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Extra Analogue #3

Posted in Podcast by Dom Brady on February 7, 2009



In Extra Analogue #3 I talk with Stone’s Throw recording artist Mayer Hawthorne .  I also added my interview with Crush + Lovely Creative Director Nathan Heleine. Crush + Lovely along with Deltree have brought an interesting project to the internet and the world: Fifty people one question. We’ll talk about what sparked the project and about his craft and other projects his boutique is involved in.      This go around has great sound from Nathan.  Why?  I decided not to run a stereo line from my macbook in through the mixer and then mixing live on the PC.   The reason why I chose that approach with the last on-line interview is that it gave me flexibility to do a great many things on the fly if I had any computer issues.    At the end of the day the sound just wasn’t as good I would need to attach my extra external sound card to improve it but that thought hadn’t occured to me.     So I tried a new method.  This time we were using SKYPE instead of Gmail chat as I did in the interview with Donnie.  I went ahead and installed Skype on my tempermental PC ( I hate that machine).   We did the interview, it worked well and then BAM.  The PC crashed.   I hate that machine.   On Friday Nathan graciously gave me a second interview and the intial reasons for me not wanting to use the PC rose it’s ugly head again…  Feedback.  I can speak off mic while still being picked up in the mic field and still monitor the recording program.   Without that flexibility, I’m not sure he could hear me well during the entire interview.  The sweet spot on the SM57 is much smaller than with a condenser mic but without feedback cancelling monitor system it would be impossible to use one of my condenser mics.    

I’m still learning.   I’m sure there is a website somewhere covering how to approach all of this but I’m having a great time learning on the fly.  I think it makes the lessons more concrete to learn this way.

I’m sure you’ll agree it sounds better.  My mic is a little lower than I’d like, but next interview I’m sure it’ll be perfect.   Didn’t have the channel swapping issue like I did with Donnie, digital read outs still didn’t do the disparity between the interviewee and myself QUITE as clear as it would be in the final mix.

An interesting aside…I had NO idea who Mayer Hawthorne was when we did this interview.  This was done during CMJ 2008 which, of course, was last October.  He was a new artist and now that some tracks of his have begun to surface, I have to say that I’m in love with his sound.   


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