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Looks like Collective Efforts is working with DiamonD

Posted in Analogue Atlanta:, ATL, Atlanta, Atlanta Music, Collective Efforts by Dom Brady on January 16, 2009

Left: Jmil of CE, Right: The Legendary DiamonD

I asked an open-ended question about Ben Hameen’s Facebook comment referring to this and Jmil of Collective Efforts confirmed it. More on them on Analogue Atlanta sometime in the near future. We haven’t set a date yet, but they’ve agreed to sit down and talk about their new projects. I’m just lazy and broke. Driving out to the Top-End perimeter to their studio is a TREK, man. Soon come.

ATL MC Fewture



Speaking of Future, I’ll catch up with College Park Emcee Fewture     in the upcoming weeks. He called me to reschedule our meeting I had to postpone when one of my family members was ill. We’ll have that conversation coming soon.

Until then?  He’ll be your Frankenstein…

Fewture Frankenstein


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