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Blu & Exile on Red Bull Music Academy

Posted in Blu and Exile Red Bull Music academy video by Dom Brady on September 29, 2008


Sound In Color, Los Angeles, USA

Blu and Exile is a tag team made in heaven, as their album Below The Heavens ably demonstrates. There’s not many duos making hip hop music in the spirit of the golden age, yet astonishingly fresh. Blu talks to his audience instead of at them, concerned more about the message in the music than breaking even. Bringing West Coast sunshine and honest introspective lyrics, he is the perfect foil to Exile’s fierce MPC adventures, crafting gritty soul in the tradition of greats like Primo, Dilla, and Pete Rock. For further listening, please refer to full-lengths by Emanon, Kardinal Offishall, Mobb Deep, and Jurassic 5, as well as Exile’s own LP Dirty Science on Sound In Colour, while Blu keeps on broadening his portfolio by knocking out collabo after collabo with the likes of Ta’raach (as C.R.A.C. Knuckles) and Mainframe (as Johnson & Jonson).


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