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Update on a past show. Remember the Highschool B-Ball coach?

Posted in Analogue Atlanta:, ATL, Atlanta, Atlanta Music, Podcast by Dom Brady on February 4, 2009




In Analogue Atlanta  Episode No. 3  I talked to  Atlanta Hip Hop Artist Voo Da Teach.   If you live in Atlanta, you’ve never heard of him and that’s by his design.  Why? He’s the Head Coach at a National powerhouse Men’s Basketball program and because of this he’s been hesitant about performing in Atlanta.    During the episode he  stated that he was going to begin performing in Atlanta in the near future.  Well, that hasn’t happened yet but good news about his team: they’re 20-1 this season.  Not too shabby of a record, huh?   When you take into account that his squad has played both State and Nationally ranked teams this year his team’s record is even more impressive.   Still hiding in the shadows, Voo Da Teach plans to perform out of state again this year with his crew Scribe Tribe Syndicate.   His conservative community might not be ready for a Hip Hop basketball coach quite yet.  He’ll be scheduling Findlay Prep of  the Extra Analogue Story about  Photographer and Documentary Film Creator Donnie Seals ( Episode #2) next year. 



I’m in my studio editing video for my documentary and THINKING about  which Analogue Atlanta pieces to put together for #18, which I promised would be up like 4 days ago.  OOPS!  I don’t know why I put that pressure on myself.  It will be ready when it’s ready. 

I’m not getting paid, y’all!


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