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Posted in Analogue Atlanta:, ATL, Atlanta, Podcast by Dom Brady on February 6, 2009

Analogue Atlanta ran into some snags this week mostly centered around my personal commitment over-extension and running out of server space on Podomatic. If you follow my twitter, you know I’ve been ODing on coffee staying up looking for affordable solutions, editing, compressing, etc. I haven’t had the energy to complete one episode let alone two. Saturday will be dedicated to uploading Analogue Atlanta #18 featuring Atlanta-Based Journalist/Author Andisheh Nouraee, Producer Mudfish and Electronic music ensemble Random Rabbit. With any luck, I’ll be able to post #19 as well which includes my interview with an Eastside denizen who happens to be Clutch Magazine’s Owner/Editor, Atlanta-Based MC Senor Kaos and Atlanta Funk band Mr. Lucky tomorrow as well. I’m not going to promise anything except give-aways for those able to answer questions I’ll embed in the meta data.

Extra Analogue #3 will be up tonight, God willing. I’ll finally post the interview with Stone’s Throw recording artist Mayer Hawthorne & my interview with Crush + Lovely Creative Director Nathan Heleine. Crush + Lovely along with Deltree have brought an interesting project to the internet and the world: Fifty people one question. We’ll talk about what sparked the project and about his craft and other projects his boutique is involved in.


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