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Got in around 9am Saturday morning…

Posted in Uncategorized by Dom Brady on January 11, 2009

I’ll be getting in around the same time this morning, God willing.    When I do, if I have the energy, I’ll be finishing up the edits on Analogue Atlanta #15.  It’s shaping up quite nicely.   What I’m thinking of doing from here on out with these podcasts is including all the pics I take,  a creative commons protected transcript, and full mp3s of the tracks I use as beds in each episode.  What do you think?  Would y’all be interested in that?  If not, I won’t bother. lol.

I transcript the stories anyway, so that’s not too big of a chore but getting permission to post the tracks might be another monster.  What I’ll certainly do is provide a link to each artists’ website.

Most of the artists I use in the podcast are underground Atlanta artists, but many are not.  I have to take VIMBY’s protection into consideration.  Without the VIMBY name, I don’t think many people would even sit for these interviews.

Shall I post a poll?  Tell you what…I’ll just leave the idea out there.  Depending on the comments gathered, I’ll make my decision.

Anyone you WANT to see interviewed?  I’m trying not to just interview people I know in the scene.  I want to give as balanced a diet of Artists as possible each week.  Women, Gays, Minorities, Whites, Authors, Painters, Musicians, etc…


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