Welcome to my glorious mess.

TMNK, The Civil Rights exhibit @ the High, Daughters of Men

That’s what my weekend was about. TMNK (looks like we crashed his site!!!), for y’all that don’t know is a part of the Radiant Kidz family- a tight confederation of like minded artists principally based in Atlanta. TMNK, however is from NYC. The nucleus of this group is Smalleyez, The Soul Stirrer, Spree Wilson, Ms. Leah, Tendaberry, Drummer Alien1 aka Ali Warren, Lmarr The Great, Nashville Multimedia artist Bryan Rollins, TMNK and myself. Extended family included DJ Slim Chance, The Audubon Society, Atypik and Meeka Guthrie (our young patewon). We delve into Literary, Visual and Musical Arts, we live it. TMNK had a show this weekend over at U space gallery in Downtown Atlanta just off Edgewood. The man’s work is exceptional. He works in mutlimedia and it was great to chop it up with the brother. Look for more of his work to be infused into what we do in the near future. We’re excited about the work we’ll be bringing to you in the upcomnig months including a new EP from Post-punk band Tendaberry, new singles from Smalleyez,Spree Wilson, Random Tags from TMNK around NYC & ATL, Singles from Ms. Leah & Meeka Guthrie and so much more… Anticipate exciting material with other progessive artists here in ATLANTA and beyond. The Sun will shine!

After recovering from a night of dancing with the crew over at MJQ, I woke up Saturday morning for the Free-First Saturdays (I stree FREE- for Fulton County Residents, that is) over at The High Museum of Art. The highlights of course for me is always El Anatusi’s work, Chuck Close and the The Louvre exhibits. This weekend my wife and I went to see the new Civil Rights photo exhibit. Wow. It was powerful. We were able to catch a brief part of the Daughters of Men book tour discussion as well. These women discussed their father’s role in the on-going struggle. I thought one of the poingant points was the fact that it is in fact an ongoing struggle (see Sean Bell, The Fleecing of New Orleans/ Southern Mississippi) and that it is an extension of the work that America’s Maroon, abolition and freedom movements led by men such as Nat Turner. I was humbled.

In other news, Atlanta Hip-Hop jam-band Collective Efforts just dropped a new EP. Go get that. You know you want to. I can’t wait to hear it. I was supposed to catch up with MC Jmil of CE but time got the better of me.


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