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Extra Analogue #002: Surviving The Season

Posted in Podcast by Dom Brady on January 19, 2009


I did something different. I’m playing with ideas on how to talk with artists outside of Atlanta and finding a way to do it at low cost. I figured that there are people out there doing interesting work and it’d be nice to talk to them. I could do the standard Q&A that we’re used to seeing on the blogosphere, but that’s not as dynamic as I’d like.

I could, I suppose, call each prospective interviewee on the phone. That could work. The problem with that is I become limited to calling stateside. No Canada. No Global outlook. Boring. So what I’ve decided to do (and this has probably been done numerous times by someone, somewhere in the past) is treat this like good old fashion radio call-ins with skype and gmail chat. I’ve tried this before with MSN but the sound quality was pretty bad.

This was years ago-before they started charging, I guess. I have to admit I had some challenges with this piece. Capturing the audio was tricky because I wasn’t sure about any feedback issues. I used my headphones instead of my monitors (like a good radio cat should), but I wasn’t able to hear the digital gapping as it occurred like I assumed I would. This led to some creative editing in post. I had no choice. The follow up interview had great sound from the gmail chat. It syncs perfectly with my Macbook and I just ran a mono adapter into a stereo RCA line on my mixer. Easy as pie. Worked like a charm. For some reason, however, the readings on Sound Forge’s EQ registered my sound coming through both the gmail chat and my secondary SM57 mic as equal with Donnie’s over Gmail and it really wasn’t. I’m wondering if the digital read-outs just aren’t calibrated the same for mono sound as they are for stereo. I’ve been sitting here with this manual trying to find out, but no dice.

In any case, I made it work. I had to do some heavy editing, but I think the story survived. There is some mixing I’m not happy with, but I’m an ADHD cat, man. My patience was waning. I had to get this episode done.

Later tonight I edit the new Analogue Atlanta with Melody Moezzi, The Soulphonics and Matt Wolfe. I’ve listened to all the audio I have from those interviews already and I’m happy with them. I just haven’t scripted, edited or mixed any of it yet. Soon come. First? Nap time. I barely got any sleep last night. The dog was SNORING! SNORING LOUD! I was supposed to interview Senor Kaos today, but I think he had something come up.

I’ll catch up with him in the near future, God willing.

Anyway, enjoy this episode of Extra Analogue! Tell me what you think!


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The Season’s web blog

Donnie’s Website


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