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Even at these gas prices, A Pabst Blue Ribbon can’t be worth it.

Posted in PBR is nastty by Dom Brady on June 22, 2008

Look at that picture over to the left of this copy. No really, look at it. Is it not a work of art? The mere mention of a Guinness waters my mouth. Why is that? It’s more than a beer, really. It’s a metric of taste, style, understanding. I remember the first time I heard of PBR. It was in my first living space over in Marietta. One of my roomates had a few cans of PBR in this book case- a relic of better times had. I asked him about the brand. He said that in the 70’s it was a cheap and terrible tasting beer he and his frat buddies would quaf with the eagerness of labrador in a country creek lappy up muddy water. A few years later I noticed a few people drinking it in contemporary times. I didn’t try it. I like my beers full-bodied, robust, with a weight to each mouthful that is reassuring of money well-spent. The other day I found mywelf at a local club without my wallet. I had no more than 8 dollars on my person. My options, as I saw them, were to either enjoy one cool Guiness or have 3 PBR’s. I chose the latter. At the time they did the job, I suppose. The short-lived buzz was then quickly followed by an uneasy stomach and later a temporal lobe splitting headache. I have nothing againt light-er beers. I am capable of enjoying a Stella, Sam Adams or a Red stripe from time to time. But that swill they called a beer was disgusting. I’ve never woke up with a headache after beers, save for the very-very bad decisions in my youth to skip on quality and indulge in the quatinty afforded with poor-man’s suds like Natty Ice and Magnums. I didn’t know better then. I do now. Yes, this is a rant. WHY oh WHY do hipsters find this beer so appealing? I haven’t a clue. I believe in being frugral, yes. But not at such a price.


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  1. R-tholemew Soon said, on July 5, 2008 at 10:39 am

    PBR = Monkey Piss.

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