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Nothing wrong with a throwback.

Posted in Dj Jelly Platinum Finger by Dom Brady on April 6, 2008

I know, I know. We’ve had it up to *here* with Throwbacks, haven’t we? It was cool at first when Bigboi was doing it back in like 99′, now you’d swear it was done, over with. However, under those cheap, knock-off all-over-print hoodies often lurks a cheap, knock-off Throwback. However, this isn’t about that. This is about the Platinum Finger Series from legendary Atlanta Mixtape king, DJ Jelly. I remember when this first platinum finger dropped. I was at Georgia Southern, and it was playa’s ball. I put this mixtape on and left the studio so I could go party. I’m lying. I’m responsible. I’d never do that. I did however, put this mixtape on and everyone loved it. Then I bolted out the door for the strip and got my buck-wild on. Every week DJ Jelly is dropping a “throwback mix” on Southernstyle DJ’s. I’m a hip hop head, yes. But I like to party too. Contrary to popular belief there is room for both. I can’t think of any party music that was “deep”, so keeping that in mind let’s take a sec and think back…

DJ Jelly- Platinum Finger


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