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An excerpt of My Interview with D.R.E.S tha BEATnik for Art Nouveau

Dres Da Beatnik
Originally uploaded by Dominick Brady

… Patience, in his case, was a virtue learned by experience. “My first experience on stage was actually on a stage play in elementary school. The school had a production of the Wizard of Oz and I was the head munchkin. I had one line to say. My line was ‘we welcome you tomunchkin land!’ I practiced this for weeks- this one line. It gets to my scene and I won’t forget this (because) I was like seven or eight. I go to give my line, I turn to the audience and I froze”, hesays. This is not uncommon. Stage fright visits veterans and novices alike. It is the next moment after realization has paired with a panicked reason that defines the performer, that shucks the wheat from the chaff. “Kids started laughing, parents are looking worried, the faculty is looking worried and all of a sudden this dark spot grew around my crotch and developed a tail. I was standing there in front of the school and I pissed on myself”, he admits, unashamedly. Moments such as this have ended the careers of most would-be thespians. For D.R.E.S it fueled his fire. “I started crying and called for my mom. My mom came and got me, carried me off of the stage and took me home. I got home, got cleaned up, got my tears wiped away and I told my mom that night that they’ll never scare me again- that I would never let them scare me again. That was my defining moment. That was the moment where I decided I would not be scared any longer. So far, so good. You’re supposed to have some sort of butterflies (in your stomach) or it will never feel real. I don’t know an artist or a performer that doesn’t have butterflies no matter times they go and do it, no matter how routine it is. If you don’t have it, this isn’t the job for you. If it’s that easy for you, you’re faking it.” Legends are born from fires burning white-hot with the passion D.R.E.S. speaks of. Mettle is oft forged in a flash of failure…

Art Nouveau
Magazine relaunches later this January 2009 with a brand new site design and new interviews in Arts & Culture.


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