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Looks like Janelle Monae had a warm reception in NYC.

Posted in Janelle Monae in NYC by Dom Brady on April 6, 2008

Nice. That’s what I like to see. By the looks of things they rolled out the red carpet and invited out alot of celebs for Janelle Monae’s performance in New York on Thursday. I’m thrilled for her and the nice folks over at Wondaland. AUCenter, stand up!!! If you’ve ever seen this sister perform live, you know it was a great show. I hope they were prepared for what they were in for! I’ve been hearing grumblings about her sound being watered down potentially by the Diddy machine. I don’t gather from seeing this sister or the team of people around her that they are the kind to tamper with their artistry. If they do, so be it. That’s part of the game too. Motown wasn’t exactly an organic experiment in music history. Part of the process in being a professional artist is knowing one’s audience. I just happen to be one of those nerds that like the punk-rock middle finger to the system sensibility. No matter, Janelle is great. Love her, world. Take a gander at who came out with this lovely picture gallery.


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