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The Backwudz aren’t done quite yet…

Posted in Da Backwudz back in the studio... by Dom Brady on June 25, 2008

I caught up with an Eastside ATL MC that should not need any intro from me who performs with Da Backwudz & The Labratz. I know y’all remember the Backwudz being all over MTV and BET (if you watch that stuff) a few years back. They even hosted a few Hip Hop shows as featured artists on MTV that year. If I recall correctly it was 2005/6. Their hit ” You Gonna Love Me” got a great deal of burn on commercial Radio stations as well. People have been wondering what happened to them. An interview I’ll be conducting with them for VIMBY.com will get into their label situation but it seems they are working on a new album right now. That’s good news for Atlanta, it’s great news for Backwudz fans worldwide. Looks like they’ll be looking to drop a new album later this year as well as a Labratz album. Jmil from Collective Efforts said they were in the recording studio putting together something with them. I wonder if we’ll ever hear what became of that.


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