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No Doze/ New Music

Posted in Battery 5, Gringo Star, No Doze/New Music, The Labratz by Dom Brady on March 29, 2008

This week I’m going to give y’all a truncated version of No Doze seeing how ill I remain with this flu b.s. Normally I do 3 National/International acts and 3 local acts with No Doze. This week I’m just going to do 3 ATL-based acts. I figure if I’ma come up short, I might as well short on the side of the A-town. First up is The Labratz. These guys are making alot of noise in this ATL Hip Hop renaissance. Many would argue that there is a schism in this movement- part of it being the fashion forward crowd, the street scene, the AU centuer (morehouse, spelman, clark atlanta) based acts, and the last being the suriving elements of an already splintered ATL Hip Hop past comprised of what could be considered veteran Underground groups such as Collective Effots, Killer Mike, Greasekydz, Binkis Recs, etc. I think the Labratz do a good job of bridging several of these gaps. They have a sound, a swagger, and a marketing angle that seems to be all encompassing. If you missed on of their recent blitzes of shows, you are in luck. They play Compound Thursday, April 2nd with a cadre of some of ATL’s New School Hip Hop Royalty. The name of the event is “This is the A”, which while is a bit of hyperbole, might as well be the truth when you are talking about buzz-worthy music of late in the ATL Hip Hop scene. Go cop their new album Atlantis Rising. I am enjoying it so far. More on that another time when I aint leaking seven colors of mucous. Okay, that was disgusting. Sorry.
The Labratz- Mr. MENTAL

Next up is an ATL Band I always see on fliers and never seem to catch. Gringo Star usually plays nights I work so I’ve never had the pleasure of catching their live show. With great local bands either constantly on tour or falling off by the wayside like The Futurists and Deerhunter (technically they aren’t really broken up, are they?), it’s nice to know that the ATL’s got a deep bench loaded with talent. Forgive me, I had to get some march madness innuendo in there somehow. Anywho…I can show you better than I can tell you how dynamic their energy is. Without further adieu, Gringo Star “All Ya’ll”:

Gringo Star “All Y’all” from analogmonkey.tv on Vimeo.

The “group” I think I’ll close with this week is a motley crew of producers with talents ranging from Soul, Dub, Hip Hop to Dance Music. It’s Battery 5. These guys are talented and they can make pop hits. That’s a rare combination now-a-days. They love music and it’s appearant in their compositions. They have songs that push the envelope sound-wise and others like “Cold” off their recent limited release CD The Usual Suspects that you can either bang in the whip, or hear at a club. That’s alot of range, folks. They can do it all. Right now they are doing projects for many up and coming as well as established Top 40 and Underground ATL acts. Keep an eye out for them.

Battey 5 ft P. Jae & Headroc “Cold”

Now playing: Battery 5 – Cold (Featuring P.Jae And HeadRoc)
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