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Reconstructing Atlanta

Posted in Dilla Walk Atlanta, Reconstructing Atlanta Project by Dom Brady on April 2, 2008

Have y’all been to the website for Reconstructing Atlanta? It’s interesting stuff. I promised myself I’d submit some photos as a Clark-Atlanta student for their ongoing student projects, but alas I’m lazy. Actually I was sick and lazy… I think apathetic is an adjective I can toss in there too. In any case, it’s very interesting work and I think everyone should at least give it a gander. Chances are they’ll have an exhibit up somewhere along the very FREE and very FUN Downtown Atlanta Art Stroll which occurs first Thursdays of every month. I wish more college students would participate in that. If anything it’s a great resource for free food and wine. Even if you can’t do that, at least check out this site. 718 visits is kind of pathetic. Let’s get them some traffic.

While I’m here talking about ongoing projects in Atlanta, I think I should mention the J-Dilla Lupus walk. Kid Kaos aka Senor Kaos’s blog The Kaos Effect has a message from J-Dilla’s Uncle, someone we in Atlanta know as “Uncle Herm”, check it out, participate, volunteer. Help the Dilla foundation fight this disease. Lupus is a horrible disease. I watched an older cousin die from it. It was very sad. She was a brilliant spirit and much like Jay Dilla she brought a light to this world starting by being active in her community. I’m not afraid to say that Dilla changed my life. Slum Village, The Ummah (musical faction), and the Soulquarians have a very large and defined fingerprint on my musical tastes and sensibilities. Much of that is due to the genius of Dilla. R.I.P. On a brigther note, we’ve got lots of parties going down Thursday as well as live shows I’d love to get into. Just not right now. I’m busy procrastinating.


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