Welcome to my glorious mess.

The Plan is to upload two new episodes tonight.

Posted in Analogue Atlanta:, ATL, Atlanta, Podcast by Dom Brady on February 2, 2009

Atlanta Original B-Boy "Zapper" of H.B.O crew

Until then, here’s a track from one of Atlanta’s first Hip Hop records ever released:

Danny Renee & The Charisma Crew- Space Rap (1980)

I’m writing the first of the podcasts right now. It’s a bit of a monster with 5 interviews included and a great story line I’m trying to weave about Atlanta Breakdancing going back to 1983. I’ve been listening to tape all day and frankly I’m worn out. Time for a nap. When I wake up, I’ll voice the script write into the transcript I’ve already transposed and then get to mixing. The second episode I’m airing tonight, God willing, has a great deal of audio editing/sweetening that needs to be done but other than that it’s pretty cut and dry.

I’ll see y’all later tonight. Then it’s on to the Free-For-All party at Lenny’s ’round the witching hour.  I’ll have some treats embedded into Episode 17 and we’ll be giving away CD’s as well as VIMBY gear in Episode 18.


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