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Posted in Analogue Atlanta:, ATL, ATL Hip Hop, Atlanta, Atlanta Music, New Music, Podcast by Dom Brady on January 21, 2009

Nest (sic) month on Analogue Atlanta I talk with Atlanta BGOV/Shady/Interscope recording artist Bobby Creekwater and find out what he’s been working on.  His people just sent me a new song called “She’s Dead” about his love affair with Hip Hop.  We’ll talk with him about why he thinks she’s dead and if  it’s too late to bring her back.


I catch up with Atlanta electronic act Random Rabbit to talk about the electronic music scene here in Atlanta and what it’s like to be an act in a genre  outside of the pop radar.  The electronic music scene in Atlanta, according to rumors, is shrinking?  Why?  What happened?  Did anything really happen?  Is it really shrinking or is this just hearsay?  We’ll find out next month.

I also chat with Fusion/Funk band Mr. Lucky about their latest album  “Try it out before you Thank me”. We’ll talk about how the band was able to blend their varied experiences into the Funk/Jazzy/Fusion sound we hear today.   How does a band stay alive in this music climate?  Is the Indie route a blessing or a curse?

Finally, we’ll sit down with Atlanta writer  Andisheh Nouraee  about his new book and about his writing style. 

  We’ll flesh all those questions out next month.   Should be a great deal of fun.


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