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RE: Dress codes…Don’t waste my time.

Posted in Dress code strictly enforced? by Dom Brady on March 30, 2008

I refuse to go to events with dress codes. It’s pretentious. Dress codes, it would seem, more often than not are some sort of faux-insurance policy. They serve as early indication that your event or organization isn’t capable of attracting the audience or creating the ambiance you require, making the imposition of an artificial atmosphere necessary. That sounds an internal problem. Don’t project those on me. Have you ever noticed how plastic these forums tend to be? The banal business card exchanges, the luke-warm handshakes, the superficial grins make my stomach turn. No, I’m not a fan of your “professional” attire, friend. What is “professional” attire? Whose standards are you attempting to force upon me? Instead of deleting future invites for events asking me to partake in their festivities qualified with their BS fashionista incentive program, I might just cuss them out. It’s ridiculous. Yes, this was a rant. In any fashion worth mentioning there are no hard and fast rules aside from the same rules that govern art and expression itself. The fact that one’s license for expression is suspended to secure your assurance of conformity is all the foreshadowing I need to know that neither your “art” or “fashion” is worth my time.


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  1. southpeezy said, on March 31, 2008 at 12:51 am

    Hell yeah man…eff a dress code. I can understand certain establishments not wanting folks with sweats and flip flops just strolling in like they just got out of bed…but other than that, they need to stop with that foolishness…i mean shied, church dont even have a dress code, so why the hell am i gonna dress up to go to the club? Thats the main reason I stopped going out to certain places around town and why I dont support certain promoters…how you gonna tell me I cant wear hat, jeans and sneakers to see Jeezy? Are you serious? And yeah, like you alluded to…if you gotta tell folks how to dress at your party…you’re obviously not pulling the people you desire to be there…

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