Welcome to my glorious mess.

Going to talk to some interesting people next week.

Posted in Analogue Atlanta:, Atlanta by Dom Brady on January 17, 2009


You might not have been aware, but lifestyle magazine Clutch is based right here out of the Atlanta Metro area.  I’ll talk with Clutch Magazine’s owner and founder this week about the trials, tribulations and rewards of being an on-line editor-in-chief.  

I just got off the GMAIL chat with Documentary Film maker and Photographer Donnie Seals Jr.  His story is an amazing example of where media is headed and gives us all greater perspective on the state of media today in the United States.    His story and MORE on the next Extra Analogue, my series on arts and media outside of Atlanta.  If this story doesn’t move you, that heart of yours must be made of granite.


Atlanta Fusion-Jazz band Mr. Lucky is allowing me to sit in on one of their practice sessions this week. That should be a lot of fun.  We will chat about the Jazz scene in Atlanta, their new Album and more. 

I also talk with Senor Kaos this week about his work as a marketer and Hip Hop artist.


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