Welcome to my glorious mess.

…So my wife is forcing me to go to the Doctor.

Posted in Uncategorized by Dom Brady on January 29, 2009

I suppose she’s got a point. I’ve been sick for about 4 days now and today I could barely hold my camera. I still got a great deal done. I interviewed PJ Morton over @ Slice in Castleberry Hill and caught up with B-boy Quick in Poncey-Highland to talk about Atlanta Breaking going back to 1981. That was fun.

As for podcasts and video footage? I’ll post what I can, as I can. I’m really, really sick. I feel “guilty” somehow for not posting more material but, hey, I’m sick. I’ve been making it off of tobacco and coffee to this point. They aren’t getting the job done anymore. My subjects never guess that I’m sick, though. I guess I’m doing a good job of playing it off. I have this fear of re-scheduling. It’s like I feel that if I re-schedule a gig it’ll never come to fruition. Tommorow? I interview Andisheh Nouree about his new book and why he left Creative Loafing Atlanta. He won’t know I’m sick either unless, of course, he reads this blog. After that I think I’m going to sleep for about a week. I’m so weak right now. Stomach viruses are not fun. They aren’t contagious either, btw.

I’m going to shake up the next few episodes. The line up will be different than what I’ve previewed. Why? Because I’d just like to see a different mix. *shrugs*




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  1. dseals said, on January 30, 2009 at 2:43 am

    Yeah man, take care of that first. Get better.

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