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Finding a new sound

Posted in New Common Album no Kanye by Dom Brady on April 7, 2008

According to Hip Hop DX, it looks like Common is going in a different direction on his next album due for release this June, Invincible Summer. He’ll be looking to capture the energy of more dance oriented tracks. Maybe he saw the success of Timbaland in 2007 and doesn’t want to miss that gravy train. Will it be a good fit? Who can know? I do enjoy club music, but we’ve seen Common venture away from his classic sound before and it wasn’t received well. I liked Electric Circus but Hip Hop heads are a sensitive people. We’ve been tarried with too long and we’ve become attached to our artists and the styles with which they’ve afforded us to become accustomed. Either way, ATLien ,Dungeon Family alum, OutKast DJ and producer Mr. DJ is always a good look as are the Neptunes. I can’t see this going horridly.

DX: You working on the next album after Finding Forever?

C: Yeah, the new album is called Invincible Summer. It will be out in the later part of June. The music sounds new. It’s really developing. I’m really happy about it. It feels good. It’s not really heavy. The Neptunes are producing a lot of it. Also a producer named Mr. DJ . He did a lot of work with OutKast. He did “Bombs Over Baghdad” and “Ms. Jackson.” These cats are really giving me some new, fresh sounds. I’m taking it somewhere vocally that I haven’t been before. I’m enthused. I’m really excited. I think it’ll be a great summer album. I wanna make people smile and enjoy life. As much as I wanna make them think, it’s important that they smile, too.

DX: So, there will be a couple of club tracks in there?

C: When I went on the Kanye West Glow in the Dark Tour in Europe, I was overseas and just saw people partying overseas. Seeing the music that they were partying to was just a good feeling. I was like, “Wait, none of my songs are being played over here!” What am I missing in my music repertoire? You never stray away from music. You always need music that’s uplifting and conscious, but you also sometimes wanna relax and party. At a party, you might not wanna hear those things at that time.

DX: Common, why didn’t you mention Kanye’s name as a producer for this new CD?

C: With Kanye, point blank, I’m on G.O.O.D. Music. We’re always going to collaborate. If he’s not producing it, he’s gonna executive produce it and say, “Yo, Rash, we need to do these things with it.” He’ll always be a part of it, but right now he’s focusing on getting his tour together, this Glow in the Dark Tour. I always go with the flow of things. This is what I’m doing for this album. On the next album, Kanye and I will be working on it with some other new artists. But I think this will give it something fresh and it’ll give it more spice when Kanye and I get back together. Who knows? He may do something for this album, too, because I’m not finished.


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