch.  Where does his inspiration come from?  What moves him to create?  We find out in “Bringing It”.    I caught up with The Audubon Society at their secret lair in Edgewood.  After a few laughs and some trees, we got into what their process is in creating that Audubon sound.    Finally, Prema Lanay lays out her road as an artist signed to a major label.  She describes being “discovered”, her creative energy and the industry.

 Next week?  Not certain yet.  There are several interviews in the can already and several more interesting ones upcoming.  I’ll let you know as the time draws near. 


Music featured in this pod from Atlanta Artists:



Coming soon…

Atlanta Journalist Andisheh Nouraee Photo credit: Creative Loafing.


A conversation with former Atlanta Creative Loafing columnist Andisheh Nouraee. We’ll talk about his up coming book and on why we shouldn’t panic. I’ll also catch up with Atlanta producer and DJMudfish. With placements on albums such as Collective Efforts’ Medicine and his own unique side projects such as his instrumental duo Real Editors with Whisperlink, the man has been busy. We’ll find out what  exactly he’s been up to and what projects to expect from him this Winter.

Interscope Recording Artist Prema Lenay


This week? Atlanta Visual Artist Fehamu Pecou, ATL DJ duo The Audubon Society and Atlanta MC Prema Lenay.  Should be a lot of fun.   Can’t wait to share it with y’all.  Laters.

A thousandier’s anthem, huh?

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ATL DJ Duo The Audubon Society


01. Intro – Live from the Thousandaires’ Mansion
02. Jay–Z – Success 03. Larry Ellis and the Black Hammer – Funky Thing
04. Tha Dogg Pound ft. Soopafly – They Don‘t Want It
05. Snoop – Make It Clap 06. Talib Kweli ft. Kanye West – In the Mood
07. Kardinal Offishall feat. Akon – Graveyard Shift
08. Lily Allen ft. Busta Rhymes – Oh My God
09. The Cool Kids – Black Mags
10. Lil’ Wayne – Did It Before
11. Jay Electronica – Extra Extra
12. Guilty Simpson – Gettin’ Bitches
13. Nas ft. Cee–Lo – Less than an Hour
14. Federation – Scraper 2 a Benz
15. Jay Mitchell – Mustang Sally
16. Swizz Beatz – Money in the Bank
17. King Reign ft. Saukrates – Guilty
18. Pharoah Monch – Body Baby
19. Collie Budz – Wild Out
20. Fallin Off the Reel – Feelin Good
21. Stacy Epps – Floatin’
22. Black Milk ft. Bishop Lamont, Guilty Simpson – Mouth Music
23. Wu–Tang Clan – Take It Back
24. Estelle – Wait a Minute
25. Too Short ft. Will.I.Am – Keep Bouncin
26. Señor Kaos – CTC(Cut the Check) EXCLUSIVE
27. Mr. Mind ft. Ludacris – Area Codes EXCLUSIVE RMX
28. MIA – Bamboo Banger
29. Bangers & Cash – Shake That
30. I Cube and RZA – Can You Deal With That?
31. Seiji ft. Lyric L – Loose Lips
32. Bunji Garden – Blaze It Up
33. Oscar Sulley & The Uhuru Dance Band – Bukom Mashie
34. Assasin – Gun Dem A Count
35. Mr. Mind/Syd Mattters – Obstacles EXCLUSIVE RMX
36. Claude Von Stroke – Beware of the Bird
37. Mr. Mind ft. J–Mil of CE Crew – A–throwin EXCLUSIVE
38. J–Dilla – Ice
39. Outro – Live from the House of Freemavens

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