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I love it: Wonder root, ATL.

Posted in Wonder Root ATL by Dom Brady on May 20, 2008

I’m not certain how many facilities there are like this in the city. My wife and I have discussed opening up a place like this ourselves. We’ve discussed names, looked at locations, etc. We just don’t have the bread to do this WHERE we want to (In the Westside of Atlanta). Real estate is just too expensive right now. I LOVE this idea, though. I think it’s CRITICAL that we create a space for creative arts and teaching young people how to tap into their creative energy as well. A place that can be at once a studio, performance space and educational tool for a Web 2.0/ Digital media world. Art awareness is critical in a media age where creative culture and creative economies will replace the chocking-on-rust industrial model of the 20th century.

I can’t wait to visit them. I have family in-town this weekend for the express purpose of exposing them to the ATL art scene. I think we’ll visit Wonder Root as soon as they have rested from their long trip.

Btw, The Analogue Atlanta Pilot Episode #3 featuring ATL designers TUNDE, Dosa Kim, and Epidemik Coalition has been delayed. I took a nasty fall and dislocated my thumb. It isn’t THAT bad. I went to the Doctor and he said I should be fine. I just can’t take meds because I am already on a medication that won’t allow me to take any pain meds. This means that with my right hand effed up, I can’t do the editing and mixing like I normally do. My hand hurts a bit too much. I should take a picture of it. It’s the size of a damned football and it’s like 3 colors. lol.

I had to type this message with my Left hand only. I’ll talk to you guys soon. Don’t expect too many updates for a few days.

I HAVE COMPANY!!!! *Waves at my cousins* Can’t wait ’til you guys get here!!! Can you tell I’m excited? With so much going on this weekend we are SURE to have a ball.

I’d post fliers, etc. But my blog is TRIPPING. Be sure to catch Proton/?uestlove at MJQ, the Caribbean Festival, Jazz Fest, Decatur Arts Fest and Malcolm X festivities!


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